Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 13
13rd chapter - sleepover

Chapter Description: Kala's having a sleepover at her house and she invites the whole group(even the boys)

Today all class and Renee is coming back to yanomimi village(why is Renee with us?). To celebrate our return, Kala is having a sleepover and she invites the boys and Renee (and me, of course).

Kala: don’t forget to wear your best pajamas! And be creative about what you’ll wear too! Normal pajamas can’t enter my room!

Mark: okay...(what is “normal” for you?)

After arriving at Kala’s room, I could look at what everybody was wearing. Kala was naked(is her body her own pajama?), her cute little girl naked body made Renee blush a lot. Speaking of the devil, Renee was wearing a black top with no sleeves (just to show her arms) and black adult panties.

Kala: wow Renee! You are so mature! I think I’m turning into your number 1 fan!

Renee: it’s no big deal, I use that kind of lingerie all the time...and I like your “no pajama” style.

Well, the boys are wearing just briefs, I noticed Kolo’s briefs are childly, because they are “backyardigans” ones.

And for me, I was wearing a transparent baby doll pajamas and Disney princess panties(it’s Belle, my favorite Disney princess).

Kala: okay dokey! Let’s start the sleepover! Let’s all play truth or dare tonight!

Drake: haven’t we play it on the last chapter?

Kala: No! It was monkey says monkey do! Ok, I’ll start! Renee, truth or dare?

Renee: truth

Kala: Do you like to see me and Mimi almost naked?

Renee: (blushing a little) I-I...your little bodies are cute...(not blushing anymore) But I would like to see you two “totally” naked.

Kala: *giggle* don’t worry, I’ll take off Mimi’s clothes when she starts to sleep!

Renee: my turn! Kolo, truth or dare?

Kolo: d-dare...

Renee: I dare you to take off your briefs!

Kolo: what? B-but I’ll get naked...

Renee: do you want me to remove your briefs?

Kolo didn’t say a word, so Renee quickly started to grab his briefs and slowly removed his underwear.

Renee: IT is not so big*laughs*

Kolo: m-my turn...Mimi, truth or dare?

Mark: dare

Kolo: I want you to wear baby clothes.

Kala: cool! I have some on my wardrobe! They were mine when I was young!

I had to wear Kala’s old baby clothes...a white infant dress(one piece) of the “Care bears series”, a pink pacifier, a pink bonnet and of course, a pink diaper. The diaper felt quite comfortable on my butt and the baby clothes fit me like a glove, am I that small?

Kala: wow! Mimi is sooo cute! Here baby, mommy will kiss your baby cheeks!

Kala kissed my cheeks and Renee couldn’t resist to hug me for a long time.

After the play, we watched like 5 Barbie movies on a row and went to sleep. There weren’t beds for all of us so I had to share a bed with...drake!?

Drake: good night my princess! Don’t worry, I won’t “have a baby” with you again like on that night.(see the 9th chapter)

When the lights turned off, I couldn’t sleep! Drake’s naked body was touching mine and his body is so hot...so cool...so...why am I thinking this? Oh no, my heart is beating like crazy!

I had gone for a nocturne walk around Kala’s house. Outside her house, I found Renee looking to the moon.

Mark: hi Renee! Couldn’t sleep too?

Renee: yeah...Kala’s body is too much hot.

Mark: hehe, why do you like girls so much?

Renee: girls have perfect bodies, but I only like little girls, because the have small nipples and tiny feet...what about you, Mimi? What are your preferences?

Mark: me? Uh...I like strong boys, but they have to be kind too (why am I saying this again?). But I also like cute girls...

Renee: really? Do you like me?

Mark: what? What was that all of a sudden? Well...I like you, Renee. You are a beautiful adult, and you’re calm and mysterious all the time...

Renee: then, let’s make out.

Mark: what? N-no, that’s not...I...

Renee: tehee, just kidding! Come on, let’s sleep together so we can at least SLEEP.

Renee and I slept for the whole night. My preferences are confused. I love all of my friends. Do I love Renee too?

Yay people! Thank you for giving me the courage to write the story! I love you all! Did you like the chapter? There’s 1 vote for Kala so far. How about the new character, Renee?

I’m making my dreams come true with this story, i read tg stories(or AR) since i was young :D

Oh, and did someone asked about the characters age? Well...they sure are young. Mimi is in constant change,but i think she’s around 5-7. All other characters are like 7 years old, they’re taller than Mimi. And Renee is the only adult of the story. She has 18-20 years.

bye bye!Night nighty see you again soon^^ Don’t forget to comment!!!



End Chapter 13

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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