Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 17
17th chapter - Growing

Chapter Description: Mark's sister is growing and she has to undergo a "Diaper trial". Mark is forced to do it with her!!!

Are you all tired because I write the same ritual everyday? Well...there it was the ritual and...

Megumi: Mimi! Mimi!

Mark: huh? Hi sis! Why are you screaming?

Megumi: look! Look! I’m growing up!

She showed me her bare naked pair of breasts, I blushed a lot because of that.

Megumi: see? They’re bigger than the last time! I’m growing!

Mom: oh, so Megumi is growing? Yanomimi girls have a rule about growing too!

Megumi: they do? Please teach me about it, my new mom!

Mark: oh, come on...yanomimi rules are dumb.

Mom: here’s the rule!!!

Mom took off Megumi’s panties and replaced them with...baby diapers?!?!

Megumi: why baby diapers?

Mom: Yanomimi’s ritual of growing is to live for the last time as a baby. After today, you’ll be a mature woman, so live your day wearing diapers!

Megumi: b-but people will laugh at me if I appear in school wearing this kind of thing!

Mark: poor sister...well, this is the life.

Megumi: little sister! You can wear the diaper too, so I won’t feel lonely and no one will make fun of me! Pleeeeeease!

Mark: no way!

Mom: come on, my dear princess. Don’t be selfish!

Mark: no, no and no!

Mom picked me up, took off my little girl’s panties and put me on a “tinkerbell” baby diaper

Mark: what? But Mom...

Mom: no buts. Come on, you two have to go to school today! Have a nice day!

After arriving at our classroom, Megumi sat right next to me. At the moment the two of us sat in the chair...a “diaper squeezing” sound could be heard by the girls of the classroom.

Girl a: what’s that? Someone’s wearing a diaper?

Girl b: it sounded like a squeezing diaper sound

Girl c: wearing diapers is a baby thing...who in this class could be one big baby girl?

Girl d: I think I heard two squeezes...maybe there are two baby girls

Mark: come on, megumi. We can’t make any noise with our diapers or else we’ll be called baby girls forever!

Megumi: but I can’t resist! It’s comfortable! Let’s touch our diapers!

She hugged me and ours diapers touched each other, making a giant “squeeze” sound. Somehow it was a soft sensation...

Megumi: see? Isn’t it nice?

Mark: No, it’s not!

Megumi: but your face is all red. Maybe you liked it! Let’s do it again!

She hugged me again and our diapers touched again...this time, I could feel the soft fabric of the diaper entering my “Under parts”...it made me feel so pleasured that I let escape a loud moan.

Teacher: Mimi and Megumi, you’re making noises on my class? Go to detention immediately!!!

At detention, teacher ordered the two of us to remove our diapers and sit on her knee. She gave us a good spanking

Mark: n-nooooo! P-please don’t d-do it! ouch!

Megumi: that hurts! It’s making my b-butt red!

After the spanking...

Mark: I felt like a baby getting scolded...

Megumi: really? Because I had fun! I have a great idea: let’s go to the baby’s lesson room next door! Then we can take baby stuff and play like we’re babies!

Mark: no way!

Megumi: come on! It’ll be great!

Megumi grabbed my hand to the baby’s lesson room and found pacifiers...2 of them.

Megumi: cool! Let’s put them! *she put a pacifier on her mouth*

Mark: I’m not doin....*she put a pacifier on my mouth*

Megumi: tehee. Itw’s swoooo sweeeet! Wet’s(let’s) kiss each other with pacifiers!

We started kissing with pacifiers on our mouths. It was strange but somehow nice too...

Until our teacher arrived and gave us another spanking...

Megumi smiled at me and I smiled at her. We both giggled and blushed just like two baby girls.

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I’m sorry, this chapter was a bit small i know but next one i’ll do my best^^



End Chapter 17

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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