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Chapter 6
Fame! - Part 6

Chapter Description: Is there Justice in this world? What will happen with Sandra?

Sandra was now in a child’s home. She had her own room. It was a room with a normal bed and table where she could do her homework. She wanted to run away, but the social worker said that her Mum was no longer home. She was being detained. Sandra surrendered, as she often did in the past. She hoped that this quickly would go over. She sat alone in her room and cried her eyes out. She was remembering the events of the day. It was like a bad dream. The pictures, the teasing, the headmaster, the social worker and now being in a boring cold room. Whatever the state that her mind became in the last few weeks, she now grown up within a few hours. It was hard when she had to go to a big canteen, with 20 other girls. They all wanted to sit next to the new girl, because they heard what she was here for. They all had loads of questions. What was it like being treated like a baby? Did she like cribs? Did she like diapers? Did she like drinking from a bottle? It was too much for Sandra; she burst out crying and went back to her room again.

An hour later, a woman came in. Her name was Lourdes. She said that she was Sandra’s contact person and would help her as much as possible.

“You are to live her for a while. You cannot live with your Mum. She was treating you wrong and I think she needs help, although I will be honest, many would love to punish her. You can’t live with your Uncle, as it looks like he is the one that put those pictures of you on the net. This was illegal, because they were not good pictures and neither you nor your Mum knew. In a few weeks, there will be a court case, so we know what will happen with you or your family. Until then, then we have to get you better. You will wear pull-ups for a while in case you have accidents. But we have exercises and medicine that will help your bladder. I am sure that you can stop using your pacifiers and bottles. And you no longer have to sleep in a crib or sit in a highchair. It will be hard, but I will help you. You will be happy again! The other girls will also help you”

“But they know my secret”

“Sandra, they all have experienced things just as bad as you. Some were molested by their family, although I realize that you do not understand what this really means. Others were beaten with sticks and belts to they were black and blue. One girl was even forced to live in a dog kennel. Another girl was forced to believe in Satan, where she had to watch animals being sacrificed and even drink their blood. I know you can’t imagine how these things can happen, or how bad they are, but believe me all girls are here for a reason. They need help”

Sandra had a new life; there was nothing she could do about it. The more she thought about it, the more she could see that her mum in a way abused her. However a part of her thought that it was her fault. She was the one that became interested in diapers in the first place. It was her fault that her mum was in such trouble. At the beginning Sandra used the pull-ups. She could change them herself, which made her feel a bit bigger. She also took her medicine and did the exercises that the doctor said. In a few weeks, she noticed that she was not wetting, and could get to the toilet in time. Sandra was now potty trained for the second time in her life. She was once again wearing panties. Still, she missed the diaper and baby things. She always sucked her thumb and at night put the back of the chair against her bed. The back of the chair had bars, so it reminded her of her crib. Sandra was not allowed to speak with her Mum or Uncle, and her Granny suddenly became too sick to remember who anyone was. The other girls became her friends. Each had a horrible story to tell. Sandra felt sorry for them and prayed for them. Still she missed Elizabeth and Jessica.

The court case finally started. Sandra was put in a special room where she could follow the court case. Children usually are not allowed this, but the judge thought that she deserved some answers. It was like a circus. Media from all over the country and many other countries were covering this bizarre case.

First Mathilde (The dance teacher) was questioned. She was questioned about the dance class. She told the court that it was a special class where girls that acted as babies or needed diapers could come and be together so they could be together with girls liked them. She admitted that some girls liked diapers while other girls were forced to wear diapers. Mathilde admitted that the girls were treated like babies, to the extent that some were changed and they drank from bottles. She did this to please the parents. Girls were warned not to tell others. She then told about her relationship with Kevin. She found him very dominant and in many ways lazy and sad. She was sad that their relationship did not last. But when he suggested that Sandra should come to dance, she was confused. Sandra was a normal girl. She thought he just wanted to be closer with her again, and maybe start a new relationship. It was only when he demanded that she also treated Sandra like a baby that she wondered what his motives were. Mathilde felt forced into treating Sandra like a baby, however she could also see that Sandra was interested in being a baby. Later she treated Sandra as a normal girl when she was decided not to act like a baby anymore. Mathilde was confused when Sandra once again was wearing diapers, although she noticed that she started using a car seat. Mathilde finally finished her testimony by saying her dance class was like a support club, and while she knew that some children were forced into Infantilism, she always thought they were happy. The media went crazy over the dance class, and started writing stories of children that wore diapers, especially them that was forced to be babies. The police also started investigating, and several girls received the same fate as Sandra. They were removed from their home.

Then Jessica was questioned. She was asked about her diapers. She explained that it was herself that started acting like a baby after her dad left her. Then she started acted like a baby and her mother supported her as best as she could, thinking it was only a stage. The prosecutor whispered her wondered why the mother did not take her daughter to a doctor or shrink. Then he concentrated on Jessica’s friendship with Sandra. Jessica told how Sandra teased the others first, but after a while became interested in diapers. Jessica told about the first time that Sandra came to dance with a diaper on, and now she was part of their secret club. She told how Sandra became interested in other baby things. Then suddenly Sandra was no longer interested. She considered herself as an older sister. Jessica admitted that she was very sad about this, but liked the idea of having a sort of bigger sister. Jessica also told how Sandra was forced to being a baby at home, and this made her very sad and mad. Jessica told how she tried to cheer up her friend. As time went, Sandra started acting more like a baby. Jessica finished by saying that she misses her friend. The Press continued to get more and more interested in the story. How a girl got interested in diapers, and after she went through that stage, was forced to be a baby by her Mum. How her friend also regressed because of her Dad. How they missed each other. Sandra’s name was now becoming a household name, and people were discussing her story. The Social Workers could not hide the media attention from her; Sandra could see her face on front pages of newspapers and see her picture plastered on TVs. They called her Pampers girl. That made tears comes to her eyes. Everyone in the world knew her secret and how she was treated.

The next witness was her Mum. When Sandra seen her mum on the stand, she started crying and banking the window between the court and her hidden room. She missed her Mum so much. The social worker said that her mum could not see her. It was a mirror on her side. The Prosecutor started drilling Chloe about why she did not check the dancing class. Chloe answered that she trusted her brother as it was his idea. Then the prosecutor asked how she did not notice that her daughter was interested in diapers and baby things. Chloe said that she and her daughter always told each other everything. It is not anything that a mother would expect, that her daughter would like diapers. It was the last thing in on her mind. Even when she noticed the bulge around Sandra’s waste, it just didn’t occur to her that her 10 year old daughter would want to wear diapers. Chloe explained the confusion she felt when she first learnt that Sandra was wearing diapers. She felt like a bad mother that she did not know. She explained that she was delighted when she heard that Sandra no longer wanted to wear diapers, but was afraid when her brother sent text messages that it would be worse if she regressed again. Chloe said she felt like she was going crazy when her daughter wet the bed, and when she started wetting at day time, she felt like she had to do something. The Prosecutor of course asked why she did not consult a doctor or shrink. Chloe admitted that it was part shame, part she felt like she was going crazy and part she thought her plan would work quickly instead of years on the couch talking with a shrink. Chloe talked about forcing her daughter back in diapers and how it broke her heart to see the hatred and madness in Sandra’s eyes. Then she told how her daughter regressed further and started acting more and more like a baby. Her daughter was happy, although she was no longer like a 10 year old, but more like a toddler. Chloe was happy that her daughter was smiling again, but she was worried about her regressing so much. She was considering a doctor, but Sandra was taken from her by Social Welfare. She confessed that she did not know anything about the model site or how famous her daughter was. Chloe finished in tears, explaining that she made a mistake, but she did it out of love. She loved her daughter so much and would do anything to make her daughter normal and happy. She missed Sandra so much. She could see that it was child abuse, but she did not do anything with the intention of hurting her daughter. Sandra heard all this from the room and stood up and shouted as high as she could that she loved her mother. This could be heard in the court room. Chloe ran over to the mirror and put her hand on it. She cried and whispered that she loved her daughter so much. This of course was the headlines the next day. Despite the abuse by her mother, Sandra still loved her. Chloe was made out to be a loving mother deep under the influence of her brother. The press asked how stupid a mother could be. The big question everyone was asking is why did she not get professional help?

The next witness was Kevin. He started by saying that he was happy. The lie that his sister was leading a perfect life was now brought into the light. The jury, the press and mostly Sandra was astonished and disgusted by his testimony. He told of his plan, to introduce Sandra to girls wearing diapers. He told that he knew that his niece would be so curious and he hoped she would get a fetish for them. He admitted that he was delighted when she did get interested in them and became more and more comfortable with them. He knew that it was becoming more than a fetish; he knew that Sandra was actually regressing mentally and in every way. He told how easy it was to offer to pay for her diapers and then laughed, saying that his niece was just as stupid as her mother, she never wondered why he was taking pictures. He was of course disappointed when she suddenly did not want to wear diapers again, but admitted on planting a seed in Chloe’s head. He shown nearly hatred for Chloe, when he said that she as so stupid. She always depended on his advice and set him up in a pedestal. Sandra was just as stupid, letting herself being paraded in public with diapers on. Kevin was overjoyed when his sister changed the room to a nursery and started treating Sandra like a baby. He confirmed that in time, Sandra did not act like a baby, she was a baby. Then Kevin talked about the website. He did not do it to make child porn or to do a favour for Sandra by making her a type of model. He did it to expose her journey from being 10 to a baby. He explained that clients paid for sets of pictures and he sold quite a lot, especially the pictures of her mum treating her like a baby. He also admitted that there were nude pictures, although Sandra never turned him on. He finished by proclaiming, “I don’t care what you do with me, but I have succeeded. The whole world knows who Sandra is and what she is. She is the Pampers Girl!” Sandra put her hands to her face and cried. Why did her Uncle hate her so much? The Press was now going crazy. Sandra’s so called happy family destroyed by her uncle was a national sensation. People were asking questions and many thought that pictures of 10 year olds in diapers should be illegal. The other girls at the children’s home knew what was happening. They knew how famous Sandra was. They just didn’t know what to say to her, besides give her a hug. Sandra wished it was all over. Despite she was embarrassed by the media and the pictures of her, she was willing to forgive everyone, just as long as things were back to the way they were.

The next witness was Lourdes, the social worker. She talked about Sandra coming to the child’s home. She considered Sandra an intelligent girl that was well liked. However Sandra considered herself younger than she really was, and found comfort and happiness in being a toddler. Lourdes explained that despite Sandra now had control of her bladder, she still sucked her thumb a lot and put a chair against her bed, making it look a bit like a crib. Sandra was not interested in games the other girls her age played. She would often draw with the younger girls or play with the younger girls toys. Lourdes went on to explain that she thought that her mum did abuse her, although she might have done it from love. She also explained that Sandra was well aware of pictures of her on the internet, and how her uncle abused her by uploading these pictures. Still, Sandra loved her family, especially her mum and has been very unhappy because she can’t see her mum. Lourdes explained this is normal with abused children. Lourdes also explained that Sandra did not know how famous she is on the internet, but she could not be hidden from this court case. Lourdes finished off by getting a bit frustrated, saying that the fact Sandra sees her name, face and family plastered in the media every day, and being called pampers girl is just as abusive as what happened before. Maybe her mum has abused her, but now the system and media was abusing her. Lola finished off by saying that a girl like Sandra must feel ashamed, embarrassed, sad and wonder when she can live a normal life again… with her mum. This didn’t stop the media blitz that now reported that the system was abusing Sandra. Why was Pampers Girl allowed to see the court case from a hidden room? The media had a lot of experts questioning if Sandra would ever recover from her abuse and the present national attention? Will she end up as some drug addict or even try to commit suicide?

The next witness was an Internet expert. He just presented the facts about the model Site. He explained that the Uncle set up a site, and uploaded pictures of Sandra in diapers and being a baby. A set of pictures would contain 20 pictures and they would be sold, so people could download them. He explained that the Uncle has made a lot of money but it doesn’t stop here. He explained that people would upload the pictures on free forums and newsgroups, so others could see them and download them free. He explained that the pictures of Sandra were legal, although some of them were pictures in panties or nude. He explained it is not legal when neither Sandra nor her Mum gave permission. His last testimony was explaining that Sandra is one of the top known child models on the net. It is considered that her model site was the most profitable, and her pictures could be seen in any newsgroup or forum that had pictures of children or models. He finished by saying it could not be underestimated how famous she is.

The next witness was a child expert that explained Infantilism. He explained that infantilism is classified as part of the addictive behaviors, which include smoking, drinking, and gambling and drug abuse. Because infantilism does not have significant physical or medical risks, it is considered the mildest known addictive behavior. Although infantilism can be latent (not active) for years, once the patient starts acting out this is a lifetime condition. Even a person as young as 5 can be an infantilist and there is no known upper age limit. Of course not every older child showing an interest in diapers is a confirmed infantilist, yet it is prudent for parents to act as if this is the case. The prudent action by the parent is to first put a good waterproof sheet on the bed to protect the mattress. Next the parent should provide the kid with diapers of the appropriate size. This sounds wrong, but follow the reasoning. Often enough a child from 5-12 asking for or using a diaper is just curious. Maybe the discomfort and embarrassment of actually wearing diapers will cause the fad to go away before the first or second bag of diaper is used. To make this test fair, it is important to teach the child to change his or her own diapers. Otherwise the caregiver becomes an enabler. To the average parent the good news is that the child decides diapers are not his or her trip. The only cash cost was the price of a few diapers. This was the case with Sandra. Remember a dedicated infantilist with a diaper craving will use any means necessary to obtain diapers and other baby items. This explains why Sandra went along with her uncle photographing her wearing diapers, also in public without really questioning it

Many say that infantilism will not go away; the parents need a bond of trust with the child. What parents and counselors will try to do is teach the infantilist to be discreet, circumspect and ethical when acting out in diapers. This is why it is so important to teach the child to change his or her own diapers. The child will need to get past embarrassment by participating in the purchase of diapers. Since diapers are expensive and a luxury it is important that the child learn to help pay for the diapers. Of course the kid must be responsible for safe disposal of all diapers.

There are so many causes of loss of bladder control it can be frustrating to diagnose and even more difficult to treat.

The expert explained that Sandra could also be experiencing regression. Children face difficulty in communicating certain desires and needs to their parents. Making this a habit will lead to regression, in the long run. Hence to avoid such situations, it is strongly recommended for the parents to analyze and understand their children’s behavior. Sometimes a sudden loss of a very important thing or a traumatic experience will provoke insecure emotions in the child, for which they are not ready for at all. Psychologically they feel insecure, angry, or scared, and they slowly move into a state of regression. Regression is a phase where a child shows an infantile behavior by going back from the matured state to the infant stage. In any way a child exhibiting regression development is not a good sign. So the parents have to give the out-most love and undivided attention to their Children to show them how important they are to their parents. Every child wants his activities and developments to be acknowledged and appreciated by the parents. By doing so, it will encourage, motivate and help the children to behave and act more appropriately.The best way to help a child is to talk to them regarding their problem in understand and communicating. Give them some advices and alternative methods, on how to express what they are feeling. Most children experience a state of regression in their lifetime, but overcoming this problem will be possible only if the parents understand them, and seek professional help to their kids.

The expert concluded that it is her view that Sandra was curious about diapers, and developed a short term Infantilism. However his mother’s reaction and the stress of finding out she was on the internet with compromising pictures and being removed from her family as well as the media attention has regressed her somewhat. He concluded that Sandra will need a lot of professional help.

The last witness was Sandra herself. On the way into the court, she was overwhelmed by people screaming slogans and everyone trying to take a picture of her. She also noticed some so called fans holding up some pictures of her in diapers, that they found on the internet.

The lawyers did not ask Sandra a lot of questions, but Sandra did admit that she really missed her Mum and was willing to forgive her Uncle. She said she did not like diapers and baby things, but just at times she felt that she needed them. She also told everyone that her one wish was to see her mum, and everyone would forget her pictures and everyone would forget all this. She wanted a normal life again. Sandra was sucking her thumb while she spoke.

Finally the judge gave his verdict: “There are three things to decide in this case. What do we do with the Mum, the Uncle and not but least Sandra?

Chloe, you have always been a good mum. However treating your daughter like a baby not getting her professional help was abuse. Unlike other cases I have heard, I do not think you have done it to hurt your daughter. However some parents hit their children out of love, does this make it better? I think you panicked and were misled by the brother that took advantage of the trust you have him. Most people would like to throw you in jail, but Justice must also show understanding, mercy and compassion. It will not help you or your daughter to be imprisoned. However, you may not have custody of your daughter until the family court and Child Services think you are ready. This means you will have to have mental examinations and counseling. Your daughter is in for a tough life, and you need to be ready to support her. Chloe, you have abused your daughter, but at the same time, you are now being giving a chance. Be wise and do not be so naive,

As for Kevin, the Uncle, I have nothing but contempt for you. You have manipulated others and created a situation where your niece would be abused. You planned in giving your niece a fetish, or regressing her, and you have succeeded. This court does find the pictures you have uploaded of Sandra disgusting and illegal. You did not have parental permission or you did not inform either Sandra or Chloe about this site and pictures. You kept the financial gains to yourself. This is not done out of love. This is done by a mad man. You’re bank assets will be seized and your money will be set in a fund for Sandra. You will also be sentenced to 1 year in prison, where I hope you will have some great experiences. On top of this, I am fining you a substantial amount of money that will be given to both Chloe and Sandra. Maybe Sandra can forgive you, but this court cannot and I hope that you pray for God’s forgiveness.

Finally, Sandra is the real victim here. She is the victim of a mental disorder that regresses her. While it started as an innocent interest in diapers and baby things, Sandra was not supported. When she was finished with this phase, she was the victim once again, being forced to live the life of a baby. The effects could be seen, as she has clearly regressed mentally. I was for one not so much touched by her words, but the fact that she sucked her thumb while she was giving her testimony. Sandra will remain in the care of child services, and I hope the system does not ignore her, but gives her the help that she needs. Sandra will be allowed visits by her mother. The court will not destroy or hurt this relationship. Sandra is also the victim of the media. I have sent a message to prosecutors, to make sure that any law has not been broken that Sandra’s name and picture has been so dominant in the news. Sandra is the victim of fame, both on the internet and the press. The media must protect children! I am also reporting the lawyers that have paraded Sandra outside the court house. They could have used the back door, but they decided to gain public sympathy by putting Sandra on exhibition. I agree with Sandra on one thing. I wish we can all forget this case, and let her be a normal girl. Fortunately, I think this will happen, as the media will forget Sandra and find a new case. But Sandra’s pictures will always be on the internet and in some people’s minds. I pray that Sandra will get the help that she needs and will live a happy life”

The court case was over. It didn’t mean that Sandra was happy. She was not allowed to go home. She lived in the child home and was very quiet, only playing with the younger children. Once in a while she would wet her panties, although no one knew if this was on purpose or not. Child Services had no funding to send her to a psychiatrist, so Lola did her best at helping the young girl. Sandra’s only escape, the dance class was closed. All the girls and their parents and Mathilde was being investigated. Sandra knew this and felt sorry that she might be the reason that the girls were taken away from their parents. Sandra didn’t meet or speak with Jessica anymore. She really missed her friend. It wasn’t better at school. Everyone called her Pampers Girl and teased her, asking how her Mum was or was she wet or dry. The once popular girl now had no friends, was no longer popular and her grades continued to fall. Elizabeth was not even allowed to speak with her anymore. Elizabeth’s parents were afraid what influence Sandra would have on her, or what fetish Sandra would give her.

Lourdes noticed that Sandra never smiled anymore. She started using all her time to fight for Sandra. In the end, Lourdes found a place for Sandra at an orphanage run by the Mercy sisters, some nuns. Sandra would go to school there. She would be with girls that all have been abused in the most disgusting ways. On top of that, her contact nun would be Sister Mary, which had a degree in Child psychology. The best part was that her mum lived close by, and could visit her daughter often.

Sister Mary welcomed Sandra, who was sucking her thumb and not smiling. After Lourdes said goodbye, Sister Mary showed Sandra her room. Sandra stood still, and thought it was the wrong room. There was a crib, and not a bed.

Sister Mary explained, “This is your room, and we have a room with a normal bed if you prefer that. However, you are allowed to sleep here. You will find pull-ups in the dresser. You can wear those as much as you want. However you have to change yourself and there are also normal panties, if you want to wear those. We are not going to treat you like a baby, but we will let you sleep and wear what you think are comfortable. You and I will be having talks on what is going through your mind, and I am sure that at one stage you will act like any other girl your age. But we have to do this at your pace. Hurry up and get moved in. Your mother is visiting you today. Now I just need to know if you want this room or another room.”

Sandra put her small suitcase on the dresser showing she would sleep here, and what’s more important, she was smiling

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End Chapter 6


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