Barbies Diary

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Chapter 2
Barbies Diary - Part 2

Chapter Description: Is their any limit to the treatment this boy will get from his new StepMum? Will anyone notice this child abuse?

September 27

Hi Diary

Sorry about last night. I went on and on didn’t I? I am so sorry. Just who else can I tell about these problems to? A lot has happened today. I don’t know where to start.

When I got up I was wet. Stepsie (StepMum) came in and started changing me. I actually stood up to her and said that I can change myself. She is so strong and she hardly even listened to me. I kept on shouting that I could change myself and I didn’t want to wear girls’ underwear or tights. To be honest I was in doubt about the pull up. What’s best, having a big butt or wet trousers? I suppose a pull up is.

Stepsie didn’t listen to me. She just struggled with me as she started putting the undershirt with the stupid ribbon on. However this undershirt had a drawing of a princess on it. I started to panic and thought what will happen if my mates could see the drawing through my shirt. I was not going to take any chance.

When she went to get the tights, I took off the princess undershirt. I was screaming that I was not a girl and that I didn’t want to wear girly clothes and that I can put my own clothes on. As usual, I was crying like anything. That’s so embarrassing.

Step then got mad at put me over her knee and started spanking me. “Listen. When I first moved in here, I didn’t want a son. I hate boys. However I loved you because I could see that you were a boy trapped in a girl’s body. For God’s sake you have long hair and you are so fragile, you have a girls head. Even your thingie is so small that you look like a girl. I also seen the way you looked at Philip (my best friend) and even your step brother Alex. You look at them with girls eyes. So get this in your head. You are a girl. You are a sissy! A Sissy that pees in her own trousers. You are a pissy sissy and I am only helping you. I hope you now understand baby barbie!”

My head hurt when she said this. Maybe it was because I was crying so hard. My head was spinning. She called me a sissy. She thinks I am a sissy. She said that I was a girl in a boy’s body. She thinks I was a girl even before she met me and she was just helping me.

I couldn’t believe it. She called me sissy. And She called me baby Barbie when my head was starting to go around and around in turmoil. I hate when she talks about my diapers. It’s so embarrassing and it’s not my fault.

Then it hit me. What did she mean the way I looked at Philip. How did I look at him like a girl would? Did I look at him like I fancied him? Do I fancy him? I think he is hot and I like when we wrestle. But do I love him. Did Stepsie think I was a gaybo? Am I?

I snapped out of my thoughts. Stepsie dressed me in my clothes. I was once again a boy, but if you took off the clothes, I had girl’s tights and undershirt on with a pull up.

Step said Go to school Baby Barbie. I said nothing. I was mad and confused.

September 30

Dear diary

it’s been a few days. But there was nothing to write until today. I tried a few times to stand up to Stepsie, but every time I spoke to her that I am a boy, she spanks me and calls me names like diaper Barbie, sissy, girl, baby and once she said I was gay. I am afraid of her and I couldn’t decide if she is a witch or not. I wanted dad to come home from his business trip. I needed him.

Nothing happened in school. At least that’s good that no one knows that I am a sissy and I can’t go to the toilet like anyone else.

However today I came home from school early, as I skipped PE (gym)

I entered the house quietly and heard Stepsie on the phone. Here is what I heard. I will write it as I could remember it, and then you can decide Diary if I should be worried…

“… everything is going fine…. Yes he has a boy who is eleven years old… He is strange… long hair and he is small and not very developed. He’s a weakling and he cries over the smallest things… he started wetting the bed after I moved in… I think he misses his mum…. She was a bitch in school, she teased me because she thought I was a tomboy… No, I told my husband that we were at the same school and didn’t know each other…. If she could see what I was doing to her son now she would be sorry for the way she treated me at school…. Revenge is sweet, fun too… well where do I start. I am turning him into a sissy…. He wears night dresses and tights and undershirts… I have just bought him clothes, but he never noticed they were indeed girl’s clothes…. Soon he won’t be a sissy; he will be a girl….. I can’t wait to his first dress…. That sounds like a good ideal…. The diapers weren’t part of the plan but he wears them all the time at home, otherwise he wears cute girl panties…. And uses pacifiers… yes maybe he should get a bottle more….. A crib, that’s going to far….. Maybe….. His dad? He is always at work. He seen him in his nightdresses and didn’t say a word. The only thing he said is to take him to the doctor for his bladder…. Yes the bitch can watch all this from her grave….. Yes I never thought about that Ashley was also a girl’s name….. Well I got to go.”

After I heard this conversation on the phone, I went to my room and after Stepsie put me in a baby diaper and nightdress I looked at my clothes. She was right they were all new clothes. Tights as usual. However there were socks with ruffles on them. There were trousers with no zips in the most geeky girl colours. They were red and light blue and some were even pink. Even the jeans had flowers sewn in them. My old clothes were gone.

What was the phone call all about? Was it my mum she was talking about? Did she used to know her? Did my mum tease her and this was now revenge that I was going to be made into a girl. Things couldn’t get worse, nor could they???

October 1

Dear diary

I still can’t help thinking about the telephone call with Stepsie and whoever it was. It sounded like she was trying to turn me into a girl. At the same time she told me already that I was a girl inside. Maybe I was meant to be born as a girl but somehow came out as a boy. I mean when I have these new clothes or nightdress on you would really think that I was a girl. I am so confused. Am I really a girl or am I a boy?

Today when I came home from school, Stepsie told me not to put my nightdress on. I was still to wear the big diaper with some plastic panties, but I was to put on some other clothes. I put on the jeans with the flowers and a white ´top with strawberries and some lace. My butt looked extremely big with the diaper and anyone would have to be a blind bat to see that it wasn’t a diaper under it.

Then Isabella came in the door, with her best friend Maria. She was going to sleep over. My heart started to beat faster than anything it did before. How was I supposed to survive this?

Maria looked at me and started smiling. I smiled a bit back and said I will go up to our room. I really wanted to hide. Here I was wearing girls clothes, although Stepsie called them unisex or something like that. I just wanted to hide in bed until Maria went home the next day.

However it didn’t last that long. Isabella and Maria came up to the room. Maria looked at me and said. "Why are you wearing girl’s clothes"?

"I’m not"

"You are"

Then the worse thing happened that I could imagine. Isabella started telling Maria that I had a small thingie and that is why she thought I was really a girl. Not only this, but she told her that I peed in my pants so I had to wear diapers.

"Even though Ashley is older than me, he is a baby because he wets himself. He also uses pacifiers and sometimes bottles."

Maria laughed so high that she fell on Isabella’s bed. I wished that the ground would swallow me up.

Isabella continued, "He’s really like my little sister"

Maria couldn’t believe her ears. She laughed and laughed then stopped with a confused face. She just sat on the bed and looked at me with a funny face. It was obvious that she didn’t believe a word of what Isabella told her. Then again she could see that I was wearing strange clothes and this confused her. I think she also looked at my bum and could see it was a bit big.

"You’re a sissy?" she said

" NOOOoo." I said

"You’re a diaper boy?"

" Stop"

"Sissy pissy" she said and started laughing. I started walking towards the door but Isabella was in the way. The next ten minutes must have been the two girls teasing me. I just sat down pretending to do homework, but of course I couldn’t.

Then Maria told me she wanted to see my diaper. I of course said no way, but she kept on asking. Then Isabella told her that she was allowed to see if I was wet,

Maria asked how and Isabella explained while showing, "I don’t ask Barbie, because he lies. So I just look. It’s fun when I have cold hands because Barbie goes red in the face. Oh he’s wet. I better tell Mum"

Maria laughed that I was wet. She said it proved that I was a little baby girl. Anyhow the next humiliating part came when stepsie came in with Isabella and said that I had to lay down on the bed while she changes me. I expected her to tell the girls to get out, and when she didn’t, I reminded her.

"We are all girls here" she said.

For the thousandth time today, I wished that the ground would just swallow me up. As Stepsie started to take off my clothes, I could see Maria’s eyes becoming bigger and bigger. As I lay there as the day I was born. Tears started to come to my eyes and after Isabella stuck a pacifier in my mouth, I just closed my eyes. I know it was stupid of me. If I couldn’t see them then they couldn’t see me. Although I could hear them laughing, I just thought of everything else besides what was happening. At the end Stepsie put me in a nightie, add I think it didn’t even shock Maria. I suppose after all she seen until now she couldn’t get any more shocked. I felt like a right sissy in the nightdress.

But dear Diary.... it wasn’t over yet. Isabella went out into the kitchen, letting me and Maria stare at each other. Isabella came back with a bottle. She expected me to play the baby and drink the bottle. I of course said no. Then Isabella waved her brush and boasted that she spanked me a few times. I wasn’t going to be spanked by two girls so I just decided to be part of their baby game. I laid my head on Maria’s lap and she started giving me the bottle.

The I could feel my heart beating faster. I could hardly breath. I asked Maria to promise to tell no one about this. I know it was a big promise because if it was me I would probably tell the whole world. She said she would think over it,

I didn’t know whether to believe her or not and I didn’t want to be anyone’s slave. But I begged her not to tell a living soul. Deep down I knew that this meant everyone will start thinking that I am a girl and not a boy

October 4

Dear Diary

it was a lot that I wrote last time, wasn’t it?

Anyhow today was another strange day. It started as usual as Stepsie dressed me and all that. As usual I was a girl underneath and a boy on top.

I got used to this. I was very careful to make sure that my school bag was closed so no one could see the extra pull ups that were hidden at the bottom. I also make sure that my shirt was tucked in and tied up to the top so no one could see who was hidden below it. By now I thought that my secret was safe. Even after Maria’s visit, no one teased me about being a girl the day afterwards, so I didn’t think that she told her. I suppose who would believe her

however today my best mate Philip found out. I’ll tell you how it happened.

It was during break. I took my bag and went to the toilets to change the pull up. He asked me why I don’t leave the school bag in the classroom. I went sort of white. I felt a bit like I was going to faint. I pretended that I didn’t hear him. I pretended also not to hear him when he asked what was staking so long.

After we ate, I forgot the whole thing. We were in the playground in the shelter area. We were sitting on the ground eating our Lunches. After lunch we were joking about how much we hated Math’s. I suppose I should say that we only had our coats on, and the ground was a bit cold for Philip. Not so much for me. Pull ups is good for something like that.

Anyhow we started wrestling. I love wrestling. I don’t know why. Then after a few minutes when I was on top of Philip, he went totally silent and still. I could feel his hand rubbing my butt. I knew the secret was out. I mean he would have to be a total idiot to know that the butt was well covered. His arm started felling my butt and to tell the truth a part of me didn’t want him to stop.

"Are you wearing a diaper" he asked. What was I going to say? I didn’t want my best friend to start hating me.

"I can explain. I have problems. I can’t get to the toilet on time and I started wetting my bed."

"Oh" he said as he continued as he rubbed my butt. "I thought you looked strange down there and you haven’t been to PE in a few weeks, but I never guessed that-.... I never guessed this."

Once again I started to cry. My secret was out. I started telling Philip about it all. The nappies, the nightie, the tights and underwear. He asked what My Dad said to all this and I said that he was never home. But he probably didn’t love me anymore anyhow. The tears flowed out. I felt like a baby, but I was so afraid that Philip would hate me from now on.

Then we sat up and he gave me a hug saying that we were still friends and always will be. He didn’t know what else to say so he just kept hugging me for ages. I stopped crying and just let him hug me. I thought it was nice. I had sort of butterflies in my stomach.

The one of the older boys shouted that we were Gay. So we stopped. He just started pointing at us and called us gay and he seen us kissing, which wasn’t true. After he went away I told Philip that everyone will think that we were Gay

" So we know the truth. Anyhow if we were in love, we wouldn’t be Gay, because you look like a girl and you dress like a girl."

I didn’t know if that was an insult or compliment

Then I thought of what Stepsie told me, that I had feelings for Philip.

No, I’m not in love with him

am I?

October 9


I mean dear Diary

I suppose I can say hi.

Today Dad came home. He knew I wet the bed but he got in a fight with stepsie. I suppose I better start at the beginning.

When I came home from school dad was there. I was so happy that he was home. I really missed him. And this time he would be home for a week and even more. You can understand why I was so happy.

Stepsie then gave me a present. I thought at first that she was just being nice because Dad was here.

When I opened the package it was a leotard. It was black. Step mum told me to try it on. I did. Dad was outraged.

"He looks like a girl."

Stepsie said that she bought me the leotard because I was going to start dancing. While I felt like fainting. Dad laughed as if he did not believe what he just heard. Maybe he thought it was a joke.

I shouted at the top of my voice that I was not going to start ballet. Step said "You wear diapers and like girl’s clothes. Do you think you are able to decide? I don’t think so"

Dad looked at me asking me was this the truth. He must be blind if he didn’t know. But maybe he didn’t think I liked it. I bet he must have thought I was a lost cause because I liked it.

I ran out into up to my room. I supposed it was good that my dad didn’t know that in the middle of the argument that I wet myself. As I sat up in my room I heard that Dad and stepsie argued for some time. At the beginning I was happy that he was doing it. Maybe now I will be treated normal. But then I was afraid. Could I get my bladder under control? At the end it didn’t make any difference, as I could hear that Stepsie was putting her foot down, telling him that she knew what was best for me. Dad just became quiet at the end. He came up to my room and looked at me and rolled his eyes towards heaven. "You’re a lost Cause." he mumbled.

October 12

Dear Diary

After I spoke to you the last time, nothing has gone well.

The day after Dad left on a business trip again. Stepsie was mad at him and that meant she was mad at me. She told me that I won’t be seeing him much more because I was a "puff" and "sissy". I disappointed my dad because he wanted an all football star and he will get a ballet dancer that pees in his diapers.

I am now under Stepsies control. She decides what I wear and when I wear it and what I do. I am confused. I don’t know if I like it or not.

OK. I will be honest. I like it. I like the girl’s clothes and even the diapers. I just don’t want anyone to know that I like it. I don’t want anyone to know anything about it.

That changed today. We had PE and were supposed to change in our gym clothes. We had PE in the afternoon, so you can imagine what panic I was going through all morning. How was I to change my clothes? They would see my diapers and tights. All morning I thought that this would be the end of my life. When people found out that I wet myself and wore girl things, then I would be teased and hated and laughed at by everyone.

When PE came. I walked slowly into the changing room. I didn’t know what to do. I could tell that everyone was looking at me, although I knew deep down they were not. Then I got an ideal. I would get changed in the toilet.

I rushed into the toilet and took off my clothes and left the pull up on. I quickly put shorts over it and a tracksuit. OK, I had a big butt, but this if anyone didn’t-t notice that, then they must be blind. Anyhow, a big butt is better than a wet butt.

I came into Gym class. Disaster hit me straight away. The Coach told me just to have shorts on. So reluctantly I took of the bottoms. Now the big Butt was there for everyone to see.

Everything went fine until we sat in a ring at the end to discuss how everything went. Then I could feel people were staring at me. Without thinking I say with my legs apart so they can see up them. I could see that some were in shock and others just started laughing. Something funny happened, I liked them looking up the shorts even though it was embarrassing.

Oh My, I was becoming an exhibitionist.

After PE, it’s like they all wanted to look at them. I didn’t notice them teasing. I just noticed a few that were trying to feel them. Especially Philip, that somehow managed to put his hand down them on my butt. I never felt so many butterflies in my stomach as I did now.

I didn’t even mind the teasing, as I thought I would.

I am Changing

October 13

Dear Diary

Today stepsie kept me home from School. She said that we were going out to buy clothes. I knew what this meant. What I did not expect was that when she came in my room and started changing me, but this this time they were not pull ups, but taped baby diapers. Great now my but will look bigger. But what I saw next shocked me. She bought out this denim spaghetti dress; you know them with the straps over the shoulder. It had a heart on the front. Then she put tights on me and Mary Jane’s. You know what the strange thing was, it was that I just sat there and let her dress me like a girl. I should have kicked and screamed, but in my head I was starting to think that this was normal now. I was no longer a cool normal boy. I wasn’t even a sissy anymore. I wanted to be a girl and that was why I was letting her do this to me. Maybe stepsie, who I once thought was an evil witch, seen this in my eyes because she smiled and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

Then it stroke me. She was taking me out as a girl. I started thinking of everyone that would see me. Would people recognize me? It is good that my friends are at school. But what would happen if people really knew what I had between my legs. It is almost like Stepsie could read my mind, because she said that I would just have to be as girlish as possible. That wasn’t hard. I have been girlish since she came into our house.

Luckily we went to a mall far away. It was hard getting out of the car. But once we walked around in the mall, I forgot everything. It was so fun looking at everything.

After a while I got tired of walking. We sat on a bench. Everyone smiled at us when they walked by us and then some boys started pointing. Then Stepsie told me to close my legs because they could see my diaper. Believe me when I say my face went totally red. No wonder they were laughing. I suppose a few weeks ago if I was there, I would be laughing as well.

Then was Lunch time. As we sat and ate Stepsie asked me, “Are you a girl or boy”

“I feel like a girl” I responded slowly. I was afraid others would hear what we were talking about.

“ You are a girl. Well from today you will be a girl. I will tell you about that later.”

“ What will Dad say? He hates me because he thinks I am a sissy.”

“ Don’t worry about your dad, Soon he won’t be a problem.” She said. I didn’t quite understand that.

“ Now we are going over to my friend. He makes clothes and promised me he will make clothes for you”

“Why can’t we just go to a clothes store?” I hoped she wouldn’t get mad at me

“Because we need you in little girl clothes. And they are hard to buy.”

“ Does he know… you know?”

“ No, he does not know you need diapers or that you are a sissy puff at the moment. It will be interesting what he does if he does know” I was very confused to what this meant, but I knew now not to complain about what she had plans for.

When we came into the designers shop, I heard stepsie tell him what I should have. Dresses and clothes that a 4 year old would wear. This shocked me as I am 11, not 4! Taylor was a puff. You could see it on him. You know his hands wave all over the place and he speaks with a weird voice. To him I was just another girl with a step mum that should be locked in a padded cell.

He told stepsie that he would have to measure me up and led me into a small room. I was shaking. What would he do when he seen the diaper and what would he do when he seen I was a boy. He started caressing my chest before he took off my dress.

“Oh I see you are flat. That’s good for the type of clothes you need.”

I just went red.

“And what have we here. The poor girl wears diapers. Do you wee yourself?”

“ I suppose”

“That is OK. So these clothes are like a punishment so"

Once again I went red. Then I saw him staring at me. He could see I was a boy, or a sissy. He measured me saying nothing but had a weird smile on.

That was a long day. My first day wearing a dress and even into town. And the day where I accepted that I was more girl than I thought I was.

When we came home Dad was very sick. He was vomiting.

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End Chapter 2

Barbies Diary

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 3, 2012


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