Baby Blues

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Chapter 4
Babies Blues - Part 4

Chapter Description: William's journey continues, with ups and downs

However he was shocked again. His bedroom was changed.

Part 4

His bed was gone and his dresser was gone. Instead there was a crib and huge changing table. Now this was gone too far, he thought. He looked at the crib. It was slightly bigger than a crib that he had when he was a baby. The new crib was definitely for bigger boys. William thought about this as his Mum lifted him on the changing table. If the bed was bigger than a baby crib, then boys like him must have slept in them. He thought that was most logical, as why else would they make them? His Mum didn’t say a word about it when she was putting a thick diaper on William. William felt like crying as he wanted to be a big boy, and in the deep corners of his mind, he had the impression that he was once a big boy.

Mum lifted him in the crib. It had high bars on it. It looked like a jail. However William noticed once more that his heart was not galloping again. He felt very secure in his crib. He knew that he would not fall out. William smiled up at his mother as she gave him a kiss on his cheek. He had the pacifier in his mouth, but his mother understood when he asked her to read her a bed time story. Mum was happy that she found his old baby books and picked one to read for him. William was soon asleep, with a pacifier in his mouth. He had no idea that Mum once again turned on the subliminal messages below his bed.

The next day, William woke up. He looked around and could see the bars in the crib. He could feel my diaper was wet, and a bit cold. William didn’t like it when it was cold. He looked around his pillow and found his pacifier and put it in his mouth. William slept well in the crib, as he felt safe. He knew that he could not fall out. He decided that it was a good thing for his mum to buy. When he got older, he could use his big boy’s bed, whenever that was. The problem now was that William could not get out of the crib. He was afraid that if he crawled over the crib then he would fall. He missed his mummy and wondered where she was. Without thinking, William started to cry. He wanted his mother. He needed her. Not just to get out of his crib and get a dry diaper on. He just missed her.

Mum finally came and put the pacifier back in Williams’s mouth as she gave him a hug assuring him that she was there. She continued changing his diaper. William no longer commented or even thought about the fact that a new diaper was being put on him. He just laid there sucking his pacifier and looking at the ceiling or in his mother’s eyes.

After he ate his breakfast, William asked his mum to take him down from the highchair. He tried tugging his bib off, but could not manage. Ellen was amazed at this. He could just untie it. She realized that he was depending more and more on her. He was now acting fully like a toddler. Now it was time to raise him and make him something society would be proud of. Ellen thought that it was now time to test if he fully accepted what he has become.

While she was taking William from the highchair, she informed him not to get comfortable before the TV or start playing with his blocks, as she was taking him to the park. Ellen got ready for an explosion. She expected that William would not want to go outside wearing toddler clothes or a big bulgy diaper. However he just looked out the window and asked her if she was going to be with her. Ellen reassured him that she would be with him. She was pinning his pacifier to him, so he wouldn’t lose it. She also planned on packing her baby bag with some diapers and a bottle of juice. You never know if they would be needed. It was also a challenge for Ellen. She was taking her 11 year old sun to the park, a son that wears toddler clothes (and diaper) and acts like a toddler. What will the other parents think? What if someone from child services was there? Ellen then thought that it was a shame that she didn’t have a big push chair. She must write that on her list.

Soon they arrived at the park. Ellen sat on a park bench and slowly looked around to see if anyone was looking at William. It seemed like he got a few looks, but nobody came over and put Ellen in handcuffs. I suppose people have seen boys being emo or sissies, so maybe a toddler was not bad.

William just stood around his mother. He could feel his heart pounding. He knew the park well, but it was years since he was here. He wondered if the other boys would play with him. The problem is that they looked so small. Why were there no boys there his size? He put his thumb in his mouth and started sucking it. He looked at his mum and felt much safer that she was here. Then he remembered the pacifier pinned on him. He reached and put it in his mouth. He looked around once more and seen the monkey bars. It’s been ages ago since he played on them. He ran over to the bars and started swinging on them. He soon forgot about being shy and was having a lot of fun. William started running to the different play things. He started swinging, and then sliding and spinning around. He even tried riding the horse that he thought was very small. The only thing he didn’t try was the see saw, which seemed very dangerous.

After a while of being hyper, William settled in the sand box. Suddenly he felt very thirsty. He tried putting his pacifier in his mouth, but it didn’t work. He needed something to drink, because he had been playing so hard. William went up to his mother and said he was thirsty. She quickly took out his bottle of juice out and gave it to him. William went back to the sand and sat down while drinking from the bottle. He noticed that some girls that were about 4 or 5 were pointing and laughing at him.

“You have a bottle and a binki” one of them said

“Yea, I am thirsty”

“I stopped using bottles and binkies long ago. I bet you’re also wearing a diaper. I can see by the bulge that you are. I don’t wear them anymore.”

“Well I have to.”

“That’s because you’re a boy. Boys are just big babies”

William didn’t answer. He surrendered to her teasing. He could see that she was half his size and yet she didn’t need a pacifier or diapers or a bottle. She was a big girl. While he was still basically a baby. William continued to drink his bottle, while he was being teased.

Ellen noticed that her son was being teased. She decided not to intervene, as it was part of his programming. He had to see that others knew that he was no more than a baby. Others would convince him that it was part of being a boy. Girls were just more developed.

Ellen wondered though why he did not notice that other boys his age were not babies. Maybe this was because he was small for his age. The boy that he seen in the baby shop convinced him that he was not alone. Ellen held her breath when two of William’s classmates walked by William. William had a bottle in his mouth and didn’t really notice them,

“Is that William in the sand?”

“No, that is an overgrown baby. William would never be seen with those clothes or acting like a baby”

“I suppose he is a bit small to be our age, but he looks bigger than a toddler!”

“Yea, I agree. It looks like he is wearing a diaper too. He must be a retard.”

“I wonder where William is though. I tried sending him text messages but he never answers. I think I will visit him later to see if he is sick.”

Ellen felt her heart drop when she heard the boys discuss. It broke her heart when they called her son a retard. William was definitely no retard. His mind was just screwed up a bit and he was confused into believing that he was a baby. It was not his fault, it was her fault. She looked at William that was happily playing in the sand, while the girls kept on reminding him that he was a diaper boy. Compared to the rude and arrogant son that she had a few weeks before, the new William was an angel. Over the next few months, he would be allowed to develop and grow to the boy he should be. A polite, smart and loving boy that any mother would be proud of.

The visit to the park was over. William was not taking away by child care workers. In fact, it was a good experience for him. Although he was teased by girls, he seemed to accept it. A few weeks ago he would have punched them. However, he had shown patience and tolerance, and that must be a good sign. Now she had changed his diaper and let him wear a one size. William was tired so she put him in his crib for a nap. That would give her time to do some work around the house. A few weeks ago, Ellen complained that her son never helped around the house, and that was stressing her. Now she thought that her baby was taking so much of her time that she hardly had any time to do any housework. She looked down at him with a pacifier in his mouth, and holding his teddy bear. Ellen smiled. She would prefer to have a baby than an arrogant and rude boy that would soon be a teenager.

As Ellen walked out, she heard the doorbell ring. She had no time to talk with any religious sect today! When she opened the door, it was one of Williams’s friends. Alex was just like William was, an obnoxious and impolite boy. While Ellen tried explaining that he was in bed, and was not feeling so well, Alex just stormed in. Ellen could feel her heart beat and somewhat in a panic when she saw Alex heading for Williams bedroom. When he got there, she could see the look on his face. Ellen could understand his look. The last thing that Alex expected was that his 11 year old friend would be sleeping in a crib in a nursery room. As Alex looked closer, he could see that William was sucking a pacifier and holding a teddy bear. He kicked the blanket off of him, and that meant that Alex could see that he was wearing a one size and he could even see a diaper. Ellen looked close at Alex’s face. She could see that he was deeply confused and worried about his friend. Ellen could see his face go white as he looked around the room and just back at William. Alex went over to the crib and shook it; this of course made William wake up. William started crying a bit, as his sleep was disturbed. The crying shocked Alex even more!

“What happened with you, William?” He shouted, “You’re lying in a crib and have diapers on!”

“Who are you” William said softly

“Oh my God! I am your friend! We do everything together, we play football and we play arcade games and we talk about girls!”

“Girls have cooties!”

“You are sick! Very sick! You are acting and looking like a baby.”

“I am not a baby. I am a big boy. Mummy get him out of here!”

“Just wait to I tell everyone. Everyone! All our friends and everyone at school. Everyone thinks you are so cool William and when we are not looking, you are just a baby that wears diapers and have baby things like clothes and a pacifier! Wait to I tell everyone that you pee your pants! You will be the laughing stock of the school. No one will think you are cool anymore. They will just think that you are an overgrown baby that pees his pants!"

There was silence as Alex just stood there. Ellen felt like slapping him across his face. He was supposed to be a friend, and now he was threatening to humiliate William to everyone that knows him! William just sucked hard on his pacifier. He did not quite understand why Alex was being so mean. He did not know what to say or do. He was thinking of what granny said. Boys need to be treated like babies. William looked at Alex. He could see that he was taller, so maybe he didn’t need to be a baby anymore. He could also see that Alex hair was spiked. William had some far off memories that he used to do something special with his hair. But he could not remember what it was. Maybe that is something that he seen in TV,

Meanwhile Ellen just stood there, and didn’t notice that Jenny was standing at the door. If you remember, she was the girl that seen William get changed in the Parking lot.

“Alex” She came over and pushed him, “William is just sick. He will get better again. If you dare tell a soul of what you seen today, I will tell everyone that you wear your sister’s clothes!”

Now it was Alex turn to go white. He just stormed out of the room. Jenny smiled as she thought that Alex was humiliated. She would not have defended William a few weeks earlier, as she thought he was as bad as any other boy. However there was something about William now. She knew it was weird that he was nothing but a big boy in diapers, but he was vulnerable, and sweet.

“I know that William will grow up soon so he don’t need all these baby things, Until then, I will help you take care of him, if that is OK with you.”

“Great” Ellen replied, “I am glad to get some help. I forgot how hard it is to have a baby. We should get William up now. I’ll tell you about what is happening with William. His grandmother is coming, so he has to be ready for her visit.”

About an hour later, Jenny and Ellen made some coffee and set the table with some cake for when Granny came. William was of course on the highchair and hugging his teddy with one hand and drinking a bottle of juice with the other hand. He didn’t understand a word that Ellen and Jenny were talking about. Maybe it was just as well, because Ellen was explaining how William became such a baby, and why she did it. Jenny never heard of such a story before, but she figured if it meant that he will be a better boy, then it was worth the trouble. Besides he made a cute baby, and she promised that she would help take care of him. This made Ellen happy.

William was delighted when Granny came. She got the biggest hug that a granny could get. Granny picked him up and smiled as she looked into his face, busily sucking a pacifier. The boy was totally mentally regressed to nothing more than a toddler, and he did not even comment that he was wearing a diaper and toddler clothes. Granny smiled as she felt the bulge on his bum. He was in total acceptance of his situation now. Granny lifted over to the playpen and put him down. The she went and sat on the sofa and started talking with Ellen.

“Does he still get the medicine and listen to the tapes?” She asked


“That is good. I have found a school that he can go to. It is outside the town and I was quite surprised when I found out that it was funded by the state. I visited there today and they gave me a tour of the school. We started in the nursery. There were a few boys that were just like William. They just played with dolls and blocks. They sucked their pacifiers. Once in a while they would get their bottles. Then they ate on their highchairs. I have even seen a few get breast fed. That was a bit strange seeing. However she told me that boys developed over a few months.

After that they start in Kindergarten. This is where they listen to stories and start drawing and things. The boys start learning how to get their strength back and bladder control. This can be a bit hard as some boys feel very secure being babies and in diapers. They learn how to get rid of their baby things and start acting like small boys. It will be interesting to see how William reacts to this. I think that he is secure with his baby things and furniture. It could take a bit longer that the nursery program.

After that, they start at school. This goes very quick, as they gain their knowledge back and learn how to do things that normal boys do. After this, then he can start at his old school.

The good thing is that this school works very close with the mothers. The mothers get counseling on how to be better mothers and how to raise their son right so that he is not the sort of boy that he once was. The son you get at the end will be someone that you can be proud of.”

“It sounds too good to be true. I suppose that this is the only solution. He cannot start at his old school. That is out of the question, because of the way that he is now.”

Time went and Granny and Jenny went home. Ellen was very tired after the long day, and she had a lot to think about. She made William some dinner and after dinner they sat down and watched the Chipmunks movie. William looked so cute, drinking his bottle while smiling and laughing while he saw the movie.

Ellen was not that happy though. She felt like she had forgotten something. She could not think of what it was. During the movie she tried to think and think, but could simply not think of what it could be. It was only when she was changing Williams diaper for bed and putting his pj on, that she remembered what it was. She had forgotten to give him his medicine. In a way she felt good. He has not changed because he did not get it and she felt like she was not screwing with his mind and body. Ellen decided that she would not give him medicine anymore or the tapes. William was regressed enough. She laid him in his crib. He smiled at her and told her that he loves her, at the same time as he was yawning,

William did not sleep well that night. He kept on tossing around in the crib and simply could not settle down. After a few hours, he tried putting the pillow over his head. His mind was in turmoil. Things were flying around in his head. He was thinking about his happy life as a toddler, and the way his mum loved him. He thought about sitting in the highchair and eating and then he thought about the trip to the park. Maybe it would be better if he had a push chair, so he wouldn’t have to walk all that way. Then William thought about the girls teasing him. That was definitely not nice. The boy who woke him up also teased him. It wasn’t his fault that he wore diapers. Where had he seen that boy before? Williams mind was racing once again. He recognized his face, but simply could not remember who the boy was. Then William thought about the Chipmunks movie. He smiled as he thought that the film was funny. Then images of playing football went through his mind. Why was he suddenly thinking about football? He then realized that it was fun playing football. It was when he could be with his friends. Then he wondered if he really needed his mum to come with him every time he went out?

William was so confused. He usually slept like a log, but there were so many things going through his mind. He suddenly remembered that he used to play football with his friends. It was fun. It was a chance to be with people his own age. William wondered how old he actually was. He thought that he was a lot with his mother. She did everything for him. William wondered if she did too much. Then he remembered that the boy was one of his best friends. William must send him a text message. Where was his mobile telephone?

William looked around him. What was he doing in a nursery? The more he looked, the more he was confused. Why was he in a crib? Why was he wearing such a babyish PJ? Where was his laptop? Then William felt it. Why was he wearing a diaper? Why did the diaper feel so comfortable? Then he noticed a pacifier in his mouth. What the hell was happening to him?

“Mum!... Mum!.. Mum!.. Why am I in a nursery? What am I doing in a crib? Why am I wearing a diaper? I am 11 years old!”

Mum came with a worried face on her, she persuaded William to lie down and sleep. They will talk about it in the morning. In the meantime, she gave him a bottle of juice (with medicine in it) and when he laid down, she quietly turned the subliminal messages on

The end- Or The beginning



End Chapter 4

Baby Blues

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 22, 2012


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