Barbies Diary

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Chapter 3
Barbies Diary - Part 3

Chapter Description: The journey continues as barbie accepts the abuse that is changing him forever

October 14

Dear Diary

Dad was sick again today. Everything was back to normal. I wore girl clothes and a nappy under my boy’s clothes.

Dad was very sick. He looked like he was nearly dead.

At breakfast time Isabella looked at me she smiled and without me protesting put a bib on me.

At School, I was afraid. They all knew I wore diapers. They would probably tease me and tease me. This was true. It was like as if all eyes were staring my way. Some were even calling me baby and piss pants and some names I never even heard about. I was nearly in tears. But I decided then they would not win. I tried keeping my head high and letting them believe what they wanted to believe. This was not that easy

A few rubbed by butt as I walked past them in the hallway. Then they laughed and said that it was thicker than they thought.

Philip walked with me when he seen me. He tried consoling me saying that after a while they would not tease me. They would get tired of it. I just smiled, but even I knew better.

After School. On the way home, we sat in the Park. He had his arm over my shoulders. He was still trying to console me. Then something strange happened, Philip kissed me on the lips. Not a French kiss but I was kissed by a boy! I pulled away and then asked him what he was doing. He just said that he wanted to. I told him that is so Gay but let him do it.

Diary, I smiled.

October 17

Dear Diary.

Things have been going well. The other day Philip asked me if I will be his girlfriend. I was shocked when he said girlfriend. I thought he would say boyfriend. I softly said yes. He said we should keep it a secret.

Now he comes home to me every day and can’t wait to I change my clothes into one of my new dresses. Then we kiss and kiss. I am in love. I do feel like a girl with him.

I suppose stepsie was right. I am gay. It’s hard to accept. But I can live with it as long as no one knows. I have a strange life. It’s also OK once others don’t know

I lied; I said things are going well. That’s not true. Dad has been sick for weeks now. He just lies in the bed and can’t eat. He doesn’t even remember me anymore. Stepsie says he would get better and doesn’t need a doctor. I am worried that he doesn’t remember me. Maybe he doesn’t want to remember a son that wears dresses and diapers.

October 19

Dear Diary

Isabella had her friend around today. Stepsie said they could babysit me. That was embarrassing as I am older than her.

They started by playing baby. I had to lay on Maria’s lap while she gave me a baby bottle. Of course I was wet, so I had two giggling girls changing me.

I thought could things get worse. They did.

Isabella told me to put on her panties and put my ballet leotard and panties on. I really don’t know why I had them, because I never did start in Ballet. Maybe it was just so that Dad would get a heart attack when he seen it. Anyhow, I pranced back and forth while they laughed and called me princess and sissy.

Could things get worse?

You guessed.. Yes.

After I had to get another bottle. Then the two chatter heads started talking.

“Do you know Philip?”

“Yes, he’s cute.” Maria answered. I went red as an apple (a red one). I think I knew what was coming.

“Well, Ashley here is his girlfriend”

“What?” Maria asked

“Please, don’t say more. I beg you. I will do anything for you” I begged my half sister

“You will do it no matter what.” Isabella said as she continued to gossip. “Yes, I saw them kiss each other. They say they love each other and all that”

“That’s totally gross” Maria said.

October 22

Dear Diary

I am so sorry for not writing in a few days. I do not know where to start. I am so sad. It’s hard to write. But Dad is dead. We buried him today. The doctor said it was some virus.

Now I just had stepsie. A mean brother and bossy Isabella.

Little did I know that my life would change?

I couldn’t help but cry when his coffin was lowered in a hole. I don’t know why I cried. I think he hated me. Maybe I was crying because my future would totally change. I was now an orphan being raised by the weirdest people this world ever has seen.

I miss Dad. I miss the fact that he could have protected me.

October 26

Dear Diary.

Lot has happened since I spoke with you. I have avoided home as much as possible. I have been chilling with Philip. Most likely at the park. We would go into the toilets and kiss.

I think that I am spending so much time with Philip because Stepsie told us that we are moving in a week. To a place that no one knew us. Then she told me that my dream would come true. But she did not say what it was. This made me think

I miss Dad, but stepsie is totally nice now.

November 1

Dear Diary

Today we moved to our new flat on the other side of town. It was a day full of surprises.

First when I came in the flat, I was surprised that everything was furnished and ready. That’s good because I hate unpacking. I looked for my room, and I didn’t have one. I asked Stepsie where my room was, and she said that we would have a talk later. I walked around and seen a crib in Stepsies room. I didn’t have to be a genius to know who this crib was for.

Then Stepsie told me to take my tracksuit off after she changed my diaper. Then I was put in denim overalls. You know the ones with straps over the shoulder. It was OK. Made me look like I was 5, and had a cute fairy on the front. She threw out my trackie.

We spent most of the day getting used to the new flat. Then Stepsie called me into her private office. I couldn’t help think that this should have been MY room

She turned on the computer and then her web cam. She must have invited 50 people. Then she sat on the sofa and I layed on her lap after she told me to and she started giving me a bottle of milk.

I could see myself on web cam.

“Don’t worry about that. They are your fan club.” She said smiling. I was confused. But I couldn’t ask or say anything as a bottle was stuck in my mouth.

She continued, “You see Ashley. You are famous. When I became your mummy, I opened a pay site on the computer. It is a site where people pay to come and see pictures of you and I write a bit of what you are up to. There are many members. In fact you are very famous.”

My head was going in circles. I could not believe what I heard. She continued, “The first pictures of you were as boy. We all knew you were a girl born with a boy’s thing. But everyone agrees that your weiner is so small. So as you became a sissy, pictures were added, and then you were no longer a sissy, you were a girl. So more pictures were added.”

I could fear a tear running down my cheek. This was too much for me to handle. But Stepsie was not finished, “I made a lot of money off of you, I didn’t put any aside for you, but you have a new family, so feel proud that you are paying your way. Things will change now that we move. I have thrown all your boy clothes out. It’s a good job you are called Ashley because that’s also a girl’s name. You will be enlisted in a girl’s school. But don’t worry, the head mistress told me that there are a few that are girls stuck in boys bodies. I doubt you can recognise them. You will probably be teased because you’re a baby that needs diapers. This school is great. You will be able to do ballet there like you always wanted to.”

Like I always wanted to, what is she talking about? While she was talking. I realised that people kept coming to see this on web cam. Stepsie showed one. He was a woman and laughing as Stepsie kept talking to me. I spit the bottle out and asked where my room was? This was a mistake. I forgot that half the people in the world will hear her answer. “Well Ashley, see you are a baby. A Baby girl. You know that Baby girls sleep with their Mummy. This is why your crib is in my room. I know it’s a new crib but you paid for it.”

I felt like I was going to get sick. But she was not done yet. “Next week, we will be taking you to the doctor. He is a friend of mine so we don’t have to pay him. The vitamin pills you have been getting were to help you stay a girl. But you need some shots to make sure you don’t grow. He thinks you will even get smaller. That’s good then you can have a stroller. You would like a pink one, would you? The doctor will make sure that you stay a little girl. We will have to buy you new clothes if you get smaller. I can see all this is making you happy. Blow a kiss to all your fans and we will put you in bed.”

I didn’t know if I should smile or cry. I was so confused.

November 4

Dear Diary

Today I started at Mrs Winsons academy for girls. It was a private school. I had to wear this uniform. It was a spaghetti dress that was navy blue and went down to my knees. Then white tights and a blouse. I was called in Mrs Winsons office;

“So what’s your name? “ She asked.


“While you are here, you are to call me madam. Is that understood?”

“Yes madam.” I missed my old school. I Missed Philip"

“I have your records here. I see that you are one of our special students. Listen to me when I will tell you what will happen. You are a girl in a boy’s body. I hear that this is being fixed. You are to remember that you will always dress like a girl. But your mummy has told you this. You also have a problem. I hear that you wear diapers. This doesn’t matter. Because unlike most students here, you will not be going up in classes. You will get some medicine that will make you smaller. This means that after some months, you will be in kindergarten class. You will be no larger than a 5 year old.”

Once again my head was spinning. This was so hard to understand. I didn’t know what to think. I was going to be a 5 year old for the rest of my life. I never heard about this. This must be some sort of witchcraft.

Mrs Winson continued. “This school is also special. We teach our students that girls should be humble and be at the service for men. Do you understand all this?”

“Not really madam.” I hated when she said stepsie was my mummy, she is my step mum. I only have one mother.

“Don’t worry dear, you will understand it and accept your fate. I think that you will like it”

I was sent to my class. The rest of the school day was like any other school day, except that I was a girl. I met many new friends. They were so nice. After the day went, I forgot everything that Mrs Winson said. I was now in a girl’s school. It was going to be fun. I am a girl now.

November 7

Dear Diary

Today was a strange day. Stepsie woke me up and put me in this white frilly dress that only should be worn in Church. At least it was big, and then no one would notice the diaper under. My hair had ribbons in them. When I looked in the mirror, I could see that I was a girl.

Being a girl isn’t that bad. You get to wear pretty clothes; you don’t have to fight with others. You could fancy boys. I was finally happy. Of course I missed my dad. But he would never accept me for who I am. He wanted me to be a boy. Now I am a girl. I am happy. Stepsie wasn’t that bad anymore. She didn’t spank me or get mad at me. Now she’s actually nice. I don’t know if I love her. I don’t know if I would have wanted to be a girl before she came. But now she is all that I have. I don’t mind my new school. It was confusing when I talked with Mrs Winson. She said I will end in Kindergarten and I will learn less. I thought that you were supposed to learn more when you went to school. But I had many new friends. They were kind and they helped me a lot.

Today we were going to the doctor. We drove for a long time to the countryside. When we came to his house, it was a little cottage. The one you would expect an old man to live in. It was hidden in the woods. How could anyone live out here? How did they find it? Whatever the case, we were there now.

Stepsie and I walked in. He was an old man with no hair at all. He reminded me of a mad scientist. Stepsie went in with him while I sat on the sofa. It seemed like ages. Then I thought that this is not like any doctor’s office I knew. This was a man’s house. Why wasn’t there a nice lady that helped him?

Then Stepsie came out and told me to go in. It was her turn to sit on the sofa, before I went in she told me that she could not pay, but I was to do what he wanted.

“Hi my beautiful girl. How are you? Wow, you look much better than the pictures you have on your web site. I am your number one fan.” He said while he started taking my clothes off. I just stood there and let him do it.

“I see despite your age, that you like men. Well I will help you enjoy it more.”

He then gave me two tablets. They were the biggest ones I ever seen. I swallowed them and then he praised me saying, “I call these the Barbie pills. I got the name from your site. They are hormones. They will kill off all your boy hormones and help develop your body as a girl….. I thought you would be smiling at that.”

Then he took out a huge needle that was on a bag full with pink liquid. “This is what I call angel dust. It’s not dust; it’s a drug that I developed. You know that I am the only one that has this. Now let me tell you what it does. It makes you shrink. In about a half year, you will be as tall as a five year old girl. This is what your step mum wants. After six months, your body will not develop any more. It stays as a five year old girl for ever. I suppose that’s good, as I see that you wet your pants. Still you will be cool, and I think you will get more people joining your website. This is good isn’t it? You will be rich. Now I have attached another bag. This is what I call my magic drug. You will need no operation to have a girl’s body. Your penis will shrink and shrink and it will disappear and then you will get girls privates. You know what the good thing is. It will not hurt you. You might itch somewhat, but I will give you cream to stop that.”

Once again my head was spinning. I do not know if it was because all these drugs that were in me or because he was talking strange. I didn’t even think about that I will look like I am five for the rest of my life. Step is so evil, yet a part of me wanted it.

On the way home. Stepsie had her usual smile on her face. She no longer had to tell me I am a girl. . I knew it. I felt it. I even liked it because it made me feel more like a girl.

March 1

Dear Diary.

It has been several months since I wrote to you. It’s because I had to get used to my new life as Ashley the girl. Let me tell you what has happened.

At the moment I am the size if an eight year old. My body is shrinking every day. It was scary at first, I mean mist people grow. I grow smaller. My hair is now long and blond. At least I’m not fat. My Boys thing has shrunk away. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I am living with it.

This means I always have to get new clothes. They are dresses and everything you expect a girl to wear. They are not tom boy clothes. They are girl princess clothes. I like them. Especially the party dresses. The ones that is very frilly and wide. I love wearing tights. The diapers are OK. But I need them

Stepsie and Isabella are way nice to me now. They treat me like I am a little girl and can’t do a thing. But at least they are nice.

Philip babysits me. He is way taller than me now.

At school I am moved down a class every month or so. The other girls don’t even care or notice. In fact they like it because then they can be like a big sister to me. I like sitting on their laps and they play with my hair. I really like this. Did I tell you that I really like when they when they play with my hair and put it in different styles. They stopped putting make up on me as they think I am too young.

I also started ballet. I really like it. It’s fun to be with the other girls and we have loads of fun. The clothes are lovely.

That’s all for now. I can’t write as I could before.

June 6

Dear diary

This is my last entry. I can hardly write anymore. It’s hard to hold a pencil. I remember how to spell, but it’s just hard to write.

I am now the size of a five year old. Even though I had my twelfth birthday months ago. It has been like magic. I now look like a girl. I even have a slit. It itched a whole lot and hurt a bit. But I got cream and medicine for it. That doctor is really smart. He could change the whole world into children. I still wear diapers and now I have all girl clothes. Its not embarrassing wearing diapers as every one thinks I am 5

Stepsie said that I could enter a beauty pageant. She thinks I would win. Especially if the judges were men. I don’t know. If I was going to win a pageant, I wanted it to be because I was beautiful.

When we go out shopping. Then I have to be in a stroller. Even though I am in a stroller and am drinking from a bottle.

I can’t write any more. But I am sure that Step will write on my home page what I am doing.

That was the last entry in Barbies Diary. Read the next part to find out what happened with everyone. Send some feedback. If you do not want to write a review, send it by private message, or send an e-mail to I hope you are enjoying the story



End Chapter 3

Barbies Diary

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 3, 2012


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