Misunderstood Fortune

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Boys should be heard and not seen, and a sister has a plan to make sure her brother is not like all the other boys

Chapter 1
Misundertood Fortune

Chapter Description: Boys should be heard and not seen, and a sister has a plan to make sure her brother is not like all the other boys

Misunderstood Fortune

Written by Dauphin


There are many families that have problems with their children. We can see that many boys get in mischief and fights, do not respect elders, try things that are shunned at, listen to the wrong music. I think this has also been the case, since the start of mankind. Nowadays we have special educational classes for these boys, and psychiatrists, and book after book on how to make boys less aggressive and have so much energy. If that doesn’t work, we just give them medicine. Imagine if all the children that were given medicine stopped. It would bankrupt the country. Maybe it’s just because we are too busy and caught up in life, that we want boys to be seen, and not heard.

Kyle was a 9 year old that had a lot of energy. He was a popular boy at school, and good at sports, especially running. He was the smallest in his class, and if you met him on the road, you would think that he was only 6 years old. He also had long hair, most likely because his mother was the boss at a bank and was always too busy, yet no one teased him. Kyle’s mother had to work, as his dad left with some bimbo. Otherwise Kyle had a sister that was nearly an adult. They loved each other, but to him, she was just a girl and that didn’t mean much. The thing is because Kyle was a true boy, and he got into a bit of trouble at times. This stressed his mother that found it much easier to stay at work


So you can imagine what she was like when she came in the door after a long day’s work and Kyle was fighting with his oldest sister. He was calling her bitch and every word he could think of. His sister slapped him across the face as their mother was putting her briefcase down. Kyle slapped his sister, whose name was Grace. Both Mum and Grace stared in shock. Kyle hit a girl and this should never happen. Kyle didn’t know why they were quiet, he thought he just won the fight; He walked to his mother and gave her a letter. His mother was hoping to get a hug but all she got was a letter to say that he told a teacher that she was an ugly goat. This mad his mother mad and she fragged him across her knee and started spanking. Kyle was never spanked before and he didn’t know that it would hurt so much. After he was spanked. Kyle ran to his room and cried. So did his mother. She never spanked before and considered it violence. What was happening and what did she do to her child?

His mother went into Kyle’s room, and called for Grace. She said she had an important message to give both her children. “I am so sorry that I have spanked you Kyle. You just test our limits all the time. I don’t know what to do with you. I am so busy at work trying to give you both a good life. Every day I come home, you are fighting and you are in trouble, I cannot take it anymore. I also need your help Grace, You are way older than he is, and since I don’t have a husband, I need your help. You can discipline Kyle anyway you want, However you cannot spank him or hit him. I am depending on you to help me for a while, at least until I am finished with the big project at work.”

Grace was disappointed. She would be stuck with her little brother for weeks. On top of that, she received a text message from her boyfriend that their relationship was over. He was going out with some cheerleader now. Grace hated men!

It didn’t help when it was Kyle’s turn to put the dishes in the dishwasher after supper. He just waved his middle finger at her. Grace knew she would be stuck with him for weeks. It wasn’t her mother’s fault that their dad got married with some model. She could not spank him, and that only worked short term. She could not speak with him as he had no respect for women. Grace looked around in her bedroom. A smile came across her face. She thought of an old woman she seen at swimming the week before. She looked like a witch. She went on the internet and found the page she was looking for. It was a page of spells. Grace had to find a picture of her brother; she found one that was taken on holidays. She hated that picture. It was Kyle smiling as if he was the best in the world. Grace put it on a table, then she poured water over his speedos he was wearing on the picture. She then took a birthday candle for a cake and put a pink ribbon around it. She lit the candle, thinking that revenge was sweet. The candle burnt down to the puddle of water and there was a brief rise of smoke. Grace smiled. The spell was done. She had one more thing to do. She went to the attic and filled a suitcase with clothes, and a box with toys. She hid them in her room. Then she went back up to the attic and got her favourite toy and put it in Kyle’s room. He looked so cute when he was asleep….

Kyle woke up during the night, he could hear voices, but he did not know where they were from. He tried to listen to the voices, he could hear them whisper, and “You are a baby. Don’t you think that you need diapers?” This made him smile. It was 2 years since he wet the bed. Kyle woke up and looked under the bed to see if his sister hid something that was making the voices. He laid back and closed his eyes and was sure that the voices were in his head. He knew he was not a baby. He was 9 years old. Kyle remembered when he wet the bed. His mother would change his diaper and they would snuggle seeing a film. He would drink a bottle in bed and have sweet dreams.

The next morning he woke up and stretched. Then Kyle started to panic. His bed was wet. He started pacing back and forth. How could he wet his bed because 9 year olds don’t wet their beds, only babies did! He seen the stroller and just kicked it away, not even wondering why it was in the room.

Grace came in the room and smiled as she seen her brothers wet PJ bottoms. She took a picture of him with her cell phone. He looked at her and pleaded that the picture was deleted. She just laughed at her brother and said that if he did not do what she wanted, then she would show the picture to everyone at school. Kyle felt tears coming to his eyes, and this was just as embarrassing as wetting the bed. It was worse when his older sister put a pacifier in his mouth. Kyle spat it out, shouting he was not a baby. His sister just took his arm and said lets change the sheets and get to town. Kyle said that he wanted to cut his hair that was nearly down to his shoulders. He was tired that his mother never had time to cut it, but his sister said that they were going swimming.

When they arrived at the swimming hall, Kyle took his bag and rushed into the swimming hall. He was always told not to run, but he wanted to get to the water as soon as possible. The lifeguard shouted and told him to stop, before he could open the door of the boys changing room. He was told not to go in there, and that he should be in the changing room with his sister. Kyle was about to protest when his sister waved the cell phone, and asked the lifeguard if he wanted to see pictures. Kyle’s took his sisters hand and walked into the girls changing room. Luckily there was only an old woman there, the same woman that seen Grace the week before, where she leant an ear listening to Grace talk about her brother. Now she could meet him herself. Kyle was afraid someone from his class would be there. He tried to shove his sister to a corner of the changing room, but his sister sat him down right next to the old women. Grace started to giggle softly as she took off her clothes and put on her swimming costume. Kyle on the other hand, was slow at taking off his clothes, not that he had much to show anyhow. He put his hand in his swimming bag and found some speedos. He hated his speedos because they were tight. They were also pink; he would like the colour, if everyone didn’t think it was such a girl colour. He rushed to take a shower and ran into the water.

When he came back into the changing room, he quickly put on his boy clothes again. He sat down watching his sister change and this girl that was slightly older than him. He heard older boys saying they wanted to spy at pretty girls in a changing room, and now that he was he could not understand why. Without clothes, they were not so pretty. The old women came in and praised his sister saying that it was nice that she swam with her sister, while most other girls would rather spend the time with their boyfriends. Kyle couldn’t keep quiet and said that his sister’s boyfriend dropped her, because she was not pretty enough. The old woman looked with a disapproving look and said nothing more. Grace could feel a tear coming to her eyes as she looked at her brother and decided right there and then that she will get revenge on her brother. She thought of her former boyfriend, He was a bit like her brother, thought he knew everything and was arrogant, rude and treated her like crap. He broke her heart and she would not let her brother grow up that way. She had a plan!

A few days later, Grace smiled when her brother asked his mum when he was getting a haircut. The others at school were starting to ask when he will be cutting his hair, as he could nearly put a ponytail in it. His mother said that it was up to Grace, as while she was doing the big project at work, then she would be taking care of him. Grace smiled and told him that they would when they had money and when he behaved. She said this as she put the stroller back in his room.

It was time to go swimming again, and Grace was happy this time to take her little pesky brother. Grace was surprised that her brother went in to the girl’s room without even trying to go to the boy’s room. The guard was nowhere to be seen so he could have got away with it. The old woman was once again there and talked with Grace, nearly ignoring Kyle. When Kyle looked into his bag, he was shocked that he forgot his speedos. He started to panic and Grace could even see a tear in his eye. She petted his head and went over to the lost and found basket. She found a one piece white swimming costume. She gave it to her brother and said he could wear this. He looked at it and threw it across the room swearing and using words no 9 year old should ever know. The old woman picked it up and gave it to him and said in her days that he would be over her knee. Kyle looked a bit shocked at the woman and nearly was afraid of her. He slowly put the white one piece on as if he was doing a puzzle. He then looked in the mirror and complained that the white made it look nearly see through. He could see his little tent, and that meant everyone would know he was a boy! His sister just told him to go out and she would be out in a minute. Kyle was about to protest, but she reminded him she would only take him for a haircut and new clothes if he was behaved. Kyle moaned and mumbled as he went out swimming. Grace came out 5 minutes later.

After swimming Kyle went back to the changing room. He was mad! Three from school recognised him; He tried explaining to them his plight. Then a man there kept staring at him and Kyle could see that he was rubbing his privates while he done this. No matter how much he tried to move away from the perv, he was followed. When Kyle came in, he was so upset and sad. He wanted to put his clothes on as quickly as possible. Then another problem happened, he could not find his socks. He went around and searched for them and started to panic. His sister was understanding, and came to help him. After 10 minutes of looking, Kyle suggested that he just didn’t wear any socks. The old lady over heard this and said it was far too cold not to wear socks. He would get sick and maybe influenza. She suggested that they borrow some from the lost and found. Kyle didn’t see the smile on his sister’s face as he rummaged through the lost and found basket. His voice was a high pitched and in a panic when he could not find any socks. His sister reached through the basket and found a pair of tights. Kyle just stared at them while his sister was wondering if he would hit her or go wild. The old lady looked at the tights and smiled and said they were cute. She said that boys wore them in the old days. Kyle looked at her with a confused look. He walked around the changing room a few times and finally sat down and started to put them on. His sister heard him breathing hard as he pulled the tights up.

Later that night, Kyle was in his bed ready to sleep. He knew that he would wet his bed. He has been wetting his bed for the last few weeks. His sister suggested diapers at night time and he nearly hit her. Maybe he should ask her for diapers, as he had troubles finding underwear the next day. It would be embarrassing but no one would know as it was only at night time. Then he thought about his classmates that seen him in a one piece swimming suit. He knew they would never understand his excuses. Why did he go in the girls changing room anyhow? At any rate his reputation was destroyed. They would never understand that wearing a one piece did not make him strange. It didn’t feel that bad. It was like the tights. They felt like a soft breeze on his legs, sort of like an angel was massaging his legs all the time. Kyle did not understand why he did all these things, but he also knew it didn’t make him a worse person.

The next day, Grace was sitting down eating her breakfast as her mother was eating while working. She was shocked when she seen Kyle come in the kitchen. He was pushing the stroller with wet sheets and a doll in it. Then he sat down as nothing was strange. As he was sitting down, she could see the top of the tights above his trousers. Could this be true, that he was wearing tights from swimming? Grace could not help but smile. Then she listened as he carefully started talking as he looked down. Kyle explained in a soft voice that he wet the bed every day for the last few weeks, and it was probably best that he wore trainers to bed; He had seen them on TV. His mother looked down at the lap top working on her work, and she mumbled that she decided that Grace would be deciding everything so it was up to her. Then she looked up and asked Kyle if he was not too old for diapers. Grace smiled as Kyle blushed and said that he has been wetting and for now diapers will be a good idea. Kyle left the table and sat on the floor playing with a doll that was in the stroller.

That night, Kyle finished his supper. His mother was of course working on her lap top, ignoring everything around her, Kyle was colouring a colouring book his sister gave him, and then he heard his sister call him, usually he would show her his two fingers, but before he knew it he was in his room. His sister had a changing mat on his bed and he knew what this meant. He started to complain to his sister that he only agreed at night, but his sister said while he is home, he has to wear diapers, as she did not want the furniture to get wet. Kyle did not understand this, as he only wet at night time. His sister lifted him up on the changing mat. He could hear the bed crinkle. The bed had a plastic sheet. This was going too far! His sister put a pacifier in his mouth, He didn’t spit it out. He was now concerned that a diaper was being put on him. His sister let him stand up and Kyle walked to the mirror. His diaper looked like a girls diaper and it was big! Why a pink diaper? When he was finished, he tried walking around. His sister must have seen this, as she said he can just crawl. Kyle gave her the finger this time.

For the next few days, he was in a diaper when he was at home. His mother looked but she had no comment. She was just interested in her lap top.

It was time to go swimming again. Kyle was ready to go. He made sure that he packed his speedos and other things. When they arrived at the swimming hall, he followed his sister in the girl’s room. The old woman was there. She commented on his hair, and said it looked nice that it was down to his shoulder. She suggested pigtails. Kyle stayed quiet as he didn’t feel like causing a scene. She also asked why he had a pacifier. Kyle forgot he had it in his mouth; it was a habit now after so many days. He spit it out and looked in his bag. Where were his speedos? Once again, his luck was not with him. He never thought about asking more where they were or causing a scene, he just walked over to the lost and found as took out a bikini he found there. Grace looked with interest at her brother putting on the bikini. She wondered why he put the top on, as he did just had to put on the bottom. Grace smiled. There was no problem swimming. When it was time to go home again, Kyle could not find his clothes. The old woman must have considered this as she came over with some clothes for Kyle. She told him that he had to take care of his clothes. Kyle looked at them and you could see his face go red. He sat on the bench going to put panties on, but his sister told him to lie on a changing table. Kyle whispered it was only when he was at home, but his sister explained that she did not have time to do it then. She put a diaper on him that she brought with her. The old woman looked at the diaper and asked how old Kyle was. Kyle was now putting a mini skirt on and a halter top and knee socks. While he did this, his sister was putting his hair in a ponytail. She explained to the old woman that her brother was no ordinary boy, as she could see. Kyle wanted to hit her for saying this, but he was busy trying to pull the miniskirt down, so it covered the diaper.

When they got home, Kyle sat down and watched TV, It was sports, but his sister came and turned it to cartoons. She then told him that he had no clothes left and was going shopping. He could just stay and watch TV. His sister gave him a doll that he can take care as well as a bottle of milk. Kyle looked at the bottle and protested, but his sister put a pink pacifier in his mouth. His mother came into the room and seen her son lying on the floor in a miniskirt, a diaper, a pacifier holding a doll. She sighed. Kyle spit the pacifier out. He soon fell asleep. He woke up later and heard lots of noise. It was his sister and some of her friends moving things. Kyle fell asleep again and then woke up to a flash. His sister took a picture of him with his diaper showing and a pacifier in his mouth. Everything was quiet now, and she said that he was wet and needed to be changed.

It was time for bed, Grace told her brother to follow her. It was time for bed. She laughed a bit as she seen him waddling like a duck. She told him that it will be easier if he just crawled. She was surprised when he didn’t even protest and crawled into his room. Then the protests started as he seen a crib and a changing table as well as a dollhouse and blocks. He screamed at the top of his voice that he is 9 years old and he was not sleeping in a crib and why was his room so pink? Grace asked him to look at himself; he was dressed as a girl and wearing a diaper and you have a pacifier in your mouth and even drank from a bottle. Kyle was about to say lots of “but. but, but”, but he could not think of an excuse. Kyle was still having a tantrum. It was years since Grace seen her little brother having a tantrum. Unlike her mother she had no patience for it; she threatened to remove his dolls and stroller if he continued. This made Kyle stop and he pleaded with his sister not to take the dolls and especially the stroller. Grace smiled as this was her brother admitting he needed the things. She lifted him on the changing table. She changed his diaper. Grace wondered what would happen if he knew they were girl diapers. She then put on a lovely pink nightdress with frills the bottom and around his sleeves. Then she lifted him in the crib, and put the pacifier in his mouth, while she turned on a CD with toddler music. Kyle looked around the room, and it was pink, it was girlish. What would the next thing be? Kyle had glimpses in his head when he was a cool boy. Now he felt like a baby girl. He should be mad, but the fact is he felt happy. He felt secure, he felt safe. He liked when his sister took care of him. He had no worries. Kyle sighed and thought he shouldn’t allow this. He put the pacifier in his mouth and slept.

The next morning, Grace came in and smiled as she seen her little brother in a crib. He was totally submissive now. She lifted him up out of the crib and put him on the changing table. He got a new diaper on and then she took out a summer dress. Kyle started to scream and cry. He was now a girl. Grace could see the panic and the confusion in his eyes, “I know that this is a dress. It will be easier changing your diapers. A hundred years ago, boys wore dresses and were treated as girls. It made them to better people. Now you have had many changes in the last few weeks. But these changes have made you happier. You should feel lucky. The way you were going, you would have hurt a lot of people. You would probably end up in jail. Now you are getting a second chance.”

Kyle listened to his sister and just surrendered. This surprised his sister a bit. It also surprised their mother that was standing at the door watching. She must have not noticing what was going on now, as she was shocked that her 9 year old son was now in a dress and diaper and his room was a baby nursery. A tear came to her eye as she thought she gave her daughter too much power. If she was not so caught up in her work. At the same time, she listened to what her daughter said, and could see how that was true. This would help Kyle be a nicer boy. This time she would get it right. He would be a nice boy. She also noticed that he just sat there and let his sister do what she wanted. He also seemed happier. Maybe this was a need he had deep inside of him. If she didn’t have to work so much. Grace turned around and told her mother that she could explain. The answer was that her mother understood and they would speak that night.

Her mother did not speak that night. She looked at Kyle playing with baby toys and dressed in a summer dress that had a problem hiding his diaper. It was weekend, so it gave her family lots of time to adjust.

The next morning, Grace got up and changed her little brother and put him in the cutest pink dress that she could find. She also found some nice tights, and like the way he smiled when she put them on. Lastly she put his hair in pigtails. They went down to breakfast, she walked and he crawled after her. She was a bit shocked. The old lady they met at swimming was there! On top of that, her mother did not have her face buried in the laptop computer. She looked up and told her children to sit down. She helped sit Kyle on a highchair that suddenly was there.

Their mother explained what was happening, “Kyle is 9 and he was becoming a trouble maker. He was rude, and no one really wanted to be with him. I have been a bad mother and told Grace she can be in charge of him. Now look at him. He is a 9 year old dressed in diapers and girl clothes. He plays with baby things and has a girl’s nursery. I do not know how Grace done this, but I have lost a son and now have a toddler daughter. At first I was mad that he was regressed to a toddler. But I also see it as second chance. I met this woman, who has promised me that she will help potty train Kyle and bring him back to 9 years old. Kyle, you are basically a girl now. So you will be my daughter, and we will let you decide if you want to be treated like a girl or boy when you are potty trained. Until then you will be home schooled”

That was a shock for the two children. However, they had no choice in the matter. After a week or so, the new routine was in place for the family. Their mother continued to work and work more because she was promoted at her job. This means she had very little time for the family.

Kyle would wake up, and start crying because he felt locked in a cage. When he was lifted out of the crib by the old woman, he would be put on the changing table. He would get a new diaper on and then some pretty clothes. Kyle loved wearing dresses and skirts and tights. He loved when the old woman put ribbons in his hair. He would then crawl down and sit on the highchair; He no longer fed himself, as she fed him. After he sat in the playpen and drank from a baby bottle, where he would play with dolls or blocks. Then he would be changed and take a nap. In the evening he would watch cartoons on TV. Kyle never answered when people talked to him as a boy, He responded to people that called him a girl. He didn’t speak that much as a bottle or a pacifier was in his mouth. Basically that was his life now. He was a baby. Which meant that he slept in a crib, ate at a highchair, played in a playpen and got changed a lot. However Kyle was happy. He was thinking he felt more of a girl than a boy and after he was potty trained and was the age he was supposed to be. Kyle had problems remembering how old he was. Was it 5 or 6?

As for Grace, she no longer took care of Kyle, except when she played with him. She got other responsibilities, such as cleaning the house, or cooking. In fact she used all her time just doing this. Her mother liked the idea, and over a month or so, her mother even considered Grace as a maid. Grace was mad that the project with her brother was no longer her responsibility.

The old woman was tucking Kyle in at bed and whispered to him in a hypnotising voice, “You are a cute baby girl. Your mother expects you to be potty trained, but we both know that will not happen for a while. When I do decide that will happen, you will be the prettiest princess the world ever seen. You will make a lot of men happy. It’s a shame you don’t realise the drugs I put in your drink means you will never grow. You will always be a little girl. But you will be safe, secure and loved, as well as kind and submissive”

Later the old woman covered Grace. “Ohh poor Grace. You thought that it was you that made your brother to a baby sissy. How wrong can you be? Who do you think put the thoughts in your mind? Who do you think gave you ideas how to do it? When you done the job, I bumped into your mother and came to finish the job. Yes and that also means you! You are doing a great job being a maid. Now you don’t have to think about boys. You will make anyone a nice submissive wife. I do hope you like the maids uniform I bought you, because you will be wearing it tomorrow. “

The end,

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End Chapter 1

Misunderstood Fortune

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 14, 2015


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