Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


1st chapter - about family

Mark is forced to live as part of a yanomimi tribe family. As he enters the hut, he notices his body changing and is forced even to wear panties!

Apr 5, 2009


2nd chapter - School day

Mark finally goes to school on his new little indian body. Can he survive the differences between women and men treatment of yanomimi?

Apr 5, 2009


3rd chapter - students

Mark goes to school and meets 2 new friends: kala and her brother kolo, both of them like mark's attitude. The girls have to cook for the boys on this morning.

Apr 11, 2009


4th chapter - women duties

On mark's day off, his new family decides to train him to be a wife. Then, drake comes for a visit so he'll be the training husband. Can mark do anything to pleasure drake? Warning: contains sex :D

Apr 11, 2009


5th chapter - Hunting day

Today is a special day: all yanomimi girls will be hunted by the boys. If the boys catch the girls, they can treat the girls like pets...can Mark survive this embarrassing experience?

Apr 20, 2009


6th chapter - Baby doll

Mark breaks Kala's doll so now he has to be her doll for a day!

Apr 25, 2009


7th chapter - Beach day

Mark's classroom is having a field trip to a tropical beach! But Mark doesn't have a swimsuit! Now what?

Apr 27, 2009


8th chapter - Naked day

It's a hot day on yanomimi village so all girls have to be naked!

May 1, 2009


9th chapter - Pregant?

Mark thinks he had sex with Drake and now is pregnant. Kolo is angry with Mark. A bit of sentimental chapter.

May 1, 2009


10th chapter - Kala's birthday

It's Kala's birthday and she's having a party on her house with the theme "disney princess"!

May 1, 2009


11st chapter - Hot springs!

Mark's class will have a trip to Moamba hot springs! There's a new character coming up on this chapter!A short chapter.

May 2, 2009


12nd chapter - Renee

Mark wonders who was the strange girl from last night. At the next day, they all go to a dance club!

May 2, 2009


13rd chapter - sleepover

Kala's having a sleepover at her house and she invites the whole group(even the boys)

May 2, 2009


14th chapter - Old friends

Mark goes to the amusement park on the city and there meets his old friends...with his new little girl form, he doesn't want to be recognized!

May 6, 2009


15th chapter - Sick

Mark is sick and yanomimi have a strange way of curing diseases

May 12, 2009


16th chapter - Valentines day

It's valentines day and Mark receives gifts from all characters!

May 16, 2009


17th chapter - Growing

Mark's sister is growing and she has to undergo a "Diaper trial". Mark is forced to do it with her!!!

May 24, 2009


18th chapter - Boys

Mark thinks he's turning more and more into a little girl, so he'll do boys things with Kolo and Drake for the whole day.

May 24, 2009

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