Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 2
2nd chapter - School day

Chapter Description: Mark finally goes to school on his new little indian body. Can he survive the differences between women and men treatment of yanomimi?

2nd chapter - School day

It was Mark’s first day at the new school, so his mom kissed a good morning kiss on the “little girl’s” forehead.

Mom: wake up my precious cookie dookie! Mr. Sunshine tells me it’s time for your first day at school.

As Mark wakes up, he notices he s still trapped on a little girl’s body but something feels different...Mark feels something bulging from inside of his panties. He decides to check out.

Mark: Yes! My penis is still here!

Mom: oh my, that’s a problem! Don’t worry, the “painting body ritual” will solve this in a minute. Look, I already brought the paint bucket for you to dive your little “wee wee”

Mark: No way! I want to be a boy again!

I ran away from my new mother, but father caught me up and lifted me...my little legs couldn’t reach the ground

Mark: No daddy! I don’t want it! Pweaaaase!

Dad: don’t worry Mimi, it won’t hurt. If you do this I’ll let you choose what panties you’ll wear for the morning.

Mark: noooooooo!

Dad picked up my dick and put it inside of the paint bucket. My “wee wee” became a little pussy as I began to cry like a baby. After this, he painted the rest of my body.

Mom: there there, it’s okay Mimi...now you can choose your panties.

My mom put me on a Disney princess Cinderella panties and she made me wear a sunflower dress made of leaves (it was her creation).

After the changing, my parents left me on Yanomami school. My mother instructed me to don’t cry, be nice to the teachers and to bend my legs when sitting on the chair.

As I entered the class, the teacher explained how where the classes going to be...

Teacher: Ok, now, the boys have to play soccer and fight each other outside school. The boys always fight each other because Yanomimi’s strongest boy always has the permission to marry the yanomimi princess

Mark: thank god I’m no princess...

Teacher: as for the yanomimi girls they have to play with dolls, sew, learn how to kiss, cook and do many other girly things. Won’t it be nice? Ok, let’s start the lessons!

The teacher gave one Barbie doll to each girl in the classroom, including Mark. She gave the suggestion to imagine Barbie is in a mall shopping with her friends.

As the children’s play began, a cute little Indian woman with blonde hair divided in pigtails and wearing a sunflower dress came to Mark:

Kala: hi little girl! I am kala! I like your “sunfwower” dress!

Mark: I, huh...thank you?

Kala: It’s almost the same as mine, tehee. Hey! Let’s play with our Barbies! Let’s see...they are going shopping! “Hi little Barbie friend!”

Mark: “hi...”

Kala: “I’m shopping for new clothes! Do you like that dress over there? How about a white flowered skirt?”

Mark: this is stupid

Kala: what? But we didn’t even start to play...

Mark: I don’t like Barbie dolls! It’s a girlish girl thing! I’m gonna play with the boys outside school!

Kala: but, the teacher said girls need to play with the dolls...

Mark: I don’t give a damn about her! I’m outta here!

So I went outside school and saw a bunch of boys fighting each other, I joined the fight but a boy defeated me in 5 seconds...

Mark: ouch! Why are you so strong?

Boy: it’s not me, it’s you! You are too weak because you are a girlish fragile girl. Now, go play with your dolls

I got frustrated and decided to prove I am a boy showing off my dick in front of everybody. I lifted up my dress and put down my panties to reveal...a pussy?Oh no! I forgot I was transformed down there too!

The curious boys saw my intimate parts and started to touch it curiously

Boy: wow! It’s so soft and hot! I never knew it was like that!

At that moment, the teacher came and dressed me properly. After that, she

Picked up my little soft hand and took me to “detention room”.

She placed me on her knees, put down my panties. A breeze air was flowing through my little butt. Then she spanked me! My butt became all red and I couldn’t stop crying like a little girl.

She said I learnt the lesson and gave me permission to go home.

After I got home, my parents came to me and said:

Parents: congratulations Mimi! You are the new princess of Yanomimi!

Mark: what? Princess? Why me???

Dad: yeah, me and your mom made this decision made this decision in front of all yanomimi tribe today!

Mom: won’t it be nice, Mimi? Now you’ll marry the strongest boy on the tribe! All boys will want to fight each other just to be with you!

Dad: and I hope to have grandsons and granddaughters too

Mom: that won’t be a problem, because you are so cute and ready for men, right, my little princess?

I started to cry a lot and went to my room, after this I hugged my pillow a lot tighter and tried to sleep. From now on, I’m yanomimi’s princess...

One chapter after another isn’t it? Well, it’s because today is sunday here in Brazil and i wanted a lot to make the second chapter! I love this story^^ There are plans for more 6 chapters and i’m continuing to create :D

Of course everybody noticed that the narrator of the story

changes from me to Mark, but please don’t get confused :D

I’ll try to make just "Mark’s point of view"

On the next chapter there’ll be more characters and i loved the reviews!please read more of my story and leave comments,i love them^_^



End Chapter 2

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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