Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 5
5th chapter - Hunting day

Chapter Description: Today is a special day: all yanomimi girls will be hunted by the boys. If the boys catch the girls, they can treat the girls like pets...can Mark survive this embarrassing experience?

Today I woke up and did the same painting ritual as always but this time, my mom Just painted cat pictures on me.

Then, I had tuna for breakfast! What’s my mom thinking today? I’m a cat now? Being a girl isn’t nice but being an animal is worse! Well, I went to school in my new “mom-made” hello kitty’s blue dress...and kitty’s panties to combinate.

Mom: bye bye mimi! Please have a nice hunting day!

Hunting day? What’s that supposed to mean?

When I arrived at class, the teacher said:

Teacher: today we’ll have a fun class! Because today is hunting day!

Mark: hunting day?

Teacher: yes! I’ll explain this “event”: the yanomimi girls have to wear animal costumes and the boys will hunt them! The boys have to use dog collars to hunt the girls. Once the boy catches a girl, she will be his pet for a day!

Mark: what? There’s no way this sexual harassment will affect me, ?cause I’m outta here!

I was almost reaching the exit classroom door when suddenly the teacher picked up me and lifted me on the air...I tried to get out but my little feet couldn’t reach the floor

Mark: get me out!get me out!

Then I began to cry

Teacher: don’t worry little Mimi, it won’t hurt! Here, let me help you with your costume...

She dressed me like a kittycat: I was naked and had a “tail” between my little butt, I had cat ears and the teacher draw whiskers in my face.

Kala was a kittycat too...

Kala: isn’t it cool, Mimi? We’re kittycats! Just like ichigo from Tokyo mew mew! Or the hello kitty! mew!

Mark: I don’t like it, this tail is making my butt tickles...

Then, the event really started. All the girls were running away from the boys and their dog collars. I had a little problem trying to walk with a tail but kala found it easy.

I tripped, and Kala tripped just above me. Drake was coming to get us but when he was making the “catch” movement...Kolo got us too! At the same time!

Mark: now what? Are we free?

Drake: not so fast! Hey Kolo, let’s share the prize! We can take care of these two catgirls by ourselves!

Kolo: eh?! Huh...ok(he was blushing after seeing my naked catgirl body)

Now, the boys decided to move us to Kolo’s house, to take care of the “kittys”.

Mark: grr...this is so humiliating! And my tail itches a lot

Drake: don’t worry my kitty, I’ll get it for you!

He grabbed my tail and pulled it with all his strength!

Mark: nyaaaaaa! It hurts! (I let a little tear fall from my eyes)

Kala: oh! Sound’s fun! Pull my tail too!

Drake: do you wanna try too, Kolo?

Then, the boys pulled our tails for like, 10 times! It really hurt a lot, but felt pleasuring at the same time. Kala liked it.

Then, it was “meal time”. The boys fed us with just fish and cat food...and milk! They made me drink on a bowl like a cat. There was milk everywhere around my face after that. I tried to lick the milk on my face, but my tongue is too much small...

After that, they decided to give us a bath! And a cat bath! Drake started to lick my whole body, his tongue was so hot in my body that I couldn’t stop to moan! He was licking around my belly button, under my arms and even “down there”. I tried to pull him away but it’s no use.

Kala helped with the bath too: she started to lick me on my feet; it was so ticklish that my feet couldn’t stop moving. I tried licking her feet too and she couldn’t stop laughing and moaning.

At the end of the afternoon, the hunting day event ended...

Mark: finally, we’re free...

Drake: nooo! I want Mark to be my kitty forever!

After saying that, Drake pulled out a bell collar (collar with a bell on it) and put on my neck.

Mark: wha-what is this thing?

Drake: it’s a cat bell, so you’ll be mine forever!

Kala: wow! How romantic! Mimi, you’re so lucky!

Mark: I don’t want it! Get out! Get out!

I couldn’t take the collar out and drake started to ring it a lot, then, he kissed me and I began to blush. I was his new possession for the rest of my live? This is a nightmare! Nooooooooo!

Is anoyone even reading my story? Please comment ;_; I’m not feeling so motivated to do this story like when i started it because you don’t comment ;_;

I have planned 13 chapters so long for this story :D



End Chapter 5

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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