Baby Blues

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 22, 2012

A mother is tired of her 11 year old sons arrogance and rudeness, She has an extreme plan to solve this

Chapter 1
Baby Blues - Part 1

Chapter Description: In the first part, we meet mother and son, and why she has chosen the path she has. Is she a bad mother? Is he a bad son?

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Baby Blues

Written by Dauphin

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Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes. I do my best, but I am not perfect. I hope you like the story despite these.

Ellen was like millions of other mothers in the world. She lived alone with her son. This means that she had to work, provide a home, have food on the table as well as the many chores a mother has. She did not have a husband, so she had to do this alone. It was hard being a mother without a father. Her son, William was 11 years old, and had many of the traits he should have had as a teenager. He was already a very independent boy, with his own views and sometimes this could be a bit annoying for his mother. He didn’t need her that much anymore. He had his friends and school. In fact every day that passed, it seemed like he drifted further and further away from his mother. Ellen missed the days when he was younger. The days when he would come running to he hurt himself or simply needed a hug. She missed when she helped cut his meat and gave him baths. She missed the days when he had a tantrum problem, and not an attitude problem. As time went by, Ellen was feeling more like William’s servant and less that of his mother. She was afraid what he would be like when he was a teenager. Ellen was afraid of being lonely.

It didn’t help that William was getting in trouble at school. His schoolwork was suffering, as he could not find the benefits of doing his homework. He was in a few fights at school, which made him a regular guest in the head masters office. It was so bad at one stage that Ellen was afraid when the telephone rang. It could be a fight with some boy, or it could be back-talking to a teacher or it could be his falling grades. Yes, Ellen was at her wits end. She didn’t know how to raise a teenager. She wanted to help her son, but he had the attitude that she could not cope with.

Yes, she missed the old days. She thought that her job as a nurse would suffice, but her son meant the world to her. Things could not have got worse that when one day William came home on his final day of school. William was excited about the summer holidays. No school and he could do what he wanted. That evening, he ate his dinner quickly. Ellen was disappointed that he did not even say thank you for dinner. He just rushed from the table and turned on MTV. Ellen pleaded with him if he could put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher. William looked at his mother in a disgusted way, and said, “The only thing your good for is telling me what to do. I hate you.” Ellen stared at him as he stormed off. She felt like she finally lost him now. It was the first time that he said that he hated her, and it cut like a knife in her heart. Ellen hid in her bedroom, and cried her heart out. She hoped that William would come in and apologize and give her a hug. This did not happen. Never in her life has she been so sad and lost. There seemed like there was no hope.

Ellen rang to her mother, and cried while telling her the latest episode of her family life. Williams’s grandmother was appalled.

“I feel like I lost my son.”

“That is part of growing up.”

“I know. But he has no love or respect for me. He does not need me anymore”

Grandmother went silent on the telephone. This worried Ellen, who started to think that everything was her fault. Maybe she was a bad mother. Grandmother broke the silence and said that she would visit Ellen the next day. She had to do some research. Grandmother promised that she would find a solution. This cheered Ellen up. Maybe there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The next day, Grandmother came to visit Ellen. William did not even notice that she came in. He was listening to music and looking at some magazines. Ellen was embarrassed that her son did not even greet his grandmother. This did not bother his grandmother that told Ellen that they have to speak in private.

“I have found an answer,” Grandmother started, “You have to listen to what I say carefully. I have been looking at the Internet all last night and have found a solution to your problem. You will have to think about if it’s something that you want to do. If you decide to do it, then you have to be determined to carry it out. I will help you along the way”

“This sounds serious, what do I have to do?”

“It is serious. The goal is to make William well behaved and depend on you a lot more.”

“Yes, I want my son back. He doesn’t need me anymore”

“Then you have to do something, and I found the answer, even though it sounds strange. There is something called age regression. In other words we will make William think and act like he is younger. He will mentally be the age of a boy that is 4, and this means that he will depend a lot more on you.”

“How do we do that?”

“Using medicines and subliminal messages, we will make him first wet the bed. The hard part is that he has to be so embarrassed about it, that the only way he can see out of it is to wear diapers. Once we have him in diapers, then we can begin the road to making him a toddler again.”

“That is a bit extreme.”

“The way he is going astray is a bit extreme, so this might be the only answer.”

“Tell me more about it”

“Ok. He is a very short boy. Only 4½ feet (137cm), so this is a good thing. He will get medicine that stalls his growth. It will also reduce his muscle mass, making him a weak little boy. There are also sedatives, so he gets tired easy and sleeps very easily. As I said, once that he is in diapers, we will put him on the road to being a toddler. In time he will forget what it is like being a big boy, and find more comfort and security in being a toddler. He will welcome it and need his mom a lot more”

“You obviously do not know him. He will hate being a baby. He will fight me at every turn. He is a very independent boy”

“It takes time and brainwashing. It takes manipulation and discipline. It takes a strong hand and persuasion. The fact is that he will accept it, and see no way out of it. Age regression means that he will act and think as a toddler. Don’t worry. I will tell you what to do and when to do it. William can visit me once in a while, so we can continue training him”

“It all seems a bit cruel. If Social Welfare finds out, he will be taken away from me.”

“That’s why it’s good that you live outside town. When the time comes, he can go to a special school with children like him. I think you should think about this darling, and make sure that you know what you are doing and you can stick to the plan. If you decide that he should do it, then put this medicine in his food. There is also this little machine. Put it under his bed when he is asleep.”

“What does the medicine do, and what is that machine for?”

“As I said, the medicine will stop his growth and reduce his muscle mass. It will also make his bladder smaller and weaker. I have put the different medicines as a powder, so it just has to be added to his food. Then put the machine under his bed. It simply has subliminal messages that he can hear when he is asleep. They say that maybe he should wear a diaper at night, and there are sounds of a baby sucking a pacifier. But before you do all this, make sure that it is what you want to do”

Grandmother left and William did not even say goodbye to her. Ellen knelt in front of her picture of Jesus and prayed for guidance. Age Regression seemed so drastic, yet it could bring her son back to her. On the other hand, it would mean that she would be very selfish. Shouldn’t it be a mothers wish to let her son grow up and be an independent person, and not a mothers boy? If only God could give Ellen a sign. If only she could think straight!

A few days went, and Ellen nearly dismissed her mother’s plan. However she noticed that her son’s arrogance and disrespect was not changing. One night before eating, Ellen asked if they should not have a conversation, as she put it; speak with each other about different things like any normal Mum and son. William huffed, “Do you remember when I said I hate you, and well I do! You moan and groan all the time and your no fun”

Ellen excused herself and went to the kitchen. She found the powder medicine that her mother gave to her. She made up her mind. She put the medicine in Williams’s meat sauce, and stirred around. No more was she going to take abuse anymore. The dinner was silent as usual. The only comment that William had was that the food tasted a bit funny. Ellen just remained quiet and thought if he only knew. For a few minutes she felt like a bad mother, but after his grunting and complaining about her food, she thought that he was a bad son, and this would change!

That evening, William was watching TV. It was about 9, and he knew that a good film was coming. If he was lucky, his mother would go to bed, so he could see the film in peace. He was not that lucky. His mother just sat in her chair and was reading some magazine. Every time that she turned a page, he could hear it. It was annoying, especially as the movie just started. He was waiting for this movie all day! There was something wrong though. The movie was only 5 minutes old, and he could feel his eye lids getting heavier. William could not understand that he suddenly felt tired. He usually could stay awake until midnight. Yet it was 9:08, and he was fighting to keep his eyelids open. William slapped himself in the face and tried to concentrate on the film. It helped when Mum came with a glass of warm milk. Little did William know that she put some more medicine in that? He did think that it tasted a bit funny. Just as William was finished with the milk, he couldn’t take it anymore. His eyes were all too heavy. He decided to go to bed. Of course he did not say good night to his mother.

William fell asleep straight away. Ellen waited a few minutes and put the device under his bed. She turned it on. She couldn’t hear anything, but Williams sub conscience could. It was a little voice telling him that maybe he should wear a diaper, and that he was not really 11 years old. This didn’t affect Williams sleep. He was sound asleep until the next morning.

William was shocked the next morning. His bed was wet. He didn’t wet the bed in years. He was also confused why he wet his bed. He said to himself that 11 year olds do not wet their bed. For a few minutes, William was in doubt to what age he actually was. He thought he couldn’t be 11 years old, but after a few minutes he remembered he was. This was weird, wetting his bed and forgetting how old he was. William quickly gathered the wet bed clothes and pj, and put them in the hamper. He did not tell his mother, as it was too embarrassing.

William decided to stay home that day. He was not feeling well. His muscles and bones were feeling a bit funny and they hurt somewhat. Maybe he was getting sick. Maybe that’s why he wet the bed. Little did William know that it was the medicine working. It was getting hard for him to remember his real age, because of the subliminal messages. Ellen found the wet bed sheets, but said nothing. She had a notion why William was staying home, and just watching music videos on the sofa while sending text messages to his friends. Ellen told him that she hoped that he felt better, and this was ignored by William. Ellen shrugged her shoulders. Patience is a virtue.

That evening, Ellen put the dosage in Williams’s food. Once again he said nothing at the dinner table, and just complained that the food tasted a bit weird. Ellen just told him to eat up. William did and went back to watch TV. A few hours later, he was tired again. William was sure that he was sick. He ordered his mother to get him a drink. Ellen warmed some milk and put some medicine in. William drank the milk without saying thank you. It didn’t matter to Ellen. She could see his body go limp, and he was fighting to stay awake. Finally William struggled to make his way to bed. He managed to put his pj on and fall on the bed. He didn’t hear Ellen that came in short afterwards to turn on the device under his bed.

The next morning, William woke up. He smiled. His muscles felt better. Little did William know that they drugs were in place and working to keep him from growing. Williams’s happiness was short lived. He discovered that he wet the bed. Quickly William gathered his bed sheets and put them in the laundry. He decided not to go out today. Deep inside of him, he was afraid going out alone. He thought that he was not old enough to be alone outside. Again William was confused. He remembered that he played outside with his friends before. Why was he suddenly afraid now? He glowed at MTV, while thinking how old he actually was. The songs on MTV did not appeal to him. He turned the channel and watched the Simpsons. Then he smiled, he remembered that he was 11.

Williams mind went back to the bedwetting. He was worried if this continued. What would happen to him? Maybe he will be put in a diaper, like a little baby. William thought that a diaper could be the best solution. A voice in his head said that he heard this before. But where did he hear it? Of course, William did not know about the device under the bed that whispered to his sub conscience that he was not really 11, and that bed wetter’s should wear a diaper. The only thing that William thought now, was that he should wear a diaper. He quickly dismissed the thought, as only babies wore diapers. What would his friends say? They would tease him if they knew that he wore diapers.

Ellen noticed that he stayed in the house, and was watching the Simpsons and not some dance videos on MTV. She smiled and thought that it was a few years ago since he watched the Simpsons. William has not yet showed any respect or wanted to talk with her. Ellen wondered when he would cave in. When will he need her? She decided that she had to continue with her plan. She was not a bad mother. Ellen kept saying this as she put more medicine in the food. She was delighted when he did not complain that the food tasted strange. In fact he said thank you when he was finished. When was the last time that she heard this? Ellen was smiling when William asked politely for a drink a few hours later. Once again, he could not stay awake, so he went to bed. Unknown to Ellen, William said a quick prayer that he would not wet the bed. He did not hear Ellen come in and turn on the machine with the same subliminal messages he heard the nights before.

The next morning William woke up. He could feel that his bed was wet. Tears started to flow and he started to cry. When was the last time that he cried? Only sissies do that? Only babies do that? But only babies wet the bed. William thought that the only sensible answer was to wear diapers. He tried to fight this thought, but it was louder than the day before. Maybe he should wear a diaper, he was not that old.

William sat down at breakfast. His Mum was in her usually cheery mood and she did not notice that he sneaked out with his wet bed sheets. Did she not notice all his wet bed sheets? Then he thought that he was glad that he had a mother.

“Mum”, he said, “err… how old am I?”

“You’re not that old”

“I just can’t remember my age sometimes”

“Don’t worry; little boys do not remember their age all the time. By the way, your grandmother is coming today.”


Ellen was a bit shocked that he was happy his grandmother was coming. It made her happy that her son was interested in his family again. She pondered over the question if she was a bad mother. She doubted it, thinking that William was polite today and was not his usual grumpy son. Ellen was slowly getting her son back.

Part 2 is on it’s way June 12! (I don’t know why it says its completed, but this story has 4 parts)



End Chapter 1

Baby Blues

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 22, 2012


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