Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 3
3rd chapter - students

Chapter Description: Mark goes to school and meets 2 new friends: kala and her brother kolo, both of them like mark's attitude. The girls have to cook for the boys on this morning.

It was the next Day, so I completely forgot about what happened yesterday.

My mom woke me up for school and did the paint ritual again! This time she painted kiss marks, ribbons and dresses on my whole body. After this, my dad picked up my dick(it had grown up again) and was looking for the paint bucket. I reluctant tried moving my dick but he grabbed with all of his forces.

Mark: daddy*sob*, I don’t wanna*sob* pwease!

Dad: don’t worry my little princess, someday you won’t need this. It will just come out naturally. Won’t it be nice? When that time comes, you can give me grandchildren after having sex with the strongest boy on the tribe!

My face got all red when he said the word “sex”. I tried to imagine myself spreading my little legs and waiting for a strong and big dick to come and...god, what am I thinking? I think my heart is accelerating his beat. Noooo! I can’t think like a girl right now! I have to go to school.

My mom made me wear a pink Barbie top and a little white skirt she made by herself. Then, I arrived at school.

When I got inside the school, I noticed all the boys looking at me and some of they started to guess what was the color of my panties on this morning. One of them said he loved me so they all started fighting to “win my love” or something like that. I ran away directly to the classroom.

There, I met Kala

Kala: hiii Mimi!

Mark: do I know you?

Kala: come on, it’s me, Kala! I played Barbie dolls yesterday with you!

There was a shy boy behind Kala at that moment, he was looking at me.

Mark: oh yeah...and who is this guy right behind you?

Kala: huh? Oh! This is Kolo, he is my twin brother!

Kolo: huh...huh...it’s n-nice to meet you. You are pr-retty.

Kala: Yeah! And Mimi is a tough cookie too! She went outside and showed her inner parts to all boys in the classroom!Yayyy! Mimi is the coolest! Kolo thinks the same, don’t you?

Kolo: I, um...y-yeah. You are amazing, Mimi.

Mark: ...thanks?

After the 1st classes, it was lunchtime! And on this day, the girls would have to cook for the boys! Me and Kala were cooking a strawberry cake

Kala: huuuuum, I love strawberries! I’m pretty sure all girls love them too!

Mark: really? I don’t really think so.

Kala: Don’t you like strawberries, Mimi?

Mark: strawberries make me think about girls...(and how I became one)

Kala: that’s right! That is because all girls love strawberries! They are soft, pretty and it’s all “squishy” inside, just like girls!

Mark: huh? (I blushed at this time, how can she say something like that so easily? squishy means...wah! Don’t wanna think about it)

Kala: come on Mimi, you are a girl! Try one strawberry!

She put a strawberry right inside my mouth, I was trying to bite it but I’m pretty sure my teeth aren’t completely grown up yet, so I tried sucking it...made me feel so pleasured that I let escape a moan. All girls were looking at me because of the moan.

After the cake preparation, I decided to give a piece of cake to Kala’s brother...

Kolo: for me? Thank you...

I think he smelled it because he said it had my scent, was he trying to say he loves my smell? I didn’t know how to react so I just blushed.

Then, a strong bad boy came to me and grabbed a piece of my cake

Mark: hey! Who do you think you are? I didn’t want to give you a piece of my cake! It has my smell on it (I think)!

Bad boy: I know it was your cake; I grabbed a piece because I’m Drake, the strongest boy in school, and soon I will be your husband! Isn’t it the rule of yanomimi princess marriage? Oh, and you sure are a hot girl, I like your body! Makes me wanna have kids with you.

He ate my cake. I was so embarrassed and angry with him that I sticked my tongue to him.

Then, he pushed my face closer to him and gave me a warm kiss! After that, he went far away from me. Just who is this guy? And he KISSED me? I think it was my first kiss...grrrr, HOW ANNOYING!

Please don’t forget to comment the story! I have 10 chapters planned from now on^^

I’m loving to write new characters on the story but my favorite continues to be mark(or mimi). Will mark marry drake? will kolo confess to mark? will kala start a lesbian romance with mark? anything is possible XD

please read my story again at the next part^^



End Chapter 3

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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