Life as a Penny

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 21, 2014

The year is 2029. People are tired of criminals. They are regressed to children. Louis is one of these

Chapter 1
Life as a Penny

Chapter Description: The year is 2029. People are tired of criminals. They are regressed to children. Louis is one of these This story contains punishment and humiliation.

Life as a Penny

Written by Dauphin

Note from author: This story is loosely based and influenced by the Penitatas universe. Some things are similar to other penitatas stories and some are different. Penitatas are adults rejuvenated into children because of criminals acts warranting a rejuvenate sentence. They get informally known as a Penny. Though some writers with a strong anime influence have spelt it Penni. Some people do not like when authors steal or are influenced by established universes. Apologies if you think I have done this.

And now to the story:

It was the year 2029, and the politicians and wise men and everyone who had a brain knew that it was time to do something about the few people that thought they were above the law. People were tired of paying taxes for a prison service that did nothing but make criminals worse when they came out. People were tired that some treated the prisons like a hotel. People wanted a change. Scientists and psychologists have been working on a new punishment for decades. The goal was to turn criminals into model citizens. They presented their solution in 2021 in which shocked the politicians. The answer was easy… to rejuvenate criminals back to children, where through discipline and parental guidance, they would be bought up to be model citizens. If this failed, they could always be kept them as a child. At first politicians and the public were speechless about the solution. However the limit was reached, and when everyone thought about it, there had to be pennies, as the rejuvenated criminals would be called. The project was ready in 2024 and many criminals were now rejuvenated

Louis heard about pennies, and he has even seen them. However it was far away from his mind. It happened to others and not to him. He was on the wrong side of society since he was a child. He would steal from shops and even from his own mother that was powerless in raising him. When he was a teenager, he would steal cars from the neighbourhood. He tried a bit of everything in his career. Louis didn’t think he was bad, as he never hurt anyone, because he never attacked or killed anyone. Crime was the only thing that Louis knew. He was arrested several times but this did not bother him. He met other interesting people that taught him new ways of breaking the law. This was until now. Louis sat in the court hall once again after he tried selling drugs to a politician.

Louis just sat while the lawyers did their job, He was thinking about how long he would be in jail. It didn’t bother him as he could meet some old friends and even get some proper food. At the end of the trial, the lawyers were called up to the judge, where he talked with them. Louis thought that this could mean a mistrial. The judge used his hammer and said trial was over. Louis was a bit puzzled as this usually never happened. His lawyer came back and Louis asked what happened. The Lawyer just walked away.

Louis was led to a van. He shrugged his shoulders and thought that he would be a few years in jail. However he noticed that the van was heading to the outskirts of town. The van stopped outside a hospital, where Louis was put on a stretcher or should I say he was tied to a stretcher. He was rolled into the hospital to a special room. He laid there for some time and noticed this strange machine that looks like an incubator. Finally a nurse came and with a needle gave him a few shots. Louis was confused and the only radical reason was to do some medical things before he was locked away. The nurse put a mask on him and told him to count down. He was nearly asleep but he thought he heard the nurse say “goodbye to your life”.

Louis woke up and felt very sleepy. He tried moving his legs and hands. He was no longer tied to the stretcher, which was strange. Then he saw a strange woman and strange man stand next to him. They picked him up. This made Louis wake up. He realised that his body shrunk. The nurse said to say hello to his mother and father. Louis swore a lot and told them that no way were they his parents. Then “his” dad just sat down and he was over the stranger’s knee. He started spanking Louis’ bum saying that he was not to swear. The rejuvenated boy was doing the only thing he knew how to, and that was to swear at the top of his voice. This only made the man get mad and spank me harder. Louis was never spanked by his mum when he was a child. He never would have guessed that it hurt so much. He quickly found out that the more he swore and said anything, the longer he got spanked. Louis bit his teeth and cried as hard as he ever did in his life.

After he was spanked, his so called parents put me on a chair. He could see himself in a mirror. He was half the size that he was before. His hair was long. Louis had no hair on his body and obviously didn’t have to worry about shaving for many years to come. Louis looked at his privates and nearly fainted when he seen how small it was. The nurse then put a collar on him. It was like a dog collar and had the letter P on it. Louis tried to take it off but it was locked on. His so called mother sat down and started explaining: “Louis, you may have noticed you are the same size as a child. In fact, you are a child once again and no longer have the rights of an adult. You have been rejuvenated to a 9 year old. We are your parents. You may not like it, but you have to accept it or there will be consequences. We will raise you up as our own son, and make sure that you are a good citizen. On the bright side, it appears as if you do not have a bladder problem. So you do not need to be potty trained.”

“I never agreed to this” he shouted and protested

“You first best learn to speak with respect. No answering back or shouting or you will find yourself over our knee again. You are a penny because you have done crimes and there was no hope for you. Now there is hope for you.”

“Why do I have to wear the collar? I am not a dog!”

“It has some technology that will help you adjust to your new situation. Your body has just undergone some huge changes. The collar will help you adjust to this.”

“Does it have a leash?”

“No son. Don’t worry about that”

“What about my hair. That is down to my shoulders?”

“We will get that cut when you get more settled in.”

“How old am I?”

“You are 9. Let’s go home son!”

9? Son? Louis wanted to scream and curse at them, especially when they lifted him. Louis wanted to run away, but was weak after the ordeal of being made smaller. He was put in a car while his mother was fastening his seatbelt. Louis looked out the window and thought that maybe if he played nice, they would stop this stupid idea and return him back to his normal state. A year or two of being a child again wouldn’t harm. Louis looked out the window as they drove out of the city. They were now in the outskirts with the same houses in a middle class area. Louis frowned when he saw his house. He was used to excitement in his life. Now he would be living in a boring suburb. He acted as a good boy. However he nearly blew his lid when he was told to go to bed at 9. It was hard for Louis not to tell his new parents that he would go to bed when he felt like. However he slowly walked into his bedroom and put on his new Spiderman Pj’s He felt a grip on his shoulder and found himself over his father’s knees once again. After another spanking while being reminded from his dad that he had to learn to be good, Louis lay in his bed, sobbing and thinking being good will be harder than he thought. While he sobbed on the bed, his mother came in and said, “You are being spanked as a reminder to be good and for the crimes that you have done. You will be spanked every day. Let’s hope that you will learn how to be good now. The collar will send some things to calm your brain and adjust it to the changes, although it doesn’t work on some. In time you will no longer think as an adult. It will help you forget your bad ways and will you will learn how to be a better person. You will always know you are a penny, but you will not understand why you did the crimes you did. Look on the bright side, they could have made you much younger, but they decided there was no need. Consider yourself lucky, as you do not have as many years, as there is no way they can make you older again”

This made Louis mad, as it meant that he could get a parole and this meant that he had to be a child and live with these parents for many years to come. It also worried him that the collar would make him forget who he was. No, Louis would not fall into this trap. He would remind himself all the time who he really was. This collar would not change him.

The next week or so was hard both for Louis and his new parents. He would not listen to them or do anything they wanted. They expected him to do chores and to be polite and nice all the time. This was hard for Louis to do. He had total freedom a few weeks ago and now he was under the strict routine of his parents. They had rules like he was not to leave the house; he had to sit with them. He had to call them Mum and Dad. Every time he didn’t, he would be dragged over their knee, and his pants would be taken down, where they would spank him which hurt just as bad every time. After that he would stand in the corner bottomless. This was very embarrassing for Louis, especially if there were guests. Louis was confused. Even when he tried to be good, he was spanked when he woke up with a spanking, to remind him he was a penny. Louis decided that if he got spankings at any rate, even for doing nothing, he might as well be a rebel.

After a few weeks of being a penny, Louis was taken to the local park with his mother. It was boring as it could be. His mother was talking to another woman that there has been no progress with Louis. The other woman said to increase the spankings. Louis thought she should be spanked for coming with such a suggestion. He swore beneath his breath and asked his mother if he could play. Louis was shocked when his mother said yes. He walked around the park. Maybe sitting on the swing would make take his mind off of things. As Louis was on the way to the swings, he seen a man getting up from a bench and leaving the park. Louis didn’t care about this. He noticed that the man left a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Louis quickly forgot the swings and snuck up and took the cigarettes and lighter before the man looked back. He ran into a playhouse and lit a cigarette. He was surprised that he started coughing. His body must have forgotten what it was like smoking. He was sitting there and thinking that he was changing. He was forgetting more and more what he done as an adult and was beginning to accept more and more that he was a child. He was even considering his parents as his right parents. He believed that even the spankings were needed to help him be good. This must be the collar that was working.

Then he heard some screaming. It was his mother. She was saying that smoking is bad for him. She dragged him by his hands over to the park bench and pulled down his trousers and put him over her knee and spanked him. Louis was embarrassed that everyone could see his pants down and his mother spanking him so hard. To make things worse Louis could not stop crying and screaming. He even promised that he would never smoke again. This didn’t stop the spanking and the pain that he felt in his bum. It was obvious that his mother wanted him to learn a lesson. At last she stopped and was giving Louis a hug, as he promised never to smoke again. It seemed as he was thankful for the spanking which made his mother smile. Just as his mother was about to pull up his trousers Louis seen a boy his age laughing at him. This made him embarrassed at first, and then mad. He leaped up from his mother and ran towards the boy where he started punching him. The boy did stop laughing and didn’t fight back. Louis let out all his aggressions that have been hidden inside and gave the boy one punch after another punch. This was until his mother and a policeman lifted Louis from the boy.

Louis mother took him home where he got spanked once again. He was told to sit on a time out chair until his father came home. When this happened Louis was spanked once again. At the end Louis father held him in his lap and said that the punishment was not over yet. Tomorrow they would be going to penny court.

Louis was dressed up the next day as he entered the special court room made especially for pennies. It was a place that was hardly used. The prosecutor told the jury that Louis has been difficult since he been a penny. He did not understand why he was a penny. He did not show any respect for his parents, and had no remorse for what he has done. Then the judge heard about the smoking and the violence against the boy that had to go to the doctors after. The defence tried to argue that it was a big change for him to be rejuvenated. However, he now considered the new parents as his parents. He now accepted being 9 and he even accepted the spankings and understood they helped him become better. The collar was beginning to work. The incident with the smoking and the poor violence with the boy was a relapse.

The judge looked a bit stern, and started giving a huge speech about how the penny system works with the most, and it is obvious that Louis was obviously a rebel and they made a mistake when I was rejuvenated. Louis smiled and thought this meant that he would be returned to his old self. His smile was not as big as it would have been weeks before. He would miss his mother and father. Louis was in the same van as he was the first time. He knew where he was going. The centre with that big machine to change his body. This time Louis put up no fight as they prepared him.

Louis woke up after being rejuvenated. His mother was washing him. At first he thought this was embarrassing as he suspected that he was an adult now. He looked down at his body and could see that he was still a child. In fact the more he looked, the smaller he was. He nearly fainted when he seen the big difference. His boy’s part was gone. Louis could feel the blood going to his head. His mother started explaining as she was washing him. “It is good that we did not cut your hair. You were rejuvenated as a punishment. You are now 6 years old. There was a mistake when you were rejuvenated that means you are now a 6 year old girl. You can see that you have a girl’s body. I know being rejuvenated has been hard for you. My advice is for you is to accept it.” Louis’ dad came and commented it looks like they now have a daughter. Louis knew better not to swear at his father or he would be over his knee. Louis just grunted and let them lift him.

He didn’t say a word until they came home. Louis rushed to my room only to find it suddenly pink and pictures of princesses on the wall. There was a dollhouse at the floor. He was outraged while they said that they would let him get accustomed to the room. They were calling him Louisa and saying “her” and not “him”. For the sake of this story, we will refer to our main character as Louisa and a girl from now on. When her parents went out, Louisa thought about that she was now a girl. She looked around at the pink walls, the doll house, and the teddy bears. It was when she looked at her wardrobe and dresser, all she could find was dresses and clothes with fairies and angels and cute bears. Louisa went crazy and started throwing the teddies and pillows across the room. She took a few of her teddies and tore their heads off. Louisa started screaming until her father came in. He grabbed the little girl by the wrist and put her over his knee. He started telling her that she had to accept that she was now a girl and she was 6 years old. He was saying this as he was pulling down her panties and then spanking her once again. Louisa cried as she thought that spanking hurt just as much as it did the first time. Her father warned her to get used to the idea and to be an obedient child for once. Louisa begged her father to stop and promised to be good. Her father did when her bum was very red and sore. After that he was kind as he helped his daughter put some panties on and a frilly white and pink nightdress. Louisa was sulking as she started tidying up her room. She had a thought that it will be hard being six year old girl.

The next few days went with Louisa trying to get used to her new life as a 6 year old girl. She knew that every time she tried to rebel that she would be put over someone’s knee. This would be someone’s hand or even a paddle on her bum that was bare. In the first few days, Louisa tried to act like a little girl. She tried to look amazed at the frilly dresses, the lacy panties and the tights. Louisa smiled as she tried them on. It was all an act, and her parents knew this and once in a while spanked her as they said that she should not be lying.

However, Louisa was beginning to think less and less about her situation. After a few weeks, of being spanked and wearing the special collar, she was starting to forget that she once was a boy and never thought she was a man. She started to really think that the dresses were pretty. She loved playing with dolls. She loved when her long hair was being brushed. Within a few weeks, Louisa was well on her way on thinking as a girl. The collar that she was wearing was calming the rebel side of her and helping her accept her fate. Her parents were happy. They always wanted a daughter, and now they had a daughter. It was time for the next step.

One day, Louisa’s mother put her in a pretty dress, usually used when they had to go to a party or something, she loved the dress as it was white, with lace around the neck and lovely white tights. Her mother brushed her hair and put them in a ponytail. Louisa smiled as her mother took her out. In the car, she was informed that she was going to the penny centre. For a moment Louisa forgot she was a penny, and this made her quiet in the car as she tried to remember why she was a penny, and what a penny was.

She was led into the doctor’s office, an old lady. Louisa was laid on the chair while the doctor looked at her all over her body. This meant that her clothes were taken off. The woman prodded her all over, especially in her private parts. Louisa knew by now that she should not complain as this meant that she would just be put over a knee. Louisa closed her eyes and dreamt of her dolls, when she felt the worse pain she ever felt on her hand. It was like her hand was burnt. She yelled out loud and started crying as her mother told her to be brave and it had to be done. Just as her mum said that, she felt another pain on the other hand. This made her cry even louder. Why was this doctor being so mean? Her mother came and picked her up, and cuddled with her. Louisa looked at her hands. There were now prints that looked like a “P” on her hand. Louisa fainted because of the pain and shock.

When Louisa came back to reality, she noticed the pain was less. She was weak but could hear the doctor speaking to her mother, “She is now officially a penny. I think that they should get the tattoos earlier but some thinks that they should get used to the idea. Now Louisa has the tattoos, and it seems as if she has no problems with her body. It also seems that the collar is helping he accept her position. We must let her remember that she is a penny. She has done crimes. She is like this for a reason. You must discipline her and humiliate her. I know she gets spankings, but one thing that seems to work is when pennies are mad to go just in panties in public…..” The two went on speaking, and it was time to leave. Louisa’s mother told her that they can have a picnic. Louisa nodded and smiled. The smile was gone when her mother said that she should just go in panties. Louisa protested, only to be put over her mother’s knee. As she was spanking Louisa, she explained that it will be good for others to see her pretty white panties with a kitten on them

As they walked through the park, Louisa could see that people were looking at her. Some were laughing and pointing at her. There was one boy that was a bit older than she was. She noticed he had no tattoos on his hands, and yet he was teasing her that she had panties on. Louisa tried her best being good for a while, but she had enough. She pulled away from her mother, and picked up a fallen branch from the tree and ran over to the boy and hit his head with the branch. Louisa smiled as he fell to the ground, but the smile disappeared as she could see that he looked like he was dead. A part of Louisa was telling her that he deserved it while part of her was telling her that it was wrong, and she was now in big trouble.

Louisa ran as fast as she could. Lucky the others were trying to take care of the boy to notice that she ran as fast as she could. Louisa ran down town, despite people that were staring at her in panties. A few of them even asked if she was a runaway penny. Louisa sat in the train station table. Everything was flying through her head. She now realised that she was a penny. She was once a man. She remembered the last few weeks, where she would smile at seeing a nice frilly dress, or playing with dolls, or colouring. How could she stoop so low? She was once a cool man that would do what he wanted. In the last few weeks, she was happy at being a penny and a girl! However society wanted to punish her by making her a 6 year old girl. That should be punishment enough. Now she had these tattoos for life that showed everyone who she is. The doctor told her mother not to be so nice, and she should be punished a lot and humiliated a lot for her crimes. This was not fair. She was proving that she could be a nice and polite girl. There was no need for them to humiliate her even more and punish her. She was mad, and that boy was the victim of her anger.

While Louisa was feeling sorry for herself, she saw a net fall over her head. It reminded her of the nets they used to catch stray dogs. Two big men came up to her and as she struggled they put handcuffs on her. Louisa screamed telling them they can’t put handcuffs on a child. They didn’t listen and she was led away to the Penny court. Louisa could see her mother and father and asked them to help her. They whispered that she went too far this time. Louisa sat down in her handcuffs and listened to the evidence presented against her. The judge sighed at the end and then said, “This Penny is here once again. Our system has tried to help her, and despite she has shown signs of improvement, she continues to fall back into the criminal ways, this time hospitalising a boy. It is obvious that she has to go in the machine once again. The lawyers can read what I have decided.”

Louisa smiled. What was the worse they can do? They would most likely make her to a baby. Then it wouldn’t matter, as she would not notice what was happening around her. Louisa smiled as she prepared herself for the machine. They could do their worse. A she was sedated, she told them to make sure they had lots of pacifiers and a new nursery ready for her. Then things went black.

When she woke up, she was a bit sleepy and had the usual feelings in her body. The first thing that she noticed was that she could think like she did, and did not think as a baby. She

looked down at her body. She was still a girl and she was the same size. She still had the tattoos Louisa giggled that the machine didn’t work. Her mother and dad were standing over her and she gave them a hug promising that she learnt her lesson. Her mother smiled, as she said it was time to get dressed and go home. Louisa’s smile went away as she seen her mother take a diaper. Louisa screamed at the top of her voice that she was not a baby and did not need any diaper. This made her father drag her over his knee once, and explaining that the judge decided she was not to be a baby. But she would be humiliated. This meant she would be treated as a baby while having the body of a 6 year old girl.

Louisa was now crying, because she was still a girl, she was being spanked and now told that she would be treated like a baby. She continued to cry as she was put in this dress that yellow and had a picture of a princess bear on it. Her mother stuck a pacifier in her mouth. Louisa knew that she shouldn’t spit it out as she would be over a knee again. Then her mother put ankle socks on her and Mary Jane’s. Louisa felt like a little toddler especially that the dress was so short and showed her diaper. As she stood up, her dad put a toddler leash on her. They obviously didn’t want her to run away again. Her mother promised that if she could go to the toilet and not wet herself, then she did not have to be a baby, and would be treated like a 6 year old.

Of course that didn’t happen. Twenty minutes later, she wet the diaper. She cried with a pacifier in her mouth, realising that the machine changed her body, so she had no control down there. She also was much weaker. When she seen her room that was a nursery, she knew that she would now be treated as a baby. The nursery had a crib, a changing table and a dolls house. There were many colouring books on the floor. Louisa was crying. She knew if she protested, she would just be spanked. Louisa gave her mother and fathers a hug and promised to be good. That didn’t save her from wearing diapers. It was hard the first few days, as it was hard admitting she was wet and then being changed on a changing table.

In fact, Louisa had to get used to a lot of things. The clothes she wore were Toddler clothes. They were very fluffy and bright colours, with flowers, butterflies or cartoon pictures. They always showed that she was wearing diapers. Not only did she look like a baby, she as treated like a baby. There as a highchair when Louisa ate, and a playpen hen her parents wanted to know where she was. There was of course a crib where she slept. Louisa used everything from pacifiers to baby bottles. She of course wore the collar around her neck and the tattoos would never wash off.

The worse thing was when they were out. Louisa was put in a baby seat in the car. When they were walking through a shop or town, she would be sitting in a stroller. If she was not in a stroller, she would be on the Toddler leash. It was embarrassing as people could see she was wearing diapers. If they were totally blind to that, they would see the pacifier in her mouth or the baby bottle in her mouth. Whatever the case, they knew she was a penny because of the “P” tattoo on her hands.

After a few weeks, Louisa went to a kindergarten with other children. Some were like her, old but treated like babies and some were small ones. Louisa also knew that some were pennies. The tattoos on their hands were a giveaway. Louisa was afraid of going there at the start, as she was afraid they would tease her. However they were in the same shoes. While some were lucky and didn’t need diapers or baby things, they respected and played with Louisa.

Louisa was never allowed to forget that she as a penny, when she woke up, she found herself in a crib. That reminded her that she was a penny. Then she was taken out and she was put over her mothers or fathers lap where she was given a spanking, to remind her to be good. Sometimes it was with a hand, and other times it was with a paddle. During the day she was treated like a baby. This meant people knew she wore diapers, especially when she wore short dresses. People could also see a pacifier in her mouth. At home she would colour or play with dolls. Even the food that she ate looked like baby food. Louisa was allowed to see TV, but it was cartoons. Louisa went to bed early at night, after being put over the lap for a reminder spanking

The fact is that Louisa quickly got used to her new life. She did not rebel as she did earlier. She started loving the pretty things she had. Pink and white were her favourite colours. She loved playing with dolls. The important thing is that she loved her mother and father, and the centre of her life. She knew she was a penny, and this means that she was once an adult. But she could not live without her parents now. She knew she was once a man, and then a boy and she did not understand this. After all boys had cooties and they wear boring clothes. Louisa accepted the bad things about being a penny. In fact she thought it was good. It was good being spanked, as it was like a cleansing for the trouble she caused society as a man. She accepted wearing diapers and being treated like a baby. She knew that one day she would grow up to be a well-mannered and a good lady that will help society. Once in a while Louisa thought did she accept this, or was it the collar that she wore that brainwashed her somehow.

One day a new boy was adopted. He was 9 years old. Daddy asked Louisa to help him adjust. She went in to speak with him and was determined that he would accept that he now lived in a pennies world



End Chapter 1

Life as a Penny

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 21, 2014


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