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Chapter 4
Lourdes - Chapter 4

Chapter Description: The Final Part as Lourdes regresses. How will she survive? What will happen to her sister?

Casey opened the door saying ta-daa. The 2 girls looked in the room. Lourdes eyes went wide. It was not that much different, but the room seemed more pink and more frilly. On one side there was crib that was bigger than the older one. Casey could see on Dakotas’ eyes that she was shocked and at the same time thought the whole thing was ridiculous.

“Why did you re-do the nursery?” Dakota demanded

“I decided to let you have your own room and Lourdes can have this room.”

“But it has a crib!”

“Yes, but as you know Lourdes has been feeling very scared in her bed. You know that her mind is not developed as yours is. She is still a toddler in her mind. That’s why she will sleep here. If Lourdes is to grow up, it is important that she feels secure, loved and comfortable. This Nursery will give Lourdes the opportunity. When Lourdes is ready, she can get furniture and things that big girls like you have.”

“She is the same age as me, have you forgotten that we are twins?”

“She is not mentally the same age as you, and this is affecting her body. You know she has a problem in bed. Now she will feel safe. Yes, I know it’s a crib. But Lourdes will get better and she will be ready for a bed.”

“Maybe she is not a baby. Maybe Lourdes is just a retard.”

Lourdes noticed that her mother and sister were talking about her as though she was invisible. She thought the room was pretty, even though it was a baby’s room. She also knew that she was afraid of falling out of the bed and she has been feeling like a baby lately. Now she knew her mother could see it too. Lourdes did not want the two too fight and said that she will sleep in here. She added that she would be ready to be in a big bed soon.

Dakota screamed at the top of her voice, “You two are embarrassing me! Did you even notice that the little baby has started to lisp? What’s next? A Baby Bottle?”

Dakota did not speak with her sister or mother the rest of the day. Lourdes was happy in her bedroom. She spent most of the day with a doll house. At supper, Lourdes was sitting on the highchair. Dakota did not even bother teasing her. Things were out of control. She just ignored her crazy mother and babyish sister. She noticed that Lourdes was lisping more, and even dropping some of her food. It didn’t surprise her that her mother just smiled and put a baby bib around Lourdes neck. Dakota didn’t even say anything. Her mother was crazy and her sister was a baby.

Cassie could see her daughter’s faces after dinner. She knew that Dakota was disgusted in what was happening. Her twin sister was acting like a baby, and even considered herself one. Dakota was watching a DVD about some boy band called One direction. Dakota was admiring the boys, saying how cute and good they were. Cassie smiled at Dakota. She was proud of her daughter. She was getting good grades at school and she had lots of friends. She was popular with the boys, which was starting to worry Cassie. She knew that Dakota was very fashion minded, and knew what was expected of her by the others at school. Dakota was on her way to becoming a teenager. This was scary for Cassie. In a way she did not want her daughters to grow up. She did not want rebel teenagers. While, she was thinking this, she heard Dakota teasing Lourdes. Dakota was asking Lourdes if she was wet… if she wanted her baby bottle… and teasing that her daughter was lisping more and more.

Cassie looked at Lourdes…. Poor Lourdes. The good thing about Lourdes was that she was not influenced by others. She was a happy girl. There must be a reason why she was regressing more and more. Sure it could be something like she had her little sister’s soul in her. But there could be a more down to earth reason. The whole thing was weird if you thought about it. An 11 year old girl thinking that she was a toddler and happy about it… was this the reason that she was so small, that she wet herself, and was comfortable using baby things? Cassie even noticed that she sometimes lifted Lourdes around the house. There was a problem was school. She was teased for the babyish clothes she wore and how babyish her hair looked. The fact that she started lisping didn’t help. The truth was that Lourdes had nothing to talk to the others about. They did not want to hear about colouring books, cartoons and about dolls. Lourdes did not dare admit that she used diapers at night, ate in high chair, and used pacifiers. It was good that she did not wear diapers at school. Cassie sighed as she wondered if her daughter should see someone that was professional. But shrinks usually make small problems to big problems and this means that people visit them for years and years. Lourdes regression could be a short stage. Cassie heard Lourdes cry. She ran into the new nursery. Lourdes could not climb in the crib. Cassie smiled as she lifted her daughter in the crib. Lourdes was sniffling, and a bit confused to how she could cry over such a small thing. Cassie sat down on a chair and started reading a book that she read to her children when they were 3. Lourdes lisped and reminded her mother to show her the pictures. Cassie smiled and looked around and wondered why Dakota had no smart comments or insults. When Dakota came, she gave her little sister a baby bottle with milk saying it was annoying listening to her crying. Lourdes fell asleep, with one hand cuddling her teddy and another holding the bottle.

The next day was hell for Lourdes at school. Those that did not simply ignore her teased her. Lourdes had no friends, except her dolls. She was so happy to get on the bus to go home. She walked towards Dakota, but could see in Dakotas’ eyes, that she did not want her sister to sit close by her. Lourdes looked at her sister, and could see that Dakota was ashamed of her and did not want her babyish sister to be sitting next to her and her friends. Lourdes could feel tears in her eyes thinking the way her sister looked at her. A boy sat beside her. Everyone called her princess. They say that he wore his sister’s panties and even her dresses. Lourdes was not going to tease him, as her secret was worse. Lourdes looked out the window thinking that her sister must be so embarrassed with her. She knew she was crying as she was staring out the window with the thumb in her mouth. The princess boy poked Lourdes shoulder and said that he stopped sucking his thumb when he was little. Lourdes was going to say something smart, but he got up as it was his stop. It was good in a way that he got up as Lourdes could feel it getting wet between her legs. She didn’t understand why she wet herself. Sure, she had a few accidents during the day before, but it was at home, not where 50 children could see her wet panties. Lourdes could feel her heart beating fast, as it felt like it would come out of her chest. She could hardly breathe until she felt Dakota poking her, telling her it was time to get off the bus. Lourdes eyes were red with tears as she pointed down, which made Dakota sigh and tell Lourdes to wrap her coat around her waist. Lourdes did this and rushed out of the bus. She knew that no one could see how wet she was, but could they smell it? The two walked in the house where Lourdes mother was smiling until she seen Dakota fly past her in a temper, saying that this was the last drop. Lourdes ran into her mother’s arms and asked what was happening with her?

Cassie took Lourdes into the bathroom and starting giving her a bath. The tears quickly disappeared as she was playing with the bubbles and a duck. Dakota came in and asked Lourdes how she can even let her mother give her a bath? Had she no modesty? Dakota looked at Lourdes and teased that her breasts were still flat, while Dakota had small bumps. Dakota also boasted that she was now taller. Cassie told Dakota to get out. It was right; she still had the body of a 6 year old, while Dakota was developing... unless she was using high heels and tissues. Cassie was also worried that Lourdes wet herself in public. It would be very disastrous if she wet herself at school. At least they had the weekend to see how things went.

It did not go better all weekend. At first Lourdes went to the toilet every second time and wet herself the other times. It seemed to get worse on Sunday, when Lourdes could not control herself at all. At the start, she would hold her doll with tears coming down her eyes while she said, “I wet myfewf”. By the time Sunday came, there were no tears. It was as if she accepted it.

Cassie did not know what to do. On Monday, she woke Dakota up. Then told Dakota to put something on that did not show that much skin. As she walked into Lourdes room, she thought she did not have this problem with her. She took Lourdes to the bathroom and helped her wash herself and brush with her teeth, as Dakota looked on disgusted thinking that she could do it herself. Cassie told her daughter to lay back on the bed. This confused Lourdes, as she only did this at night-time when she got her diaper on. There was no time to play baby now. The school bus was coming. Cassie didn’t say that much but gave Lourdes a bottle of milk and lifted her legs. Lourdes spit out the bottle and said that it was a school day. Lourdes started kicking, crying and screaming. She was not wearing pampers to school. Cassie pinned her legs down and looked in her eyes, “You have been wetting your pants all the time the last few days. Do you think that will stop? Which is more embarrassing, having wet clothes or a wet diaper that they cannot see? I am not being a bad mother. You said yourself a few weeks ago that you feel like you are a baby. It is obvious that your body now thinks that too.” Lourdes calmed down and sobbed. Her mother was right. Wet clothes would mean that she would be teased non-stop. Her mother put some baggy bright pink pants on her with lace and a cardigan with a kitten on it. Her hair was as usual put in pigtails. It was time to go to school. Lourdes was very aware that she was now wearing a big bulky diaper and hoped that no one would notice it. As Lourdes and her sister walked out the door, Dakota tapped her bum and looked disgusted and whispered in Lourdes ear, “You are 11 years old, and you are going to school with a diaper on. You are embarrassing me. You are my sister. I don’t want people to think I am like you. You are not a baby. Wake up and face reality. Grow up or I will make you regret you think you are a baby!”

Luckily, no one found out that Lourdes was wearing a diaper at school. She was teased as usual about the way she looked and when her thumb went into her mouth. However no one noticed the big bulge in her pants and the way the diapers crinkled every time she moved. However her mind was thinking about Dakota’s threat. In a way, she understood the way Dakota was thinking. They were both twins and they were 11 years old. However Lourdes knew she was acting more and more like a baby. However she could not help it. She did not piss herself on purpose. Maybe she could give up the crib. But she slept well in it and she felt safe. Maybe she could get rid of the dummies and pacifier. These must have been a habit. Dakota was right. It was definitely not normal for a girl her age. Dakota was afraid what her sister would do if she did not act like an 11 year old, but deep down, she couldn’t stop thinking why she felt like a baby.

On the way out to school, Dakota stopped Lourdes as Lourdes was about to get on the bus. She was surprised that Lourdes did not even see her mother waiting in the car. Both girls ran to the car where their mother said they were going shopping. This made Dakota happy, as she thought that it meant that she would be getting make up. She rolled her eyes when Lourdes was being put in a baby seat in the back of the car, and half the school looking. She sat in the front of the car and put a face on so everyone knew she thought her mum and sister were being weird. On the way to the shop, Cassie asked her daughter if she was wet. Lourdes said, “Yef, forry, I didn’t feew it when I had to go. It juft came out” Dakota teased her sister, saying that they would need a translator. However she did not laugh when her mother opened the back seat of the car and laid her sister on the backseat and started changing her. Up to now, this baby stuff has been kept at home, and now her mother was changing Lourdes in the middle of a parking place. Dakota was shocked as her sister just let her mother take off her clothes and show her privates to the whole world. Her mother even said that it was good that she had no hair down there, as that would smell. Dakota wanted the earth the swallow her up. What if some perv came by and stared? Lourdes would probably not even notice. What happened next was that her mother took out a stroller. Lourdes sat in the stroller and put a pacifier in her mouth. It didn’t seem to bother her that she might be seen by classmates. She reminded her sister that she was 11 years old, sitting in a baby stroller with a diaper and a pacifier in her mouth. At first she could see a worried look on Lourdes face and then Lourdes smiled and said that they were here before and no one noticed her. Lourdes sucked her pacifier and just sat comfortable in the stroller. Dakota looked at her mother asking for an explanation. The answer was that it was easier.

“Mummy can I have a new cowouring book and crayonf and an onfie to wear?” Lourdes asked. This was too much for Dakota. She warned her sister to act her age or she would get some revenge. The fact that Lourdes is worse since the warning was enough. Dakota knew that her plan was to make her sister younger. But she had not thought the plan out so well. She never expected it to go this far. People would think she was just as weird as her sister. She looked down at her sister asking in toddler language if she can buy a colouring book and not crayons, and not make up. She was now being pushed in a stroller and wearing a diaper, not to mention the pacifier. Dakota knew what she had to do. She took out her cell phone and took a lot of pictures of Lourdes. This continued home. At night time, Dakota looked at the pictures she took. She liked the ones of Lourdes in the highchair, crib and being changed best. Dakota felt a tear as she knew her plan was wicked. The whole plan to make Lourdes wear diapers was her plan. It was evil, but how could she know it would end up with her sister being a baby?

The next day, Dakota was in another world thinking if she would go ahead with her evil plan. When she seen her sister with a shirt that only a 4 year old would wear and her hair in pigtails and a pacifier in her mouth. Plus she could hear the diaper crinkle. Dakota decided to go ahead with her plan.

It was an ordinary day for Lourdes. No one spoke with her on the bus. No one spoke with her at school, except when they teased her for looking like a toddler. Lourdes knew that she promised herself to act older. But when her mother changed her and later put her in a stroller, she knew that it harder than she thought because deep down, she felt like her mind was still in the baby stage. At least the school didn’t know how much of a baby she was. She was careful that they didn’t see or hear about it. Lourdes often wanted to put a pacifier in her mouth, but she just accepted that she had to suck her thumb.

At Lunch time, Lourdes was sitting in a corner of the playground watching her former friends smile and play. She wanted to hug her teddy bear. Then a group of girls came up to her and asked her if she slept in a crib, used a high chair, stroller and used diapers. Lourdes whispered that she was not a baby. Then they showed Dakotas cell phone. It had pictures of Lourdes as a baby. Lourdes didn’t know what to say. She just ran out of the school. She lived far away from school, but still she ran and ran, even though that was hard because she had a diaper on. When she came home she ran past her mother, that was wondering why she came home from school. Lourdes ran into her nursery and sat in a corner as she cried.

Cassie tried to speak with Lourdes, but her daughter was in such a state, that she could not speak. The only thing she said was that “"They aww know about me".

When Dakota came home, Cassie asked what the problem was. Dakota explained as innocent as she could that she forgot to take her cell phone with her during the lunch break, and she must have pressed the wrong button so it was showing the pictures. Another girl took the cell phone to give it to Dakota, and noticed the picture of Lourdes being changed, and then they saw the others. This made Cassie’s heart beat a few extra times in pain, as she now knew why Lourdes was in despair.

Cassie went into Lourdes and sat down next to her, “Lourdes, I know what happened today. This has been a hard time for you as you a baby.You feel that you are a baby. As I said to you, there must be a reason why you regressed. Look at the bright side, that now you have no secret from others. Having a secret is extremely hard to live with, living two lives is hard with. I am sure that the others at school will accept this, and I will explain it to the teachers. They probably know already, especially after your speech has become more like a toddler. I promise you that if school becomes hell, we will find a solution”

School was worse for Lourdes. Everyone knew that she was an 11 year old baby. They would tease her that she slept in a crib, and used other baby things. They would ask if her diaper was wet, and if it needed to be changed. Some would even lift her skirt so her diaper would be flashed for everyone to see. Lourdes was so sad and hated going to school.

As for Dakota, Things could not have been better. It seems as when Lourdes was teased and humiliated, that people felt sorry for Dakota for having such a strange sister. They no longer considered them as twins. The difference was between them was obvious. Dakota was 11, and knew about fashion, music and was pretty. Lourdes on the other hand was supposed to be 11, but was just a baby in an 11 year old body. It made Dakota sad that her sister was experiencing hell at school. On the other hand Dakota was one of the most popular girls at school. This was the price to pay. Lourdes may not have liked it, but she was happy at home and if she didn’t want to be teased and humiliated, then she could just grow up.

Cassie was worried. She was wrong when she thought the school would understand Lourdes. They just made her life at hell. It broke Cassie’s heart to see her daughter in so much pain. She had to do something as a mother. She visited the head mistress, which was a stern old lady.

“I think I know why you are here, “The head mistress started saying, “It appears as if Lourdes is having a hard time at school. She is wearing diapers. We suspected this something was wrong when she was sucking her thumb and her grades dropped. We became worried when she first started lisping, and then started baby talking. Now we know she wears diapers. There are even rumours she sleeps in a crib and uses high chairs. It’s good that you came. We need to talk about this”

“Yes, it’s true. Lourdes brain is like it has a baby brain. She considers herself a baby. Yes, she is different. The question is what you will do about this. She is being teased.”

“The question is what you will do about this? You are her mother. You must admit that it is not normal for an 11 year old to consider herself a baby. It is easy for others to tease her.”

“You do not condone that she gets teased and humiliated and degraded because she is different”

“Being fat is different. Wearing glasses is different. Acting like a baby is totally off the scales. Of course I understand why she gets teased.”

“It is not her fault that she has regressed.”

“Did you find out why she has regressed? There is usually a reason for it.”

“I don’t know if it’s a late reaction to my daughter’s death. She died when she was a Toddler. Dakota thinks that it is my daughter’s soul that possessed Lourdes. Since she said that, Lourdes has believed it was true I suppose. First it affected her mind and now her body is reacting”

“I think she needs a psychiatrist”

“No. This is just a phase.”

“I will advise you to help her through this phase. If she really thinks that she is a baby, then treat her like one in every way until it gets out of her system. I can tell you we cannot stop the treatment she will get here. Children can be so mean. I have been doing some research and spoke with one of my friends I spoke with. She has a private school for children with special needs. Most are retarded, but she said she has a boy that is going through the same as Lourdes. She said that your daughter can start there. I think this is the best solution”

The meeting went on for a bit. It was decided that Lourdes would start at the special school, although the head mistress did not understand that she had money for that, but not a shrink.

A few days later, Lourdes was walking out of the school where she seen her mother was waiting for her. Her mother then put a toddler leash on her where everyone could see. Lourdes wanted to hit her mother. It was bad enough that she was the teasing stock at school. But this would only make it worse. Her mother put her in the baby seat. Lourdes was thinking why Dakota was allowed to take the bus, while she was being collected. It didn’t really matter as it was better than being teased in the bus. Cassie told Lourdes that this was the last day she would be going to the school. She would be starting in another school where she would be accepted. Lourdes smiled.

When Lourdes came home, she was put in a playpen that her mother bought her that day. At first Lourdes thought it was a punishment. Why was she being punished? Then her dolls and other toys were there. She soon became occupied and didn’t notice that the time went by.

A few days went by. Lourdes noticed that Dakota was now being nice to her. It seems like everyone got what they wanted. Dakota was popular at school and Lourdes was now living as a baby at a new school. Dakota heard the ice cream truck. She thought it was strange because the ice cream truck never went by their house. She asked her mother if she could go out and buy ice cream. She was given permission, as long as she took Lourdes, and make sure that Lourdes wore the toddler leash. This didn’t bother Dakota at all. She took her little sister out to the ice cream van. It was only Dakota and Lourdes at the van. So they got their ice cream.

“Why is your sister on a leash” He asked

“She is just special”

“I can see that. I can see she wears a diaper. It must be hard for your twin to be wearing a diaper.”

“How did you know we are twins?”

“I just do.”

“She is more like my little sister. She lives and thinks like a baby. You know with diapers, pacifiers, bottles. She even has a crib, highchair and stroller.”

“.. and a leash. Still it must be hard when she was once normal. I suppose you feel bad that your plan worked. You wanted your sister to be younger. You wanted her to wet herself. You did not want a twin sister. You wanted a little sister.”


“You wanted her to wet herself, and look what has happened. Now she has regressed to a baby. It looks like everything has worked out for you. You are now very popular. But remember your plan was evil. Let’s hope that something evil does not strike you back. It probably will.”

Dakota was white. He turned around and looked at Lourdes who didn’t hear a word that was said, because she was eating her ice cream and was admiring a butterfly. Dakota went into the house and ate her ice-cream wondering how that man knew.

Lourdes life changed that day. At home, she was was treated like a baby. She was now living as a toddler, and thinking like a toddler. Lourdes did not question when she was put in the stroller, crib, high chair. When she was outside, she was either in a stroller or the leash. At home, she spent most of her time in the playpen. Lourdes didn’t think about these things as it became just daily life for her. She liked her new school. The children did have special needs. Lourdes didn’t like the word retard. They were just slow. At any case, they were so nice and quickly became best friends. Lourdes was now getting good grades again.

A few months later….

Cassie went into Lourdes nursery to take her out of the crib. Her heart jumped as Lourdes was not there. Was she kidnapped? Cassie went through the whole house looking for her. Lourdes was in the shower. She was smiling and told her mother that she woke up dry and she went to the toilet herself.

Dakota came into the bathroom crying and in despair. She told her mother that she wet the bed.

The End

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End Chapter 4


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