Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 11
11st chapter - Hot springs!

Chapter Description: Mark's class will have a trip to Moamba hot springs! There's a new character coming up on this chapter!A short chapter.

There’s a village near Yanomimi called “Moamba Hot Springs”. My class is going on a school trip(another one?) to there today.

Kala: yayyyy! School trip! School trip!

Kolo: shhh! Be quiet, sister! The teacher is going to announce the groups for the hotel rooms.

Mark: I hope I don’t end up sleeping with Drake...

Teacher: first group: Mimi, Kala, Drake and Kolo!

Mark: nooooooo!

Kala: cool! We’re all together!!!

So, we all went to our own room at the hotel. First thing to do was to change into comfier clothes, because it was hot there in Moamba.

Before I could choose what to wear, Drake went to my bag, picked up light clothes, pushed me towards my bed and changed me! There was nothing I could do and he was even changing my panties! Now I was wearing a no sleeve Dora the explorer top and short girlish shorts.

Mark: don’t do that anymore*blush*

Drake: hehe, now you are comfortable! And sexy too!

Mark: pervert...

My friends were looking inside my bag and found my paint bucket.

Kala: whoa! What’s that for?

Mark: uh...I use to paint my body when I got nothing to do.( good lie)

Drake: cool! Let’s paint our bodies too! Wait, let’s do like this: boys will paint girls and girls will paint boys!

Kala: okay!

Kala started to paint Kolo’s body. He was feeling a bit shy and ticklish, then he painted Kala’s body. I had my revenge on Drake and painted his body so he painted mine.

Hehe, now drake’ll slowly transform into a little girl too and...hey! It’s not working on them! They’re all the same! Does the paint only works on me?

Kala: that was fun! Hey Mimi, aren’t you getting smaller than usual? Nah, it must have been my imagination...

At night, I and Kala went to the hot springs. My body is so little and cute that all girls started to touch me. Then, they treated me like a little baby.

Girl1: let me feed you, my dear baby!

Girl2: awww, Mimi is so small that I want to hug her!

Girl3: Aren’t you supposed to be on kindergarten, Mimi?

Mark: cut it out!

I noticed an adult among the children of the hot springs...she wasn’t from our class but was staring at me and Kala deeply. She had purple long hair, white skin and her eyes looked a little restless...

She came and hugged us two...I didn’t know what to do! Then, she said she loved me right on my ear.

She started touching our bodies a little(on the cheeks, on legs and on our little hands) and after some time, she goes away.

I wonder who is this mysterious girl?

A short chapter wasn’t it? I’ll introduce the new girl at the next one! I’m sure you’ll like her a lot! Please don’t forget to comment and say who is your faorite character so far.

bye bye! I’m gonna sleep :D nighty night!



End Chapter 11

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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