Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 6
6th chapter - Baby doll

Chapter Description: Mark breaks Kala's doll so now he has to be her doll for a day!

6th chapter - baby doll

It’s a normal day at school: Kala and Mark are playing with her dolls. But today, Kala brought her favorite doll: it’s a baby wearing a bonnet, a pacifier on the mouth and cute yellow diapers.

Kala: look Mimi! This is my baby and I am her mom! Don’t you think she is cute? I love her soft skin and cute diapers! And she can train how to use the potty, and eat, and...

Kala was saying all kind of things about her doll. Then, Drake arrives at the classroom and starts ringing Mark’s bell (the one he gave her at the previous chapter, remember?).

Mark: this is annoying! Stop doing that!

Drake: Oh, my little kitty is a little stressed? Is it the menstrual period? Maybe it’s because you think I’m not acting like your boyfriend? Don’t worry...

He started to hug me and touched my little butt a little...


Mark: stop that! I’m not your girlfriend!

I tried to push him away, but my weak hands couldn’t do anything. Then, I tried running away and accidentally tripped on Kala’s doll...I broke it!

Kala started to cry. Kolo came to the class and tried to calm her down with no success.

Mark: let her cry...

Kolo: I can’t do that! Hey...I have and idea! You’re almost at the same height of the doll...

Mark: thanks...and?

In a question of seconds, Kolo undressed me and pushed me. I landed on a school desk and spread my legs. He put baby powder on my butt and I couldn’t see anything because of the “baby powder fog”. He put a diaper on me...a yellow one with a “minnie mouse” on it. He picked up the doll’s bonnet and put on me.

Kolo: you can’t suck the pacifier because is too small for you, but you can always put your thumb inside your mouth.

Mark: wait wait wait! What??? I’ll be Kala’s baby doll? No no no! You can’t be serious about that!

Kala(looking at mark): oh!!!It’s my baby! And she is fixed!

Kala grabbed me and put me on her on her arms, I didn’t know what to do. Kala thinks I’m her baby!

Kolo whispered to me: “don’t worry, I’ll fix the doll until tonight. Please make my sister happy, sorry...

Drake came to me and Kala:

Drake: what a cute little baby! Who’s the little baby? Who’s the little baby? Yeah, it’s you!

I tried to kick drake’s face, but couldn’t reach it because Kala was carrying me on her arms.

Kala: what is it, baby? Are you hungry? Don’t worry, mommy will give you baby food!

She placed me on a “baby chair”(on school?) and started to give me a baby bottle full of Enfamil.

Kala: Open wide baby! The airplane wants to land inside your mouth

I was forced to eat baby food, yuck! It feels little I have no teeth to eat that thing!

After the food, Kala forced me to watch dumb cartoon on the classroom’s tv(?). I watched dora the explorer, blue’s clues...all nick jr programs! She made me sing the songs and dance the musics too. How embarrassing! All the class was watching me.

At the end of the programs...

Kala: baby, I think it’s time for you to train the potty!

Kala put me on a pink baby toilet, put down my panties.

Kala: ok, now you can poop! Come on, I know you can! Do for mommy!

Mark: I’m don’t want to...

Kala started to cry a little so I forced a poop.

Kala: yay! You did it!

She washed my butt and then put me on a new yellow diaper.

At the end of the day, Kala said:

Kala: thank you Mimi! You really are a good friend! Tehee, I had a fun day!

Mark: what? Did you know it was me?

Kala: All the time! That’s why I love you Mimi!

She kissed me deeply and my cheeks became red, it was my first kiss...and I kissed a girl? Is Kala a lesbian?

Kolo fixed the doll and gave it to Kala and I couldn’t forget her kiss...is Kala really in love with me? What should I do?

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End Chapter 6

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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