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Chapter 2
Lourdes - Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Is it Lourdes or her sister or her Mum that are changing her life?

Lourdes was about to get up and hit someone when Dakota started explaining, “Lourdes, I have taken those pictures, not to embarrass you, but to show you what you do. You may be 11, but it is obvious from those pictures that you are not ready to act like an 11 year old. Don’t worry. I won’t show anyone those. Besides that, I think they are cute. It shows you when you are most secure and happy.”

“I suppose that some girls just do not grow up like other girls” Their mum continued, “As Dakota says; you have the body of an 11 year old, but the mind and interests of a small girl.”

“I-I-I am not a baby!”

“No,” her mother tried to console her, “But your mind could still be at that stage. It is important for you to develop at your own pace, and not try to grow up too quickly. If your mind is telling you that it wants to be a baby, then do not fight it. Just accept that you may not be ready to be a big girl yet.”

“This is too weird.”

“I bet it is,” Dakota decided to say, “But it would explain why you like pacifiers, and dolls, and baby shows on TV. Don’t worry, people will always love you. You will always be my little sister. Mum, I will go in and get a cloth and clean up the mess that Lourdes made. It looked like she spilt what was left of her milk”

“Sorry Mommy”

Lourdes could not believe her ears. She called her mother “mummy”. Normal 11 year olds would never say that. Normal 11 year olds would not spill their milk. Lourdes felt so tired and she decided to go to bed early so she would not be too tired, that she would not be able to wake up and go to the toilet. She kissed her mother tonight and went to bed. She laid in bed thinking of what was said. Maybe her mother was right. Maybe deep down, she was not ready to be grown up. That would explain lots of things. Her sister even said she was her little sister, and Lourdes could not help smiling when she said this. Lourdes hugged her doll as she looked at the new poster of the waterfall. Dakota came in and gave her a hug and said she has a CD that would help Lourdes go to sleep. It was a CD to relax people. Lourdes listened to it as Dakota left the room. It was a strange CD. It was just noises of water. It sounded like rivers and waterfalls and oceans. On the other hand, it was also cool. It made the new poster almost come to life. Lourdes eyes became heavy as she looked at the poster while listening to the music.

Lourdes woke up. It was still dark outside. It was not time to get up. Lourdes was about to go back to sleep until she felt a bit uncomfortable. Lourdes mouth opened wide and she started crying when she could feel her bed was wet. There was no doubt about it; she was an 11 year old girl and a bed wetter. Dakota woke up hearing her sister crying. Lourdes had her head bowed and admitted in a low voice that she wet the bed. Dakota could not believe her ears. Maybe the water poster and sounds and the drink helped, as well as Lourdes confused mind. Lourdes was so happy when Dakota got out of bed and told Lourdes to go and wash herself in the toilet while she took care of the bed.

Lourdes could not stop the tears as she cleaned herself. The words of her sister and mother were going through her head. Maybe deep down, she did not want to be grown up. Maybe her mind was telling her body that she was nothing more than a baby. But who wants to be a baby just a year or two before they would start to enter puberty? Lourdes was so confused. Maybe she should accept what she was. She knew that her mother and Dakota would love her more than anything, but what would the people in school say?

When Lourdes came back in her room, the bed was made and new night clothes were on top of the bed. No one could see what has happened there earlier. Lourdes stared at the bed clothes. She could see it was a sleeper pj with feet on it. She wore it when she was 7. She remembered that it was too big on her. Even at that time, she thought that she was too old to be wearing them. Lourdes was too tired to argue and put them on. She looked down and seen that they fit her perfect. Lourdes felt embarrassed by this as she knew she was small, but this just proved it. Lourdes hurried in bed and was embarrassed once more. The bed crinkled as she climbed it. Dakota put a rubber sheet over the mattress. Lourdes thought about it, and maybe it was a good idea, as it will save the mattress even though

Lourdes really hoped that she would not wet the bed again. Dakota could see that he sister was worried, and tucked her in, while giving her the doll and putting a pacifier in her mouth while saying “good night little sister”

The next day, Dakota woke up first. She was a bit surprised that Lourdes wet the bed the night before. But deep down she knew it might happen when she gave Lourdes the drink before she slept. Dakota smiled as Lourdes woke up. She asked the waking sister if the “baby had dry dreams”. Lourdes looked confused, and then tears started rolling out her eyes. It was obvious that she had wet the bed again. This surprised Dakota, that her sister wet her bed without any help. Why would an 11 year old wet the bed? Maybe she was no more than a big baby. Dakota played the big sister as she changed her sister’s clothes, which was very silent, sucking the pacifier.

Nothing was said during breakfast about wetting the bed, although Dakota already told her mother. When breakfast was finished, Cassie asked Dakota if she would put the old baby seat in the car, as she had to take her niece to the doctors, because her mother was working. Dakota started complaining, but then sniped and said that she understood, she was the only one that could do it, because she was old. Dakota smiled at Lourdes who looked confused.

That night Lourdes found the sleeper on the bed she wore the night before. It was washed and dry. She wondered why her nightdress was not ready. Lourdes thought it didn’t matter, as no one could see her, except Dakota that took a few pictures. The next morning, Lourdes woke up and was wet. She now was convinced that she had become a bed wetter. Maybe she could go to the doctors. She had to ask her mum if this was wise. This has been happening for a few days. Once Dakota had a friend home, but luckily they sat on Dakotas’ bed. Lourdes was afraid that she would hear the rubber sheet or touch her bed. Luckily nothing happened.

Cassie said that there was no need to take Lourdes to the doctor. She already explained to her that some girls did not grow as other girls did. She even read about adults that acted and were babies. Cassie was putting pigtails in Lourdes hair and telling her daughter not to fight it, and just develop as her brain does. Lourdes nearly burst out crying. Her mother was basically calling her a baby. It didn’t help that Dakota starting teasing her sister that she had no boobs and was as flat as an 8 year old, plus she didn’t have any hair. Lourdes got her school bag and looked in a mirror. No matter why no one at school wanted to speak with her. She looked like a small girl.

That day Cassie was taking her niece to the doctor. As she drove, she looked in the mirror at her niece that was still a toddler. She looked so pretty in the car seat. Cassie thought about Lourdes and the way she was regressing. Cassie remembered how she looked this morning. She was sitting in the chair, getting pigtails in her hair and sucking a pacifier while holding her doll. This was not normal for an 11 year old. Maybe her dead daughter’s soul shared Lourdes body. Indeed, for a moment, when she looked at Lourdes, she could see Maria, her long lost daughter. Whatever the reason was that her eleven year old daughter was acting more like a toddler than her age could be many reasons. Cassie had to support her in whatever way she could. The first thing she had to do was to help her with the bedwetting. She realized that she had to stop and buy diapers after she took her niece back to her mum.

It was not an easy day for Lourdes either. No one spoke with her at school except some younger girls that started speaking with her every day. They most likely thought she was their age. At the same time, Lourdes felt safe and secure playing their childish games. She may have looked like a 6 year old, and she wasn’t that much taller than one, but no one knew that she watched baby shows and sucked a pacifier and wet the bed. Well, they nearly found out that day. When Lourdes was taking out her book before history class, her pacifier fell out. Her face went red, as she quickly put it back in her school bag. Lourdes was not paying attention to the class. She was thinking about her problems. Deep down, she wanted to be like every other girl. It confused her to as why she wet the bed or liked pacifiers and her doll? Not to mention the TV shows that no 11 year old would watch. Lourdes thought that she had to accept that she was not as developed as other girls. Not her brain or her body. She was just not ready to be a big girl yet.

When Lourdes came home, her mother told her to go on her room. She noticed that the old changing table that was in her little sisters room was now in her room. Her mother was standing beside it. She told Lourdes to come over to the table, where she was lifted on the table. Lourdes was confused and this bought back memories to when she was a little baby. Her mother lifted her legs and started taking off her skirt and panties. Lourdes starting crying. Her mother was about to see her privates. Was there no law against this? Lourdes eyes widened and more tears came as she seen her mum pick up a diaper. She screamed and cried. The diaper was a baby’s diaper with tapes, not even a pull up. Her mother put a pacifier in her mouth and made her voice be heard, “Lourdes stop crying like a baby! Do I need to spank you? You have been wetting the bed for the last week. There are rubber sheets on your bed. But do you expect me to be washing sheets and your night clothes every day. These diapers are for your own good. I do not know if you are a baby as we have discussed, but you have a problem and only diapers will help until you do not wet the bed.”

Lourdes calmed down as her mother put a night dress on her. She did not understand why she had to get ready for bed so early. She could have put on the diaper and night dress just before she went to bed. This was a battle that Lourdes would not win. She realized how strange parents were at times. Lourdes walked to the sitting room. She realized that she had to spread her legs and nearly waddle. She put her hand down to the diaper and realized how thick it was and how big it was. Lourdes laid on the baby rug as she watched a Barbie DVD while she thought that she hated the idea of wearing diapers. Imagine if others knew what she was wearing? Lourdes quickly forgot about it as she was engrossed in the DVD. This was until she heard a click. It was Dakota that just took a picture. Lourdes went red as she realized that her nightdress was hiked showing the pampers or whatever they were. Dakota laughed as she said, “It is about time that my baby sister is in diapers. You wet the bed last night! You look so cute there with a diaper and a pacifier, hugging your doll. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you are really my baby sister and not my twin sister”

Lourdes felt a bit relieved that Dakota will not tell anyone. She did not know what to think about being called a little baby sister. The hours went quickly that night as Lourdes went to bed

Dakota woke up the next morning. She could not help thinking that her twin sister was now wearing diapers at night. How embarrassing that must be. Still her sister was not normal. She was sleeping in a diaper, with a pacifier in her mouth and hugging a doll. Finally Lourdes got up. She was wiping her eyes and a bit confused. Most likely because she could feel a wet diaper. Dakota broke the silence by saying, “I need to use the toilet. I see that you don’t need to use it, as your diaper looks wet. Look at the bright side; it’s only your diaper and not your clothes or bed sheets.”

Lourdes admitted to herself that it was nice not to wake up in wet sheets and clothes. At the same time it was so humiliating when she realized she was wearing a wet diaper and her sister was going to use the toilet. She felt like a baby. Lourdes took off the diaper and put it in a bin. When she looked to get new panties, she realized that her panties were changed to the type of panties that she had when she was 5. You know them with cartoons on them and cute little bows. Lourdes blushed as she put on a pair while she seen that Dakota was wearing big girl panties. Lourdes thought at least it was good to wear panties again.

Breakfast was also different. While Dakota got the normal bowl and spoon for her cereal, Lourdes was given a plastic bowl and a baby spoon. She was about to complain but thought it would not go anywhere. After all, she just took a diaper off. Her mother was different too. She was speaking to her as if she was a baby. Lourdes could not believe her ears. Her mother was using baby talk with her.

After Lourdes mother helped her to fix her hair. This time was different too. Her mother took some scissors and cut her front hair so she had bangs. Dakota laughed and said that no eleven year old had bangs, only small girls had them. Then she reminded Lourdes that she was just her baby sister. Lourdes blushed and wondered why she didn’t hit her sister. Maybe it was because it’s true what she says.

Because Lourdes mum cut her hair, they were late for school and the bus already went. They would be driven to school. However when they were getting in the car, Cassie told her daughters in a worried voice that she forgot to take the baby seat out of the car and that one of the children would have to sit in it. Dakota got mad and asked why she could not sit in the front seat, only to get an answer that it was illegal. Lourdes did not like when people fought, so she quietly said that she would sit in the Baby seat. On the way to school, Lourdes ignored the way that her sister was smiling and taking pictures with her cell telephone. Lourdes tried to see the positive of sitting in a baby seat. It was comfortable and she felt very safe. In fact she felt special. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to sit in it. How would she tell her mother that the car seat can stay? As it turned out, Dakota did it for her by saying that Lourdes should keep the baby car seat until she was dry at night. Cassie agreed.

When they arrived at school, Lourdes was teased when her mother unbuckled the seatbelts and helped her out of the car. Some girls were watching and laughing. They were teasing that Lourdes used a baby seat. One girl said look at her hair. Another girl joked that she seen a pacifier on the seat of the car. Then they all joked that they bet that Lourdes wore diapers and slept in a crib. Lourdes told her mother that she was sick and didn’t want to go to school. The response was that she had to be brave and be proud for who she was.

It was not easy though as within an hour, everyone knew that she was sitting in a baby seat. There were even some that said that she was sucking a pacifier. By Lunch time, people were asking if she was wearing a diaper, and lifted her skirt to see if she was. It did not help that Lourdes was wearing toddler panties. At least she was not wearing diapers.

Lourdes mind was going crazy that day. She had a lot to think about. She had to think why she was acting and behaving as a baby. She had to think about why she had no control at night time. At the end of the day, Lourdes finally figured out what was happening in her life. Lourdes will have a talk with her mother when she came home. She didn’t want Dakota there, as she would only tease.

Cassie had the same thoughts all day as well. It was time to speak with her daughter.


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End Chapter 2


by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 11, 2014


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