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Chapter 3
Lourdes - Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Lourdes continues regressing, but now her sister has second thoughts

Because Lourdes mum cut her hair, they were late for school and the bus already went. They would be driven to school. However when they were getting in the car, Cassie told her daughters in a worried voice that she forgot to take the baby seat out of the car and that one of the children would have to sit in it. Dakota got mad and asked why she could not sit in the front seat, only to get an answer that it was illegal. Lourdes did not like when people fought, so she quietly said that she would sit in the Baby seat. On the way to school, Lourdes ignored the way that her sister was smiling and taking pictures with her cell telephone. Lourdes tried to see the positive of sitting in a baby seat. It was comfortable and she felt very safe. In fact she felt special. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to sit in it. How would she tell her mother that the car seat can stay? As it turned out, Dakota did it for her by saying that Lourdes should keep the baby car seat until she was dry at night. Cassie agreed.

When they arrived at school, Lourdes was teased when her mother unbuckled the seatbelts and helped her out of the car. Some girls were watching and laughing. They were teasing that Lourdes used a baby seat. One girl said look at her hair. Another girl joked that she seen a pacifier on the seat of the car. Then they all joked that they bet that Lourdes wore diapers and slept in a crib. Lourdes told her mother that she was sick and didn’t want to go to school. The response was that she had to be brave and be proud for who she was.

It was not easy though as within an hour, everyone knew that she was sitting in a baby seat. There were even some that said that she was sucking a pacifier. By Lunch time, people were asking if she was wearing a diaper, and lifted her skirt to see if she was. It did not help that Lourdes was wearing toddler panties. At least she was not wearing diapers.

Lourdes mind was going crazy that day. She had a lot to think about. She had to think why she was acting and behaving as a baby. She had to think about why she had no control at night time. At the end of the day, Lourdes finally figured out what was happening in her life. Lourdes will have a talk with her mother when she came home. She didn’t want Dakota there, as she would only tease.

Cassie had the same thoughts all day as well. It was time to speak with her daughter.

After all she did put her in diapers, and changed her panties and night clothes, as well as speaking to her like a baby and all the other things. Cassie knew that her daughter was regressing, and she was afraid that she was encouraging it. Cassie had split feelings on everything. She liked given Lourdes the special treatment. She liked the fact that Lourdes was becoming more like a baby every day. On the other hand, she did not want to ruin her daughters mind, and life. She did not want to abuse her daughter. She wanted her daughter to be happy and have a good life.

“Lourdes, I have to speak with you”

“That’s good; I was going to speak with you”

“First, I am sorry for the car seat, and the sleeper pyjamas, and the plastic bowls. I think I am just trying to treat you like a baby”

“That is OK. I know you love me.”

“”Honey, one thing is that you need diapers. But don’t you think you should stop using the pacifier, and the doll? Don’t you think that you should have you hair like your friends, and have normal panties? I mean you are 11.”

“You don’t understand mommy. I tried stopping using the pacifier and tried not using the doll. I can’t. It’s hard to explain, but I might have been living for 11 years, but I feel that I am not really 11. I have to the conclusion I am more like a toddler or baby.”

“So, you are admitting that you are a baby”

“Yes. But I won’t admit it to people other than you, and maybe Dakota.”

“That’s a big step for you to admit it. You know you might just be going through a stage of life, where you want to be a baby, or miss it. I will treat you as a baby that will support you until you are ready to be a big girl”

“Maybe it’s not a stage. Maybe I am a baby. Maybe Marias soul lives in me. I heard Dakota say that.”

“Who knows, let’s take things as they come. At the moment, I think it’s time that you get your diaper on.”

“I am not going to bed yet!”

“I know, but you should have a diaper on when you get home from school. Just in case you fall asleep while watching TV.”

Dakota overheard the part where Lourdes admitted that she was a baby. This has shocked her. In a way, she felt sorry for her sister. She was acting more and more like a baby. She was looking more and more like a baby every day. Now she was dressed in a baby’s sleeper that fitted her, and the diaper was clearly visible. Not only that, but you could hear it crinkle every time she moved. She thought that her mother should take Lourdes to see a shrink or a specialist. Dakota decided not to say anything, as this was her wish all the time. She was not being associated with her twin sister anymore at school. People were starting to see Dakota as an individual thing. Dakota realized that she wished that he sister became her baby sister, and wishes do come true.

That night, Lourdes thought of her talk with her mother. First, she realized that she called her mum “mommy”. Then she thought that she admitted that she was a baby. This was strange and even humiliating, but after she admitted it, her mind was at peace. No longer did she have to worry she was not normal. This was normal for her. It could be a stage she was going through, or be something supernatural. Whatever the case was, Lourdes was proud who she was, and she would be what she wanted and do things that she wanted and wear things she thought was pretty. At the same time, Lourdes did not like diapers. They were big and they made lots of noise. It would be hard hiding all this at school, as she thought about people that teased her that day. But the baby things made her feel like she had no problems or worries. It was only at school that she felt humiliated. But otherwise, she felt safe and secure. This was how Lourdes felt when she was in the car seat. Lourdes couldn’t sleep. She got up and moved her and Dakotas’ desk chairs against the bed, so it looked like the bed had bars. She didn’t care that Dakota opened her eyes to see this. Lourdes knew that pictures would be taken on her sisters cell phone. She didn’t care. She put the pacifier in her mouth and hugged her doll while she fell asleep.

The next day was the same at school. Everyone said she looked like a little girl. Many asked her why she always had her hairs in pigtails. Some asked her if she wore diapers and wet the bed. Lourdes lied of course, and hoped they could not see the truth in her eyes.

However, the weekend came quite quickly. Lourdes was now used to be putting in a diaper at night time, and wearing an old night dress or her sleeper. It was hard in the morning, when Lourdes had to pick some clothes on. Suddenly, she did not feel so comfortable with the clothes that she usually wore. Lourdes didn’t know what the problem was, and why all of a sudden, she didn’t like her clothes. Her mother knew though. She had a solution. Lourdes was no taller than a 7 year old. So Cassie found Lourdes old clothes that she wore when she was that age. They were frilly dresses, and t-shirts and pinafores with cartoons and fairies and flowers on them. There were also jeans and shorts with different bows and things like bears and flowers. They were pretty much the same type of clothes her daughters wore when they were 3, but they never complained at the time. Cassie lifted the boxes to Lourdes bedroom, and Lourdes went through the clothes with a big smile on her face, saying how pretty they were. Dakota rolled her eyes. Her baby sister was going crazy. No way in her life would she ever be seen wearing those clothes? However, it was like Christmas for Lourdes. From that moment on, she wore clothes that you would only see on a toddler.

Lourdes didn’t care that her sister teased about the clothes. She felt like they looked good on her and besides that, she was happy. The weekend went fast, and another school week started. Needless to say, Lourdes was teased for wearing infant clothes, but she was used to the mean people at school. Sure, she felt like crying at times, and at other times, she noticed that Dakota had lots of friends and no one teased her.

During the week, Cassie asked both of her daughters if they liked sharing the room. Dakota shouted no, while Lourdes said that she did not care. Cassie asked this because she noticed that Lourdes was putting the chairs against the bed, to make it look like the bed had bars. However, she decided not to push it. Lourdes did not care, and she would only agree to it if Lourdes really wanted to change bedrooms.

Cassie did notice that Lourdes hopped in the baby seat in the car with no protests. The only problem there was when she had to be taken out and people she knew were staring. Cassie also noticed that while Dakota sat on sofas and chairs, Lourdes preferred to lie on the baby rug. In fact, in the last few days, Lourdes was very restless when she sat on a normal chair when they were eating. Cassie tried to tell her to sit and behave, but Lourdes moved a lot around on the chair. The final draw came one night when Lourdes stood up while she was eating. Cassie didn’t know what to do, but then the solution hit her. She went down to the basement once more and bought up an old high chair. Lourdes would still fit it. Lourdes was a bit shocked when she seen it, and it seemed like she would protest, but Cassie explained that it was until she could sit still. Lourdes accepted her fate. This confused Cassie. At times, it seemed like Lourdes didn’t like some things, and would protest. She knew Lourdes hated diapers, but as with everything else, she accepted it. The question was whether Lourdes was regressing or simply submissive.

The school week was over. Cassie decided to try to take a break from the problems Lourdes was having. Maybe if they acted like any normal family, everyone could be happy. What a better way for 3 girls to have fun, then go to the mall and spend loads of money.

Of course Lourdes was dressed in jeans with care bears on them, and a pink top with the words princess on them. Lourdes was happy on the way to the mall. It was weekend. She had no school. No one could tease her. She could just be at home in a carefree situation and not worry how other people look at her and what they say to her. Of course Lourdes was sitting in a baby seat and wearing clothes that no other girl would be seen dead in. She would of course go in a panic if someone recognized her, but they were going to a mall on the other side of town. At least she was not being put in a stroller.

In the mall, the three of them must have been visiting every store. Dakota wanted clothes that were popular for girls her age, as well as the latest music that he friends listened to. Cassie expected this. What was strange was that Lourdes yawned and was bored when Dakota was staring at clothes, make-up and CD’s. Lourdes wondered over to the toddler area looking at clothes or the DVD area looking at films and cartoons. When the day was over, their bags were filled. Dakota had new clothes and even make up. Lourdes had clothes that were babyish, even the cashier was confused when Cassie paid for them. Lourdes also managed to ask her mum to buy a few colouring books and crayons.

Lourdes enjoyed the day. No one noticed her and she had new clothes and even colouring books. Things were much easier since she admitted that she was a baby, at last at home. It’s like she did not have to worry about how she should be or look. She could just look pretty and do what she wants. Lourdes was very happy that she had new clothes and could not wait to get home so she could use her colouring books. A problem happened though. Just as Lourdes left the last shop, she felt that the jeans that she was wearing were suddenly wet and getting wetter. The next thing Lourdes knew was that Dakota was laughing while pointing at her. Lourdes realized that she just peed in her trousers. She started crying as she could not even feel that she had to pee. She just felt her jeans get wet. She wanted to punch her sister. Her mother said not to worry and gave her a pacifier. Lourdes sucked her pacifier more and sulked as she agreed to her mum that she was a baby. But she only meant at home. She never meant outside, where people could see her.

When Lourdes came home, He mother asked her to come with her in the bathroom. Lourdes was happy that she would finally be getting dry clothes on. However her mother started undressing her. Lourdes didn’t know what to say or what to do. She just let her mother strip her clothes off. Lourdes was still embarrassed that her mother could see her naked. However, she knew that her mother seen her when she got her diapers on at nigh time and besides that Lourdes had nothing to show. She stood there with her hands on her shoulders as her mother filled the bathtub. Lourdes remembered the days when she preferred to have showers, but now she was happy with baths. It was also good that she took a bath and didn’t think that she smelled like pee. Lourdes didn’t expect her mother to kneel beside the bathtub and start washing her. At first Lourdes was going to protest. She has been taken her baths and showers herself for the last few years. Lourdes just sat in the bathtub and let her mother wash her. It was like Lourdes surrendered her body and let her mother wash her body. Lourdes smiled as her mother washed her hair and body. She felt so loved and secure and loved the fact that her mother was talking care if her. Dakota walked by the bathroom and nearly fainted when she seen her mother giving her sister a bath. Lourdes was smiling and chit chatting while her mother was washing her all over. Dakota shrugged her shoulders and thought it must be embarrassing to have your mother give you a bath. She saw Lourdes get lifted out of the bath. Her body was the same as a small child’s. Even Dakota could see that her own nipples were becoming big. Lourdes was lifted to her bed, and Dakota watched as Lourdes legs were lifted and getting a diaper on. No complaint from Lourdes, as she thought getting a diaper on was the normal thing for an 11 year old. Dakota went to her bed and put her head below a pillow. It was her fault. She has made her sister to a baby. She never thought it would work this well. Sure it’s nice that people did not confuse her with her sister or be considered a twin. However her sister was now acting more and more like a baby. The whole situation was getting embarrassing. It was first now that Dakota thought about the consequences of her sister’s weird baby world. If people found out, they would think that Lourdes was weird, and this means they would think that Dakota would be weird as they are in the same family. Dakota had to put this to a stop before her reputation was ruined.

When Lourdes was in bed asleep, Dakota said to her mother….

“Mom. I know we said we will support Lourdes. But I honestly think it has gone too far. Wetting her bed is one thing, but wetting outside is not cute. Plus the fact that she did not take her own bath and was helped by you. Mummy we have to make her normal again. “

“Hunny. I have explained that Lourdes is going through a stage. We just have to be patient.”

“Mum… she is 11! She is acting like a two year old. She even looks like a two year old. People are teasing her at school and it will just get worse.”

“I have talked with Lourdes, and she does consider herself a baby. She is not acting like a baby. She is a baby. We just have to be patient while she works this out. We have to support her.”

“Mom!!! We are encouraging her. Even I thought it was funny up to now. But now it’s gone too far. If people find out, my reputation will be destroyed.”

“So that is what you are worried about. Yourself and not your sister. You are being selfish”

“So are you mom. You just like the fact that you have a baby to take care of”

“That is enough. I have spoken with some people that know about children and I have read the net. They all say that we have to give her time and we have to show her that we love her and accept her at the stage where she is. This is important. If she has regressed to being a baby. We have to support her and treat her like one. Now I will be busy in the next few days, and I expect you to take care of your little sister – “

“She is not my little sister. She is my twin. She is 11. Not a toddler. Has everyone gone crazy?”

“I have explained that she has regressed. I have explained that we are to love and support her. I want you to take care of her while I do some redecorating.”

Dakota nodded and walked away. She ran to her room and hid under the sheets with tears coming out of her eyes. She was sad and mad. It was her fault that her sister was now a baby. It was an evil plan that succeeded. At the same time, Dakota knew if the shoes was on the other foot, she would never stoop so low as start wetting herself and being more and more of a toddler every day. No it could not be Dakotas fault. She may have started the process. She may have manipulated. But she never forced. There is no way she can change the way Lourdes thought or perceived herself. It was not her fault that her mother wanted to treat Lourdes like a baby. It was just a fun experiment that she started that has now gone out of control. Dakota was happy that no one longer confused her with her sister. She felt as people consider her as an individual and not a twin. She was popular at school and had lots of friends. She knew that Lourdes was getting teased every day. It hurt Dakota to see her sister being humiliated. However it was Lourdes fault. Most girls will try to be better when others said they looked weird or acted weird. Dakota could see that Lourdes was getting worse and worse every day. She was weird and her mother was weird. Dakota knew that people will continue to tease and this could hurt her reputation that she worked so hard to build up. It was obvious that Dakota had to distance herself from her sister. She had the show the world that she was a normal one in the family. She had to show she did not approve. Dakota smiled as she thought this would be a good plan. At the same time, she still felt a bit bad as the whole thing was started by her wetting her sister’s trousers. Dakota had many pictures of Lourdes acting more and more like a baby. The sad thing is that she knew deep down it was her fault.

The next few days, mum worked in their dead sister’s old nursery. Dakota guessed what was happening. Lourdes didn’t have a clue and kept on asking her sister where her mother was and what she was doing. Dakota was strict with her sister and called her stupid, saying that was she such a baby, she couldn’t use her brains to figure what her mother was doing. Lourdes did think that Dakota was meaner than she used to be. She would cry when Dakota would tease that she could see Lourdes diaper at night time and it made her bum look big. Lourdes would cry when her sister teased that she was wet. In fact Lourdes could see that Dakota was now just a mean sister. When Dakota changed her, she would say it’s not normal for an 11 year old to wear diapers. She was saying things like who does she know that wets the bed and wears diapers? Who does she know that still hugged teddies? Dakota would tell Lourdes that she should grow up and wear clothes like she should and do things like an 11 year old. It didn’t seem to help as Lourdes just went out and seen some toddler show on TV. This would make Dakota even madder, and she would ask Lourdes if she wanted a baby bottle? That was a mistake as she could see Lourdes look up looking puzzled. This made Dakota throw a pillow at her. This was the way it was in the 2 days that their Mother worked in the bedroom. Dakota tried bullying her sister into acting bigger. But with no luck. Lourdes still used her pacifier, hugged her dolls and bears, used the highchair and baby chair and wet her diapers at night. At least there was no wetting during the day.

Casey was a busy mother in those 2 days. She removed what were her dead daughters. He clothes and pictures. It made Cassie cry several times, but she realized that she still had two daughters. One was acting the way that her daughter did. She was acting as a toddler. This made Cassie think as she decorated the room. Was it wrong of her to support her daughter as toddler? She was after all 11 years old and considered herself a baby. This was nothing she expected to experience as a mother. However she wanted to support her daughter. Besides that she liked treating her daughter like a toddler. Besides that it was not that bad. It was only at night. Ok, the pacifier, highchairs and clothes were a bit too much. Still Lourdes was happy. Casey was happy and things would be better.

It was time to show the room



End Chapter 3


by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Jan 11, 2014


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