Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 14
14th chapter - Old friends

Chapter Description: Mark goes to the amusement park on the city and there meets his old friends...with his new little girl form, he doesn't want to be recognized!

14th chapter - Old friends

Today Mom and Dad decided to do to the city with me. They said they wanted to do childly and girly things with me on the amusement park.

After arriving there, I looked around the park, searching for something cool to do. Then, I saw my old friends from school(from before I became Mimi): Megumi(my younger sister) ,Shinji(my rival in love)...and Yuna (the girl I like from my old school).

Of course I didn’t want to be recognized so I went under my mom’s skirt.

At that safe place, I took a peek on Yuna. She’s as beautiful as she was back at my old school...but she’s hugging Shinji’s arm! What’s going on?

Mom: what are you doing under there, sweetie? Are you playing hide and seek?*giggle* you’re so cute.

In the moment I went out of my mom’s skirt, my passport slipped out of my pocket.

My sister Megumi picked it up and saw it was mine. She shouted my name so I would come to her...but I can’t! Not in this little girl body!!!

Megumi: Mark!!! Mark!!!

Mom: are you looking for a guy named Mark?

Megumi: yeah! He is my brother!

Mom: he’s right here!(she pointed at me) But now he’s a little yanomimi girl called Mimi! He has transformed into a little girl by the magic power of this paint bucket.

Megumi: come on, old hag. I won’t fall on fake jokes about my brother...

Mom: old hag?! Well, I’ll prove that this paint bucket works and this is Mark...

She splashed magic paint on all my body. I became smaller than the usual and my clothes became too big for me...

Mark: why did you do this to me? Don’t turn me into a baby girl! It is worse enough to be a normal girl instead of a boy...

Megumi: Mark??? I can’t believe it!

My friends started to laugh at me. The girls couldn’t resist and touched my little body. They said I was reaaaaaally cute and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Yuna: wow Mark, you’re a little girl now? How sweet! You look so cute, so girlish, so tiny, so smooth...I wanna hug you!

Yuna hugged me. Her body was just as I though: soooo hot. Then, I started to feel a tingling sensation deep below my panties. Yuna was feeling something going out from there too....I was peeing! Am I losing bladder control? But why???

Yuna: oopsie! Looks like little “Mimi” had a problem...I didn’t think she was that young.

Megumi: yay! Brother doesn’t know how to use the potty anymore! Looks like he’ll need diapers.

Shinji: oh! Let me change her! She’ll love to have me changing her!

Then, mom let me be changed by Shinji. At the “babies changing room”, Shinji was ready to change me...but he’s naked!

Mark: hey! Why are you naked? Please wear some clothes...your dick is disgusting me...

Shinj: isn’t it? Well, I HAVE A DICK AND YOU DON’T! Aren’t you jealous? Now only I can have sex with Yuna! Look at the size of it!

She kept showing that disgusting thing right on my face.Somehow I became excited and couldn’t control my bladder again...then I pooped. Why am I losing bladder control?

After the accident, Shinji cleaned me and put me on a pink winx club diaper.

He finished the changing and we went to meet up with the girls.

Yuna: Now, where are we going on the amusement park?

Mark: Roller coaster!

When we arrived there, there was this big sign saying “you must be this tall to ride the roller coaster”.

Megumi: owww, my “new little sister” can’t ride the toy yet. “She’s” too small. Don’t worry, I’ll go on merry-go-round with you! Yuna and Shinji can go on roller coaster.

I was forced to go on merry-go-round. I rode a pink poney with my sister. She was really enjoying riding with me, but I was angry because of the roller coaster. Then she hugged me and my stomach became all funny...I felt like I wanted to giggle so I giggled!

Megumi: tehee, your giggles are so cute!

After the merry-go-round, Yuna and Shinji decided to go on “tunnel of love” together. I tried to stop them but they thought I wanted to go with them to be like...”their daughter” in tunnel of love!?

The 3 of us went together on tunnel of love. Yuna put me inside her dress and said “I am pregnant”...just playing with me. Shinji and Yuna started to kiss each other so I became jealous and started to cry. To make me stop crying, Yuna and Shinji tried kissing my forehead at the same time, but it didn’t work! They made me think I’m their real daughter...

At the end of the afternoon, my “friends” promised to visit Yanomimi village someday. They really liked me better on this form because is way too cutter than before. My sister couldn’t let me go. She wanted to stay more time with her new “sister”(that’s me). So, my new parents decided to bring Megumi along. She’ll help to take care of her new little sister...what’s gonna happen to me?

Don’t forget to comment! I love comments! Is Mark regressing even more and more? What’ll happen to him at the end of the story? Please don’t forget to vote on your favorite character!Oh, and i think Megumi’ll be the last character i’ll add :D



End Chapter 14

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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