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This is the story of how Sandra becomes a famous diaper child model at the age of 10. Its in 6 parts (I gave it a X rate, because many will be mad at the girls family. There is no sex though)

Chapter 1
Fame! - Part 1

Chapter Description: The begining of Sandra's journey. Her Uncle has an evil plan. Will She fall for it?

This is a long story. I hope that you like it. If you do not want to leave a review, then you can always send me a private message on what you thought about the story. I know there are spelling mistakes and grammer mistakes. I did put this through a spell and grammer check! I was very good at English in school. I do not know why it has become worse. I hope you can oversee this

Kevin had been planning this for some time. His plan was to destroy the great family life that his sister had. His sister’s name was Chloe. The reason was simple. Chloe got married and was happily married until her husband died. He left her with a lot of money so she was living a good life. Chloe had a daughter called Sandra. She was 10 years old, and a very happy and popular girl. Even though Chloe and Sandra missed their father, they were a very happy and close mother and daughter. It was obvious that they loved each other, and had the best relationship that a mother and daughter could have. Kevin has not been so lucky. He had a job that he hated. He lived in a neighbourhood with old people that he hated. He never found love. He would have committed suicide long ago if he had the guts to do it. He knew that he was jealous of Chloe’s near perfect life. He wanted to make her family life as weird as his own. He wanted Chloe to worry and he wanted mother and daughter not to be so good friends.

Kevin had one advantage. Chloe has always looked up to him and often asked for advice. He will use this against his own sister. Kevin smiled as he looked in the mirror. His plan was devious and nearly evil. It was his old girlfriend that inspired him. She was a ballet teacher and mentioned that two of the 10 year olds she taught wore diapers at day and all girls wore diapers at night. At first Kevin thought it was strange, and what could he use the information for? Then he thought it was funny. Those girls must feel so degraded. Their mothers must feel so embarrassed by it. The more he thought of it, the more he thought that Sandra would be so curious, that she would most likely be interested in why girls were wearing diapers and what it was like wearing diapers. Kevin smiled at the thought. He knew his niece’s curiosity that she would most likely notice these girls and takes an interest. He remembered when she noticed his uncles smoking and wanted to try.

Kevin’s plan was evil. He wanted to give his niece a fetish, and wanted her mother to make the fetish even worse. This would destroy the perfect family that they had. In the meantime, he could make a bit of money. It took him a lot of planning. He had to convince his old girlfriend that his niece will be starting dance, and that she might be interested in diapers. Kevin wanted the dance teacher to support it, and even encourage it. It took a lot of persuading, as she did not understand why an uncle would encourage his niece to be interested in diapers and baby things. However after a lot of nagging from Kevin, and presents and charm, she agreed that she would leave diapers and baby things hanging around, but would not force her into anything. This was not what Kevin expected, but he accepted it at the same.

Stage 2 came when Kevin installed spy cameras in the dance studio, and its toilet where the changing table was as well as the changing room. He told his old girl friend that these were security items; you had to be careful these days. She believed it of course. He told his sister the same when he installed the spy cameras in the bathroom and sitting room as well as Sandra’s room. Of course Chloe thought that her brother was so kind, for thinking about her family’s security. She did not know that Kevin could now sit at home and see what was happening on his computer. He could save was he seen as video files or pictures. This was the expensive part of Kevin’s plan, as it took his life savings to buy so many cameras. It was important though that he can sit home and seeing if his plan was working. If it did work, then he would get his money back. If it didn’t work, then that was just life. The more he thought about it, the more he thought that it would not work. A smart girl like Sandra would never be interested in baby things such as diapers. If she did become interested in it, her mother would surely not support it and even treating her beloved daughter like a baby. However, he would have fun trying.

Step 3 was the hard part. Kevin had to convince Sandra to start dancing. He used a few months mentioning it and telling her how fun it was, but it seemed like she was not interested. He even praised Sandra, saying that she could look so pretty when she danced. That didn’t work either. Then he invited Sandra over once while his old girlfriend was there. Her name is Mathilde by the way. Sandra was very interested in Mathilde and wondered why she was no longer a girlfriend to her uncle. This made Mathilde a bit uneasy as she still loved Kevin and wanted to be with him again. To change the subject, she talked about her job and how it was like dancing. This made Sandra very curious and Sandra listened to every word. In no time, Sandra was talking about how fun it would be to dance and meet new friends. Mathilde didn’t know if she had any room, and the fact was that the other girls went to ballet for a few years and were very advanced. Kevin smiled as Sandra started to beg to go and promised that she was a fast learner. Mathilde said yes at last, not because she wanted another girl to teach, but this girl was Kevin’s niece, and that meant she would still keep seeing Kevin. Besides this, she promised that she will turn a blind eye if Sandra became interested in diapers. The case was settled. Sandra would start at dancing

The next few days were special for Sandra. She had to buy a leotard and tights and dance slippers. She picked a pink leotard and white tights. As soon as she came home, she rushed to try them on. Sandra was a bit confused when she looked in the mirror. It showed every curve of her body. You could also see the outline of her bum and privates, and you can see that she was still flat chested. Sandra could not wait until she entered puberty. At the same time, she knew that most of the other girls at dance would look like her. She really hoped that she would be a good dancer and meet some new friends.

Monday afternoon came. After school, Chloe collected her daughter in the car and drove her to dance. Sandra was very excited and talked and talked, as well as giggled as the dancing school approached closer and closer. Chloe smiled as she listened to her daughter. She was delighted that she was happy that she was about to do something new. Chloe loved when her daughter was happy. That is what she wanted most in life, that her daughter will be happy. Other things didn’t matter, once that Sandra was happy in live and got the most out of it.

Sandra went in the dance class. There she met Mathilde that gave her a deep welcome. She then told Sandra to go in and get changed for class. It was a small changing room. She noticed that there was a playpen there and a changing table. Sandra didn’t think more about it, she was more concerned about putting on her leotard and tights and slippers. She rushed out to the dance room and looked around. There were mirrors everywhere and there was a CD player in the corner with 2 large speakers. A bar was there along the mirrors on one side. Sandra really liked the room. It would be fun to dance in a room so big.

The other girls came in. There were 7 other girls. Sandra was a bit shy when they came out. She started thinking that they were probably a lot better than she was at dancing. Sandra looked at them very closely. They were a bit taller than she was. Well, that was to be expected as Sandra was small for her age. However she noticed that none of them have entered puberty. This made Sandra feel better, and deep down she knew that if she worked hard, she would be a good dancer, and maybe better than them.

The dance lesson started with some stretching. Sandra thought that this was easy enough. She just had to do what Mathilde did. If she looked in the mirror, then she could see if she was doing it right. Sandra was also curious as if the other girls were doing it better. However her attention was drawn to something else. She could see that a girl wearing a black leotard had a big bulge around her bum. Sandra looked closer and noticed that the girl was wearing a diaper. Sandra stared at it, thinking that this girl was also 10 years old! The more that she looked, the more that Sandra could see that it was a diaper. Sandra could not control herself; she burst out laughing while pointing at the diaper girl. The other girls knew what she was laughing at, but remained quiet, and just looked at Sandra. They had a condemning look in their eyes. This made Sandra stop laughing and even blush a bit. She never had teased someone else or bullied someone else, but seeing a 10 year old in diapers was just too much. It was so funny; the fact that such a big girl could wear baby things. Sandra just never thought that girls that old wore diapers.

Mathilde came up to Sandra and in a stern voice put her right, “Sandra! You are new here, so you will get one more chance here. This dance class will not tolerate anyone laughing at others. We will not tolerate any teasing or bullying. People are different, so are the girls here. We all have our strong sides and we all have our weak sides. Yes, you have noticed that Jessica is wearing Pampers. The fact is that there are some girls here that either has not grown up as big girls yet or they still need diapers. As I said, we all are different. This dance class was made for girls that have not grown up as big girls yet, who are still like babies. The girls who do not wear diapers are friends and accept each other. You were allowed in this dance class because I know your uncle. But you have to follow our rules and respect each other.”

In the meantime, Kevin (her uncle) was looking at all on the spycam. He had saved some screenshots as pictures. He got a picture of her looking at Jessica. Sandra had a cool expression in her face as she realized that it was a diaper. This picture was priceless as it showed the curiosity in Sandra’s face. He also got some pictures of her laughing and then looking down at the floor after Mathilde got mad at her. It looked like the drama was over for now. Kevin smiled as he thought that the new idea of diapers and being a baby at 10 was implanted in his nieces head. It would be interesting to see where it led to. Kevin did not have that much time to think about it, as the dance class was over.

The girls were now in their changing room. Kevin had to switch over to another spycam. He could see that another girl (Amanda) was on the changing table. She was getting her diaper changed. If Kevin really wanted to make money, he would take pictures through the spycam of the girls getting naked while changing and the naked Amanda on the changing table waiting for a new diaper. However he would not make money from pervs looking. His plan was to show his niece as a baby! At the moment, he could only take pictures of Sandra obviously looking at Amanda getting changed and then looking at Jessica that was sitting on the bench with her diaper on, looking in her changing bag. Sandra’s eyes nearly popped out when she seen Jessica take a pacifier out and start sucking on it. Kevin wandered what was going through his nieces head. He knew that she would be very curious.

Mathilde started speaking to Sandra, “Thank you for behaving today after your little outburst. As you can see this is a special dance class with special girls. There is no need to tell others that you have seen girls with diapers and pacifiers. There is no need to tell others that you have seen other girls that still are like babies, and have not grown up.”

“Not even my mum?”

“Do not tell anyone. They will not understand. They will think that these girls are being treated badly by their parents, while in fact their parents are just letting them grow up in their own pace. Do not tell your mum or school or anyone. Your uncle knows of course. ”

Sandra didn’t reply. She never thought that some girls didn’t want to grow up. Here she was afraid that the girls would have entered puberty and have small boobs and all that. The opposite happened. They were just like babies! Sandra shrugged her shoulders and thought that she learned something new every day.

On the way home, Sandra was a bit quiet. Her Mum asked how dancing went. Sandra answered with a short reply. She wanted to tell her Mum about Jessica and Amanda and their diapers. But she was told not to tell anyone, not even her Mum. This was new to Sandra, as she always told her mum everything. Sandra felt like she was a bad girl for not telling her Mum, but she knew that if she told. Mathilde would be mad and Sandra did not want to be kicked out of dance class. So on the way home, she didn’t say a word about what was really going through her mind. Why did the other girls not want to grow up? Was it because the liked being babies or was it because they couldn’t control their bladder? Sandra remembered a few months ago when she started wetting the bed. She felt bad then and felt like a baby that couldn’t use the toilet. It wasn’t nice waking up to wet sheets and a wet nightdress. Her Mum didn’t get mad. It continued for a week and then she seen a doctor. The Doctor just told her not to drink before she went to bed. Then it stopped. She didn’t wet the bed afterwards. Maybe the girls at dance had the same problem. Maybe they just needed to stop drinking before bed. That didn’t explain why she seen Jessica use a pacifier. Then Sandra remembered that Mathilde said that some girls were slow at growing up. Maybe some girls were more comfortable and secure being like babies. Maybe they simply liked being babies and baby things.

“Mum?” Sandra asked, “Do you remember when I was small?”

“A bit hard not to remember!” Chloe laughed, “You are my only child and I cherish every day we had together since you were born.”

“Was I potty trained early?”

“Not really. You were 4 when I finally got you out of diapers.”

“Why was I so late?”

“I don’t know. I personally think that diapers are so good today, that they feel very comfortable. Maybe that or maybe you were just a lazy sod. (laughs)”

“Maybe I liked being a baby, and didn’t want to be big…”

“Maybe. But we all have to be big at some stage, don’t we?”

“I know, but maybe it takes some people more time to stop being a baby”

“I think you took long enough. It’s not that fun changing diapers. Well looking back, I suppose it was a special time I had with you. But I didn’t think about that at the time.”

Sandra was quiet for some time. Then she decided to get more information.

“Mum, remember when I wet the bed a few months ago?”

“Yes darling. I was quite worried.”


“Well, I was afraid that you were sick. I also thought that there was something wrong with your bladder”

“I don’t understand.”

“Well sometimes a child bladder doesn’t develop as it should. Their bladders are weak and they can’t feel when they have to pee. Luckily you stopped”

“But say I didn’t stop. Would you have put me in diapers again?”

“I did consider it. You know you can buy diapers for girls your age. Hell, you can buy diapers for adults.”

“So I would have become a baby again”

“No darling. If I put you in diapers that time, it would just to make things easier. You wouldn’t have to sleep in wet clothes and sheets and I admit that I would prefer you wearing diapers than all the extra washing”

“What if I suddenly started using a pacifier?”

“Wow, some strange questions you have today. I suppose I would let you, but they are not that good for your teeth. Plus your friends would tease you if they knew. You are after all a big girl now. We are home now. I think you should go in and finish your homework after you eat some dinner. Then it will nearly be time for bed”

In the meantime, Kevin was finished uploading the pictures from dance class on the net. He opened a site where people could come in and look at pictures of Sandra. It would cost them some money of course to buy sets of pictures. If his plan worked, he knew that the site would be very popular. At the same time, he knew some people would save the pictures and post them on free picture sites as well as newsgroups and forums. Still, there were a lot of sites with child models. Some people must make a lot of money from them. Kevin smiled, as he thought that he would make lots of money out of his niece, and she would be humiliated across the world. She was a very pretty girl, so a lot of pedophiles as well as diaper and baby interested people would pay to stare at her pictures. He looked at a picture of Sandra just in panties as she was staring at Amanda getting changed. He pondered if he would use this picture as Sandra was topless, but the expression in her face at seeing another girl her age on a changing table was priceless. You could nearly see the thoughts going through her mind. She was now curious about diapers.

Kevin opened his spycam and found Sandra in her room. He didn’t expect much to happen, but he was bored. It was at times like this when he missed a family. He could then be a serious father. He would not fool around with his daughters mind like he was doing with his niece. He would protect her against fetishes and anything like appearing on a child model site. As Kevin looked at Sandra, he felt sorry for her. She didn’t know that her pictures were being plastered over the internet. Then again, he was not forcing her to do anything. It was her own curiosity that would give her problems. Then again, maybe his plan wouldn’t work. Maybe she would just accept the other girls and leave them to it.

Maybe not because as Kevin looked through the spycam. He could see her getting ready for bed. He was saving a few pictures. Sandra was finding her nightdress. Kevin yawned as he followed his niece’s night routine. He hoped that she would not start saying prayers. This would really put him to sleep. He still wondered why she was going through her drawers. It was obvious that she was looking for something. He could see the same expression that she had in the dance class. She took out a pair of panties and put them on. Kevin looked closely and could not understand why she didn’t take her old panties off. She just put the new panties on over the old ones. Kevin was busy saving pictures as this was both confusing and yet interesting. Sandra continued to do this. She put panties on over the ones she already had on. Within a few minutes, she had 9 pairs on. Kevin smiled as it looked a bit hilarious. The panties made a huge bulge around her bum and front. Then it hit him, they just looked as thick as diapers. Sandra was trying to feel what it was like to have something bulky on! These pictures definitely had to be uploaded on her site. Even when she put her nightdress on, you could see the large bum. It was cute when Sandra put her hands behind her to feel how big the bulge was. However the show was not over yet. Sandra continued to look through her things. Kevin wondered what she was looking for now. After several minutes of looking, she found what she was looking for. Kevin’s mouth opened wide as he seen her put her old baby pacifier in her mouth. Kevin knew that she was curious and the diaper girls at dance and they have really affected her. As the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. Sandra went to bed dressed with her 9 worn panties and pacifier in her mouth. The Show was over when she turned the light off.

The next morning, Sandra woke up. She noticed that she could not squeeze her legs together. It was most likely because she had so many pairs of panties on. Sandra noticed that she still had the pacifier in her mouth. A lot of memories came back. She remembered how the pacifier helped calm her down, especially when she hated the dark. She remembered that it helped her to sleep. It was true! Sandra fell asleep quickly the night before. In fact, she didn’t wake up half ways through the night like she usually did. She usually had to go for a pee half ways through the night. That was annoying. It was good that she didn’t wet the bed last night. Sandra smiled as she thought even if she did; it would take a lot pee to go through all the panties she was wearing. Sandra struggled out of bed and made her way to the toilet. She nearly peed in her panties because it took so long to pull them down. While she was sitting on the toilet, she thought about Jessica and Amanda. They didn’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night. Who knows, they probably slept in cribs. No, that couldn’t be true because a crib would be too small!

Sandra went back in her room and looked in the mirror. She had to pull herself together. Sure she saw girls that wore diapers. They have not grown up yet and still wanted to be babies. Sure it would be fun being a baby again, as you didn’t have to worry about what friends thought of things, and you could be close to your Mum again, but we couldn’t be babies all our life. Sandra looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was 10. She has grown up. It was time to accept what she seen and respect that people could be different. Sandra knew that she has gone beyond the baby stage. Soon she would be interested in boys and makeup. It was time to go to school. She found her bag and walked out the door.

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End Chapter 1


by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 3, 2012


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