Baby Blues

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Chapter 3
Baby Blues - Part 3

Chapter Description: William continues his road, is there any way he can be normal again?

Part 3

It seemed like William could hear his diaper make noises every time he time he took a step. He looked around to see if he could find other boys that wore diapers. He could not see any. This confused him, as he thought that small boys were just like big babies. As he was going through the mall, he saw Jenny. William blushed at the thought that she had seen his diaper being put on. Now she was giggling again as she noticed him. This made William blush even more. He could feel that he was not wet, but what was she giggling about. Then he remembered that he was sucking on a pacifier. He quickly took it out of his mouth and put it in his pocket. Jenny probably thought that he was a big baby. Deep down, William knew she was right. He was a big baby, after all boys needed to be treated like big babies. He didn’t know why, but his mind kept telling him that.

They entered a shop in the far corner of the mall. It was full of baby things. Things like strollers, cribs, high chairs, and of course diapers. Some of the baby things were huge that they could be used by a grown up. As he walked around the shop, he could see his mother write some things on an order forum. Ellen kept asking if he liked this and if he liked that. The strange thing is that she was asking if he liked the cribs, highchairs and playpens. William just nodded as he was asked these strange questions. He was surprised that some of the highchairs and cribs were big enough to fit him. But then again, his Granny and mother told him that he was not a big boy yet. He wondered why his mother was asking. He thought of how afraid he was when he was in his bed. The more he looked at the crib, the more he thought of how safe it was. He could not fall out because of the bars. The same with the highchair, he could not fall out of the seat.

As they were walking around the shop, William noticed another boy. He could see that he was about the same age. What William didn’t know was that the boy was 8 years old, but he was the same size as William, as William was very short for his age. William could see that the boy was wearing diapers. The boy was also wearing little boy clothes, with a big teddy bear on his clothes. He could see the shape of the diaper through the boy’s shorts. It made his bum look very big. Then William looked down and noticed that his bum probably also looks big. He felt a bit happy that he seen another boy with diapers on. It must be right, little boys are just babies and treated as such. William put the pacifier back in his mouth and went around the shop with his mum. Now they were looking at clothes. William saw overall jeans with a teddy on it. He asked his mother if they could buy it. His mother agreed and said it would look cute on him. William lost track of the clothes that she was buying. He noticed that they were either baby clothes or cute clothes.

On the way out of the shop, William helped his mother put all the new clothes in the car. His mother was surprised at this. A few weeks before, he wouldn’t help her with anything. She looked at him and noticed that he was happily sucking his pacifier. A thought went through her mind. He was 11, and he was sucking a pacifier and wearing a diaper. She was certainly a bad mother. Brainwashing her son to think that he was a baby! On the other hand she noticed that he was more polite and he was a son that she could be proud of. He would soon be out of diapers and baby things. This time she would train him right.

Ellen opened the back door of the car, and without saying a thing William sat in the child’s seat. He told his mother that he was wet as she was tying him in the car seat. His mother said that was OK, they would change the diaper when they got home. William sucked his pacifier and held his teddy. He noticed Jenny standing there giggling again. She heard him say that he wet his diaper. Now he was sitting with a pacifier and a teddy bear. On top of that he was sitting in a toddler car seat. William wondered what Jenny was thinking. She would surely tell everyone at school that he was a big baby. William sucked on his pacifier a bit harder and thought that this was not the end of the world; the other boys in his class must be just like him.

As soon as he came home, William went to his room and took off his diaper. He put on the coolest jeans and t-shirt that he could find and his favourite pair of boxers. He looked in the mirror and could see that he no longer looked like a baby. He went to his window and looked out; of course Jenny was not there to see how cool and big he looked. His mother came in with a black plastic bag and started putting his old clothes in it. William was confused. He became wiser when he noticed that his mother was putting his new clothes where his old clothes were. Mum made a joke and told William to say goodbye to his big boy clothes. William could feel a tear coming to his face. He quickly found his pacifier and put it in his mouth. His Mother also put his toys in a cardboard box. It was his laptop, and play station and other toys that he used to play with. On top of that she put his cell phone in the box. William sucked his pacifier harder, and tried not to cry. He tried to be reasonable and tried to understand why his mother was doing this. It has been weeks since he used them. On the other hand, he thought that something was wrong. He just couldn’t put his finger on it. Now he seen his mother put new toys out. They were stuffed animals, blocks and bricks, crayons and colouring books, plastic trucks and action men. William smiled a bit as he thought how fun it would be to play now.

In the afternoon, William helped his mother bake some cakes. Once again Ellen was surprised. He did not yell and verbally abuse her when she exchanged his clothes and toys. He was now helping her to bake. Despite her feeling like a bad mother, she knew that she was getting her son back. She noticed that his fine skills were a bit clumsier. In other words, he was not as good holding a spoon or things like that. She thought that it might get a small bit worse. Then Ellen could see a wet stain in Williams’s jeans, and the stain was getting bigger and bigger. William has wet himself again and he didn’t realize it. This made him cry, as he was confused why he wet himself again. William hated the feeling of being wet, and couldn’t understand that he could not make it to the toilets once again. Mum took him to his room and took off his clothes. William was still afraid of why he was wetting himself, but his mother told him not to worry. All small boys go through it. She asked if he wanted a diaper on, and William yelled no! He only wore diapers at nighttime. Somehow it seemed wrong that he should wear a diaper at daytime. Then she put the overall on William, the one with the teddy bear on the stomach.

It was soon time for dinner. William tried to adjust himself on the seat, but once again he felt a bit insecure. It was like the chair was slippery. He felt his heart thumping again as he tried to sit as secure as he could. He was happy when his mother put a bib on him. Then he knew that he wouldn’t spill the food on his new clothes. Eating went fine, He didn’t even notice that the food tasted funny. He was used to the taste by now. His mother continued to put medicine in that would make him weaker, the same size and screw with his bladder. The mealtime took a drastic turn when William couldn’t hold the cup properly, and spilt milk down his overall. William couldn’t control his tears, and cried so his lungs nearly hurt. He didn’t know why he was crying, but he felt that he could no longer do things. Here he was sitting on a dangerous chair, with a bib and a baby overall, and eating with a baby spoon and baby plate. Ellen just gave him a hug and said that he could just take off the overall and eat in his undies; they could get him ready for bed afterwards. William sat there just in his underwear and bib and ate the rest of the food. He soon forgot about his baby ways and was talking with his Mum on how fun it will be to fly.

Just as William was about to leave the dinner table, he felt afraid. He felt like he was frozen to the chair. Ellen noticed that he was terrified and guessed that it was because he felt insecure on the chair. She knew that it was a result of screwing with his mind. No 11 year old is afraid to sit on a normal chair. On the other hand, it was cute that he needed her help. Ellen lifted him down from the chair, and noticed his wet briefs and a puddle on the floor. She could see that William just noticed, and his eyes were welling up. She kissed him on the forehead and said it was time to get his night diaper on anyhow. On the way up to his room, Ellen thought that his bladder was totally losing control, and he was quickly becoming a little toddler. She thought about the big change in him as he was lying on his bed and sucking a pacifier while he was getting a diaper on. She then took a footer one size pj and put it on him. It had a picture of a train in the front. Ellen thought that he looked so cute, with covered feet and a one piece pj, and a diaper bulge and a pacifier. Ellen also realized that William has stopped doing his hair in the fashion that was with 11 year olds. He just didn’t bother with it anymore. This means he had some curls in his hair, which made him look younger. Ellen was also aware that his tantrums were getting rare; in fact he seemed to accept what was happening to him, and was convinced that he was a little boy.

As William was relaxing and watching Bugs Bunny on TV, his mother came with his milk. However she put it in a baby’s bottle. William looked puzzled at it, and wondered if it was really for him. He started wondering if he was a bit old to be having a little bottle, then he remembered that he spilt his milk at dinner. William slowly took the bottle and started sucking slowly from it. It was easier drinking from a bottle; he could lie back on the rug and just suck from the bottle. Like the pacifier, it also soothed him. He felt very loved and secured. This made him smile at his mother and say thank you. There was something strange from drinking from a bottle. It made him more tired. Within a few minutes, he was asleep on the rug, with the bottle hanging out of his mouth.

Ellen lifted him to bed, and tucked him in. She was surprised that he was not that heavy, but he was not the size of an eleven year old, most like an 8 year old, and the medicine he was getting would make sure that he did not grow. Ellen turned on the subliminal messages that would make him feel more like a toddler; yes… she was screwing with his brain. But soon it will be over. Soon he will just be like a toddler.

William woke up in the middle of the night. One leg was hanging over the bed. He felt very afraid and moved as close to the wall as possible. He could not sleep, as he was afraid that he would fall out of the bed. William carefully stepped down from the bed and decided he would sleep on the floor. It was hard for him to fall asleep though, as he felt like he missed something. He searched for his pacifier, but couldn’t find it. Then he found some where his laptop computer used to be. After he started sucking the pacifier, he quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, William woke up refreshed. His pacifier was still in his mouth and he thought that was OK. His Mum came in to find him already awake. She was surprised to see him sleeping on the floor. It was obvious time to start the next step in their plan. It was good that they were visiting Granny today. She was going to take care of William while Ellen fixed the house a bit, with new furniture that was coming. While she was taking his diaper off, she told William that Granny would babysit him today. William thought that this was great news, except his mood was destroyed when Mum put another diaper under his bum. William protested and said they were only for nighttime. His mother simply said that he should use a diaper as he would be driving in the car, and she doubted that his Granny wanted him to wet her furniture. William could see the logic in this. She took out some toddler clothes, a top with big bird from Sesame Street on it. The shorts were read and a bit baggy. No doubt, you could see the diaper bulge in them. His socks went to his knees and he wore sandals. It has been years since he wore sandals! Yet William did not cause a tantrum. He knew that his mother wanted him to look nice. William went over to the mirror and could see that he looked like a big toddler. It didn’t help that his hair was now curly, making him look even smaller. William wondered what age he was.

Breakfast went as normal. William sat very carefully on the chair and let his mum put a bib on him. He ate his cornflakes with his baby spoon and didn’t make that much of a mess. Then he said that he was thirsty. Mum put some orange juice in a bottle and said that he could drink it in the car on the way to Granny. She also showed him something smart. She could pin his pacifier to his top, so he would be able to find it. William thought that it was smart and ran and got the changing bag and his teddy and said that it was time to go and see Granny.

This time, he had no problems sitting in the car seat. He felt like he was secure and wouldn’t fall down. On the way to Grannies, he drank some juice that his mum put in the baby bottle and sucked his pacifier, while giving his teddy a hug once in a while. William could not remember when he was so happy. What he didn’t know, was that he no longer had the stress and the pressure of being part of a group, doing things his friends wanted and there was no peer pressure about fashion and things like that. He knew that he looked like a toddler. But he also knew that if he wet himself, nobody would notice, as the diaper was good to absorb it all. Unless there was a leak, but he didn’t think so much about that. William thought that wearing diapers were better than wet clothes. Maybe he should listen to his mum and agree to wear then all the time until his bladder got better. William sucked on his pacifier as he thought about wearing diapers all the time.

He couldn’t wait to get out of the car and give his granny a hug. However he had to wait until his mum undid the straps in the car seat. When she done this, he ran to his granny and gave her a big hug. He had so much that he wanted to tell her. However his mother was talking with Granny while she was giving her the changing bag. William didn’t know what they were talking about, but if he did, he would hear his mother telling Granny about wetting more, and getting used to pacifiers and bottles, as well as more comfortable with diapers on. It wasn’t long before Mum gave William a hug goodbye. She explained once again that she had some furniture coming to the house, so when the furniture was in place, she would come back again. William felt like crying as he would miss his mother, after all she has been around him constantly in the last few weeks. However, he sucked a bit harder on his pacifier and was acting brave.

His granny said it was time to eat. She told him that she heard that he was afraid to sit on a chair. Then she showed him a highchair. It was a bit bigger than a baby highchair. She explained that it was an old one, and her mum used it when she was a toddler. William looked puzzled, he was not sure that he wanted to sit in a baby chair. He was about to throw a tantrum, but his Granny said that he couldn’t fall off the seat. This made sense, so William let his Granny lift him on the chair. It was very comfortable. He felt a lot more secure on the high chair. Granny always knew better. There was a problem when Granny put an ordinary plate and knife and fork before him. To make matters worse, she put a glass in front of him.

“Granny,” He said, “I’m not big enough to use adult plates and I need a bottle, so I don’t spill.”

Granny smiled, happy that William was asking himself for baby things. It was a big step in the final part of her plan. Before William could change his mind, she replaced the plates and knives and forks with more toddler relevant items. Granny then put a bib on him and gave him mashed bananas.

“I like your new clothes,” She said, “They are much better for a little boy like you. When you get older, you can wear the clothes big boys wear.”

“Thanks Granny. There was a boy in the shop yesterday. He was a bit bigger than me and wearing the same type of clothes”

“Was he wearing a diaper?”

“Yes, you could see the bulge in his pants. I don’t think he is a big boy yet. I think he wears diapers all the time”

“Well, maybe he needs them all the time. Boys are very slow to grow up. What about you? I hear that you now love your pacifier and teddy.”

“I suppose I do. It makes me better when I suck it. Mum has tied it to my top so I don’t lose it. Even if I lose it, I have others I can use.”

“I hear that you are also wetting and that you can’t control it. You wet before you know that you should go to the toilet.”

“I know. It is like I am suddenly wet and then I know I wet myself. I hate wet clothes, I really do”

“Yes, that could be a problem and a lot of work for your mummy. She has to wash and wash and it could destroy Mums furniture and carpets and rugs”

“I won’t destroy yours Granny; I am wearing a diaper now.”

“Aww that’s cute.”

Lunch was over; Granny helped William out of the chair. She then told him that it was time to get his wet diaper off. He laid on Granny’s soft bed and she started to peel his diaper off. Then she tool a pair of his undies and was about to put it on. William kicked a bit and softly said that he thinks he should wear a diaper, so he don’t get wet clothes and the furniture doesn’t get wet.

“Do you think you should wear a diaper all the time?”

“I dunno. Maybe until I get bigger and I can pee by myself.”

“OK, I’ll put a new diaper on you, but I think you should tell your mother”

Andrew nodded. He felt even smaller admitting that he needed diapers. His granny put his toddler clothes on and they went to the sitting room. She emptied a box of cars and blocks. William remembered them from when he played with them a long time ago. He wondered why he had stopped playing with them. He was overwhelmed by being able to play with them once again. He quickly remembered what he used to play. He would build a small town with the blocks and then drive the cars around the town. Granny noticed that William was in a world of his own. He was smiling and it didn’t seem to bother him that he was playing with baby blocks with a pacifier in his mouth. At one stage, Granny gave him a bottle of milk, so William laid back on the rug and started drinking the milk. It didn’t take him that long as he dozed off to sleep.

When he woke up, he could see that he was moved on the bed, where his mother was smiling down on him and changing his diaper. William was a bit sleepy and wanted his pacifier. He was in a bit of a panic when he could not find it. Then he remembered that it was fastened to his top. He quickly put it in his mouth and smiled that he was getting a dry diaper on. Ellen smiled at granny, as they both realized how he now accepted getting a diaper on, and not only that, but little boy clothes.

On the way home, William was sitting in the baby chair in the car. He was looking out the window as he was hugging his teddy and hugging his pacifier. He was thinking about his life lately, but the problem was that it was hard for him even to remember what happened yesterday. His Granny, was right, it would be better if he wore diapers all the time. It would also be easier on his mother.


“Yes dear” Ellen answered as she was trying to pay attention to the heavy traffic.

“I was speaking with Granny. We talked about that I wet myself all the time. It’s not nice to have wet clothes or making you do the extra washing. Well, I was thinking… I was going to say… well Granny thinks it’s a good idea too…”

“What is it sweetie”

“I think I should wear diapers all the time.”

“I think you may be right William. It will make things easier. I am proud of you for thinking about the extra washing and what is best for you”

That was it, Ellen thought, this is when her son totally surrendered and admitted that he was a baby. This was the result of a lot of medicine and subliminal messages. His mind was so screwed and confused, his body so weak and uncontrollable, that Ellen had her little baby back. The last part of her plan would be easy, as they were just things that had to fall in place. She looked in the mirror and seen that he was sucking his pacifier and hugging his teddy bear. She could see the large diaper bulge in his shorts.

Ellen helped William out of the car and made him promise that he would not go in his room until it was time to sleep. She then took William in her room and changed his diaper. She put a romper on him and cute little socks with ducks on them. She said it was nearly time to eat, so he should watch some cartoons until it was time to eat. When Ellen seen William heading for the sofa, she pointed towards the baby rug on the floor. It was yellow and white and had pictures of cars and fire trucks on it. There were also numbers on it. William looked it at confused. Why did he have to sit on a rug? His mother argued that it was safer. He would not fall off the sofa.

It didn’t matter. William knew that it was soon time to eat. It would be stupid to fight over a chair. He looked at the baby rug and it interested him. The cars and trucks were so cool, and it was like they were driving in different positions. William was memorized, as he looked at his new rug, and then some cartoons on TV. His mother was so good to him. Getting him a nice rug was so nice.

Ellen called William out to the kitchen. It was time for him to eat dinner. She seen him come out, dressed in a romper with a diaper bulge. The Pacifier was fastened to his chest. If he had seen himself a few weeks earlier, he would have not believed it. He would have been so ashamed of himself. Ellen knew that her son has changed. It was obvious that he was now a baby, but it seemed as if he was happier and content with the little things. Williams smile disappeared though when he entered the kitchen. He just stopped in his tracks and stared at the new highchair that Ellen put there. Ellen could only imagine what was going through his mind, when he seen the highchair especially built for pre-teens. He was not at all happy about it. Ellen could see it in his face, as she went over and picked him up and secured him in the highchair. He did not resist or cause any trouble, and just surrendered to the new experience.

William didn’t say a word as his mum put the bib on him. Deep down, he knew that sitting in a highchair was a bit babyish and he felt as if we were too big to be sitting here. Then again, he was sitting there with a diaper on and now a bib, with baby plate and a bottle before him. He also felt safe on the chair, as his heart was not pounding. He knew that he would not fall down. William looked at his mother, as she cut his meat. He knew that she loved him, and wanted the best for him. It was at this moment that William realized that Granny was right. Boys like him were nothing more than big babies, and needed to be treated like big babies.

Dinner was soon over, and William was on his rug drinking his milk from his bottle. As usual he felt so sleepy. His mum turned the music channel on, something that William would have been glued to a few weeks earlier; however he could not pay attention to the music anymore. It sounded more and more like noise. Mum told him that it was time to go to bed. William walked in his room. His thoughts were on his wet diaper. He was happy that he would soon get a new one on.

However he was shocked again. His bedroom was changed.



End Chapter 3

Baby Blues

by: Dauphin | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 22, 2012


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