Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 15
15th chapter - Sick

Chapter Description: Mark is sick and yanomimi have a strange way of curing diseases

Today I’m sick because little kids always uncover themselves while sleeping so I slept with my “little tiny small” girl’s body uncovered.

Mark: mom, give me some medicine...*atchim*

Mom: no no no my dear Mimi, your sister Megumi will take care of you while mom goes shopping!

Mark: but mom...Megumi is my little sister, she can’t take care of me!

Mom: what? Is it for real? Because look at you

She showed me a mirror

Mom: look how tiny your little girl body is, look how smooth, look at your pigtailed hair, look at those little feet and those little legs! You are even wearing a “My little pony” pink dress! You aren’t Megumi’s big brother, you’re Megumi’s little sister now and she’ll take care of you because you don’t know how to do anything by yourself. You’re still a dumb little girl, aren’t you, my tiny princess?

My mom made me feel embarrassed, so I cried a little and she kissed me on the forehead. She left for shopping and Megumi was there to take care of me.

Megumi: don’t worry sis. My new Mommy gave me instructions of how yanomimis cure their diseases. Let’s see...first I’ll take off your clothes.

My sister took off my “my little poney” pink dress...

Megumi: how cute! Is this what you’ve been wearing? I remember I wore this kind of clothes when I was 5 years old. Look! The poney is smiling at you!

Mark: come on...you’re embarrassing me...

Megumi: *giggles* okay okay! Your teddy bear panties are cute too. Don’t you wear a bra? I started wearing a bra a long time ago!

Mark: megumi...(my face became red as a pepper at that moment)

Megumi: oops, sorry! I’ll try the first method of curing diseases

She put a fish inside my panties

Megumi: now, you’ll have to sleep with this fish!Get some rest, lil’ sis.

I tried sleeping but the fish was moving up and down inside my panties. It made me feel ticklish down there. I couldn’t stop laughing so I couldn’t sleep.

Renee and Kala arrived at my house. They decided to try their own “ways of curing a disease” on me. The first one was Kala: she put chocolate syrup on all of my body. My body was all “icky” and hot. Then, Kala brought me outside the house! I was freezing there!

Mark: kalaaaaa! It won’t work! Achoo!!!!

Kala: owww, didn’t work? I guess I’ll have to lick the chocolate.

Her tiny tongue licked all my body, it felt ticklish all the time but I couldn’t resist her

Mark: nyahaha! S-stop that,nyah! hahahaha!

Then, I decided to try to sleep again, so I wore my dress and laid on bed. When I was sleeping, I felt something bulging from deep below my body, it was like someone was taking off my panties and put something else like...diapers?

I woke up and saw Renee! She was putting a yellow baby diaper on me.

Mark: Renee? What are you doing?

Renee: diapers can warm a person’s body...you’ll get cured.

Mark: well, it’s a bit comfortable...but it’s making me feel like a baby, remove it!

Renee: what? Don’t you like it?

She squeezed my diaper. It felt like a bunch of cotton entering together deep inside my vagina...it was so nice that I couldn’t resist peeing...

Renee: oopsie, baby got a problem. That didn’t work.

She took off my diapers and decided to warm me up by hugging me...naked!? My body felt hot so I started to sweat. Renee’s body is so hot, I can’t sleep like that!

I ran away from my room and bumped on my sis

Megumi: ouch! Oh, lil sis! You are sweating a lot! Don’t worry, let’s take a bath together!

She grabbed my arm and we all went inside a bathtub.

Megumi: tehee, remember when we were younger and took baths together? You always blushed a lot saying “I’m a man and you’re a girl, we can’t take baths together”. Now were both girls, so it’s alright, right?

Mark: no, it’s not!!!

Megumi: *giggles* you’re blushing again, how cute! Here, let me wash your back!

So the two of us had a bath and after that I felt a lot better. Maybe Megumi’s sisterly love cured me? Who knows...

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End Chapter 15

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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