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Chapter 3
Fame! - Part 3

Chapter Description: Sandra wants to be a baby again, but this means lots of secrets

Her Mum was not home. Sandra rushed up to her room and immediately took off her clothes. She hugged the bag of diapers close to her chest she knew it was foolish to buy them. She knew that she did not need them. However she had to try them. She had to know what it was like being a 10 year old baby! Sandra carefully opened the bag of pull-ups. She studies the pull-up very closely, feeling a plastic substance as well as being soft. She slowly put it on, and her heart started beating as it was going up her legs. Within no time, the pull-up was secure around her waist. It felt a lot different than her 9 panties! It felt more bulky and yet comfortable. In a weird way, it felt safe. Sandra looked in the mirror and could see the big bulk between her legs. They didn’t look exactly like Jessica’s. Maybe that’s why hers had tapes on them. They made her look more like a baby. Sandra was afraid to buy them with tapes, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to tape them. At any case, she could see in the mirror that she did not look like a normal 10 year old. She looked like an overgrown baby. In her mind, she felt like a baby.

It was at that stage that Sandra heard her Mum come through the door. She started to panic. Her Mum would never accept that she wanted to try diapers on. This had to be one secret that Sandra had, and of course the secret of the other girls that went to dance class. Sandra rushed and hid the pull-ups behind her toys in the closet. Then she rushed to put her night dress on. She didn’t have time to take the diaper off so she just rushed down to dinner. Her mother took some Chinese takeaway with her. Sandra sat down with her and ate the food. She was quite aware of the pull-up between her legs. Her Mum had no idea what she was wearing. How would she ever guess? Sandra hated keeping secrets.

Chloe (Sandra’s Mum) noticed that her daughter was silent. Chloe also noticed that her daughter was wearing her nightdress. Maybe she was not feeling well. There was something strange about her in the last few weeks. Her daughter seemed to be in another world. It was like something was bothering her. Chloe felt like asking her; however she knew that it took patience and would wait to he daughter felt secure enough to tell her. It was probably her starting to notice boys, or maybe she was wondering when her body would change. Chloe remembered back to her childhood and remembered how hard it was. Many adults do not consider a child’s problem important or worth worrying about. But a child’s problem is massive for them. Plus they are not used to suddenly having to worry and cope with things. The way the tackle their problems would affect them for life. Sandra finished eating without saying much. Chloe thought that it was nearly like she was blushing throughout dinner. At any case, Sandra said that she was going up to chat and then go to bed. Chloe told her to remember to do her homework. As Chloe was giving her daughter a hug, her hands slipped below Sandra’s hips. Chloe was confused for a few seconds. Her daughters bum felt funny. It was like it was bigger and just felt strange. Chloe could not place what it was. It was most likely just her imagination. The thought quickly left as she seen her daughter take a glass of milk with her. What Chloe didn’t know, was that her daughter was going to pour it into one of her old Baby bottles.

Kevin (Her Uncle), had a very busy afternoon. When he turned on the spycam in Sandra’s room, he could see that she just came home with a shopping bag. Nothing new, women and girls love to shop. However he seen Sandra empty the contents on her bed. He was surprised when he saw it was a bag of diapers. This surprised Kevin, as his suspicions was right. Sandra’s curiosity would mean that she would end up trying diapers. He could see her hugging the bag while walking around. She was most likely getting rid of the last resistance in her mind. Kevin was sitting at the edge of his seat. The pictures of her trying a diaper on in the last dance class were very popular. More people were paying to see sets of pictures and it was even being linked on Child Model sites. Kevin noticed his bank account getting bigger and bigger. Some men and even women would pay to see a pretty girl. Some even likes seeing a 10 year old in diapers. Kevin was saving pictures of Sandra putting a diaper on and walking around in it. Kevin didn’t think she looked better or worse with diapers on. He was no perv. He was just making money on her new fetish. Then he noticed that Sandra contacted him on MSN. She turned on her cam. She looked just like any ordinary girl. You would never know that she had a huge secret that she was getting hooked on diapers. Kevin decided to record this conversation

Sandra: Hi uncle, what are you doing?

Kevin: I am just working on a new web site that I have

Sandra: That sounds a bit boring. I just ate.

Kevin: That’s good. By the way, How is dancing?

Sandra: It’s fun. I am learning very fast. I have a good friend there. Her name is Jessica

Kevin: Oh, I met Jessica. A very special girl.

Sandra: errr… so you know she wears diapers?

Kevin: Yes, that must have been a big shock for you.

Sandra: It was at first, but then I found out she is a nice girl and I understand why she wears them.

Kevin: (After some silence). You know Sandra, you can tell me anything. You can tell me if there are any problems.

Sandra: I know

Kevin: Sometimes, it helps to talk with others, if you have a lot of thoughts.

Sandra: Well I do have a secret.

Kevin: Tell me if you want. Maybe you will feel better telling someone.

Sandra: It’s a bit embarrassing

Kevin: Well that’s what you have family for. To help you through things. What does your Mum say?

Sandra: No way. I didn’t tell her. She would go berserk and think I was weird or something.

Kevin: well do you want to tell me what it is?

There was a bit silence, and then Kevin looked at Sandra as she stood up and stood back. She slowly lifted her nightdress up. Then the pull up came into view. Kevin tried not to smile or discomfort her by making faces on the cam. Sandra sat down and Kevin told her that there was nothing to be ashamed of. Then Sandra opened up and said that she suddenly felt like she had to wear diapers. She felt more secure with them on. It was like she wanted to be a baby again. She could not explain why. But she has never felt as happy as when she put the pull-up on, although she wanted a real diaper like babies have. At one stage, Sandra showed her baby bottle of milk, and even took a drink from it. She also showed her pacifier. Kevin reminded her that there were other girls like her, and they went to that special dance class. He reminded her not to feel bad about it, as she was not hurting anyone. He even told her that they look cute on her. At the same time, Kevin was thinking that he will upload this on the site. It would please a lot of people that Sandra actually showed her diaper to her uncle.

After Sandra talked with her Uncle on MSN, she felt better. He was right, she was not hurting anyone, and the diaper made her feel better and happy. Maybe she was not ready to grow up yet. Maybe she wanted to be a baby. Sandra put the pacifier in her mouth thinking how great it would be if her mum treated her like a baby. She wouldn’t care what her friends at school thought, and she knew that her Mum and Uncle would still love her. However, she was afraid to tell her Mum. Some things had to be a secret.

That week went fast. During the day, Sandra was a normal girl and when she got home, she was a baby. Well, she didn’t consider herself a baby; she thought she was just not fully grown up. There was something special when she had the pull-ups on. She felt happy. She could not explain why. Maybe she felt younger. Maybe she felt like the other girls. Going to dance with the other girls was like being in a secret club. A Club where girls didn’t want to grow up. When Sandra had her pull-up on, she felt part of this club. When she lay in bed at night, she wondered if she had gone crazy or she was not normal. Then she would remember what her uncle said, she was hurting no one and as long as she was happy.

Monday came again. It was once again time to dance. However it was first after school. Sandra decided to show the other girls that she was now one of them. Sandra decided to wear a pull-up to dance, although she was afraid that Mathilde (her dance teacher) would tell her Mum. However, she decided she was going to take the chance. She knew that Jessica and the other girls would understand her. She wouldn’t feel so weird when she was at dance. The problem was that she would have to wear the pull-up to school. Sandra made sure that she was wearing baggy trousers, but when she looked in the mirror, she could still see that she was wearing pull-ups. Still Sandra made up her mind. She rushed out of the house and made her way to school.

It was strange wearing pull-ups outside. She wondered if anyone noticed the way that she was walking, or if they noticed the bulge in her trousers. Still, Sandra felt very happy. It was like she was no longer hiding a secret that she had. She could be herself. This doesn’t mean that she was going to brag about it to her friends. They would just tease her and think she was a little baby. This was of course right. Sandra realized that she was once again a baby. She wore pull-ups and used a bottle and pacifier at home. It was a deep secret, only her uncle knew. It was indeed a strange day. Deep inside Sandra felt happy. Despite that she thought it would be cool if she could drink from a bottle at lunchtime. She also found herself sucking her thumb during class time. Despite this, she was not teased and no one noticed that she was wearing pull-ups.

School was over and it was time for dance class. Sandra was giddy and in a good mood while her mum drover her to dance. Her Mum noticed that she was most happy when she went to dance. This was good, as it gave her daughter a hobby that was good for her.

Sandra rushed in the changing room. Jessica was already there. The two girls gave each other a hug. Then Sandra started to get changed. Jessica’s mouth went wide open when she seen that Sandra was just wearing a pull-up. The other girls were also staring. Sandra just smiled, and said she was a baby just like them. This made all the girls laugh and it ended up with a group hug. Mathilde (the dance teacher) also noticed the pull-up under Sandra’s Leotard. She smiled, thinking that some girls just never wanted to grow up. It was hard to believe that this was the same girl that teased the diaper girls when she first started at dance.

It was harder for Sandra to dance with a pull-up on, but she noticed that she was now just as good as the other girls. She still loved dancing, and now that everyone at dance considered her a baby, she was overjoyed. She always had friends and everyone liked her. But here she was accepted for who she wanted to be. She just wished her mum and friends at school would accept that she was a baby, and not a big girl. She doubted they would understand though. Just before the group was to have a break, the CD player started hopping and playing funny. The music sounded so funny, that it made all the girls laugh. The more the girls laughed the more of a laughing fit they got. Sandra ended up on the floor holding her tummy as she laughed. She didn’t even notice that she peed a bit in her pull-up.

It was time to take a break. Mathilde poked Sandra on the shoulder. She asked if she was wet. Mathilde was about to laugh until she felt a bit wet between her legs. Sandra didn’t understand, she never wet herself! Did this mean that she was a baby? A bit red, but accepting what she just did, Sandra took Mathildes hand and went into the changing room where she was put on a changing table and her clothes were slowly taken off. It was a bit embarrassing that Mathilde could see her naked, but at the same time, Sandra felt loved and cared for. As Sandra was told to lift her bum, Mathilde explained that she had no pull-ups, and Sandra would have to wear diapers with tapes. Sandra could feel the diapers under her, and could feel that it was much thicker. It was then that Sandra realized that they were baby diapers. After she was changed, she stood up and walked back to the other girls. She had to spread her legs further apart to be able to walk. Sandra sat down with the other girls and waited for Mathilde to come with their drinks. When it was Sandra’s turn, there were two baby bottles and a normal glass of juice. Sandra could have taken the glass of juice, but she took the bottle. Sandra didn’t think it was embarrassing. It was part of being a baby, and she felt more like a baby than she felt like a 10 year old girl.

On the way out from the dance class, Chloe (her mum) noticed something strange. Chloe was wondering if Sandra was gaining a bit of weight. Maybe it was just her trousers. They made her hips and bum look very big. Then Chloe looked at the other girls coming out. It looked like they had the same problem. Chloe noticed the girl that was hugging her daughter (Jessica) had a pacifier in her mouth. Chloe thought this was very strange. A girl that was the same age as her daughter sucking on a pacifier. Then she had the thought that all the girls, including her own daughter was wearing diapers. She heard that some children needed them. This made Chloe laugh; of course her own daughter was not wearing diapers. She was 10! Why would she need diapers? Still, imagine being Jessica’s mother, that has a daughter that still used pacifiers, and even in public. As Chloe seen her daughter smiling and saying goodbye to her friends, she was happy that her daughter was normal, and didn’t have any problems like that.

Later that night, Kevin (her uncle) was uploading the pictures of Sandra on her home page. He got a few of Sandra showing her pull-up to her friends, and a few of her getting changed and drinking from a bottle. The amount of people that have paid for the sets of pictures exploded, and Kevin read that her page was one of the top 10 children model sites at the moment. He also suspected that pictures of his niece were being leaked out on newsgroups and picture sites as well as forums. Kevin now had lots of money in his bank account that will keep him living high for years to come. Thanks to people that will pay to see pictures of a girl in diapers. Thanks to his niece that suddenly considered herself as a little baby. It was time for him to get better pictures, more baby like pictures, and pictures that would satisfy her many fans.

Just as Kevin was uploading the last pictures, he noticed that Sandra came on MSN. She immediately greeted him and turned on the camera. She had a pacifier in her mouth. Kevin started recording the conversation.

Sandra: Hi uncle

Kevin: Hi cutie How’s life?

Sandra: Good. I was at dance today and I wore my pull-up. All the other girls seen it and I think they like me better, because I am like them.

Kevin: What do you mean like one of them?

Sandra: You know, like a baby.

Kevin: But you are not a baby, you are 10 years old.

Sandra: Mathilde says some girls are not mentally old, they still feel like a baby inside. I suppose that’s how I feel.

Kevin: So you are not ready to be big yet?

Sandra: I suppose not

Kevin: Then you should tell your Mum. I am sure she will accept that you are just still a baby. You need your mother support

Sandra: No. She will not understand. Anyhow, I have your support

Kevin: You need your mother to accept you as a baby and treat you as a baby. How have you been hiding the pull-ups when you used them?

Sandra: I take out the rubbish. Anyhow, something happened during dance. I wet myself and I didn’t even know I did. Then Mathilde put me in a real baby’s diaper.

Kevin: So you wet yourself! So, how did the diaper feel?

Sandra: It’s much better than a pull-up. It’s a bit thicker though. But I felt so happy when I was being changed and that I was wearing a diaper like Jessica.

Kevin: So you will buy diapers now?

Sandra: I can’t. I have no money. Besides that, I can’t put them on me. I can’t do the tapes.

Kevin: I think I have a deal for you, since you won’t ask your mum to help. On your way home from school, visit me. My house is on the way home from school. I will give you the money to buy some diapers.

Sandra: You’re the best uncle!

Kevin: Yes, but you will have to work for them. Every day on your way home from school, and then visit me. Tell your Mum that you are doing some jobs for me. I will help put the diaper on you.

Sandra: What do I have to do?

Kevin: I want to take pictures of you. It’s as simple as that. I want to be a photographer and I want to use you as a model. I want to take pictures of you in diapers.

Sandra: Why just diapers?

Kevin: I just do. I will not take pictures of you without clothes on. Maybe without your top though. The main thing, is I can take pictures of you looking and acting like a baby

Sandra: I have no boobs, so why topless? I don’t understand why people will take pictures of me in a diaper.

Kevin: Well, if you don’t want to. I understand. I can also just ask your Mum to treat you like a baby.

Sandra: No! I will do it

The next day, Sandra visited her Uncle before school. She couldn’t wait until after school. She was a bit embarrassed when her uncle jokingly lifted the skirt she was wearing. She had no diaper on. Being a little disappointed, her uncle gave her the money for diapers. It was a lot of money, as diapers are not cheap you know! Sandra could hardly concentrate in school, because she was so excited that she will be buying diapers.

After school, Sandra rushed to the store at the back of the shop. She looked to see if any of her friends were following her. She entered the store slowly and noticed that only a couple of boys her age were with their Mums. It was obvious that they were wearing diapers. This calmed Sandra down a bit and thought that lots of children actually have the same problem. Well, there were at least 3 in the town that she lived in. She also noticed the lady was the same saleslady she had the last time. Sandra walked quietly around the shop and looked at all the things people could buy. There were cribs, huge cribs that would fit her. Although she was quite small for her age. There were also highchairs and playpens. Deep down, Sandra thought what it would be like having these. Really becoming a baby again. She admitted to herself that she was acting and feeling like a baby in the last while, and even admitted to her uncle that she was a baby again. However, if she was truly to be a baby, then she would need everything that a baby had.

One of the boys came up to her and asked if she wanted to play at his house someday. He called Sandra baby in the same sentence. Sandra went red in the face. She lifted up her skirt and showed that she was wearing panties. Then she walked away from him. However after a few minutes, she felt bad because she was just as much of a baby as the boy. Sandra hid over by the diapers for girls her age and started looking at them. She had a funny feeling in her body, as if she was about to do something forbidden but fun. She knew that she was quickly regressing, she just couldn’t think of why she wanted to be a baby and why she was doing the things that babies do. The sales lady came over to Sandra and pointed at a bag of diapers. She told Sandra that the diapers were very thick and very babyish. She then looked straight into Sandra’s eyes and asked if they were the type of diapers that she wanted. Sandra blushed as she whispered yes. Then the lady told Sandra that she noticed that she was wearing panties when she flashed at the boy. The lady led her in a back room and put Sandra on a changing mat. She took off Sandra’s panties and threw them in a dustpan saying that she won’t need them anymore. While she was putting on the diaper, she told Sandra that she remembered her. She wondered why she wanted pull-ups and not diapers. Then she made Sandra admit that her Mum doesn’t know it. The sales lady said that her Mum should know and closed the diapers.

As Sandra walked out of the backroom, she seen the boy that she met earlier. The sales lady lifted Sandra’s skirt so the boy and his mum could see that she was now wearing a very thick baby diaper. This made Sandra blush as he probably could see the way she was walking anyhow. Still, Sandra went over to him and gave him her cell number. His name was Allie. Sandra apologized for being so nasty earlier. The boy understood. Sandra paid for the diapers and walked as quickly out of the shop as she could. She sent her uncle a text message saying that the Sales lady already put a diaper on her, so she didn’t need his help that day. She started walking home, thinking of how many people noticed that she had a diaper on her. Sandra felt very good at the same time. She just wished that she could put a pacifier in her mouth,

When Sandra came home, she hid the diapers

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End Chapter 3


by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 3, 2012


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