Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 18
18th chapter - Boys

Chapter Description: Mark thinks he's turning more and more into a little girl, so he'll do boys things with Kolo and Drake for the whole day.

I woke up on the next morning and found out I slept holding a Barbie girl.

Mark: *giggle* Barbie, you’re so beautiful! I need more clothes for you so I can play “fashion show” with Kala’s doll and...wait! What am I thinking? Oh no! I’m turning more and more into a little girl! I even have a little girl’s mind! I don’t wanna be a little girl...

Then, I looked through my window and saw Drake and Kolo playing soccer just like two little boys. I watched them playing a little and had a great idea: I’ll do boys things today! So I won’t think like a little girl anymore!

Mark: mom! Do I have a soccer uniform?

Mom: soccer? But soccer is just for yanomimi boys.

Mark: please mom, make me a soccer uniform so I can play with the boys!

I saw a grin on her face but she really made a soccer outfit for me...but of course it was not like the boys’ one: I had my belly exposed because the t-shirt of the uniform was too much little.

Mark: oh come on...well, at least I can play soccer with the boys now.

I went outside to play with the boys...

Mark: can I play soccer too?

Drake: are you sure? Your little girl’s legs are too weak! Oh, and your uniform is sexy! It shows your belly! You’re just like a dumb teenage girl.

Mark: come on, let me play!

Kolo: it-it might not be a bad idea...

Drake: are you sure? Okay, Mimi can play! But let’s make a deal: if you lose, you’ll have to be the cheerleader, and if we lose you can do whatever you want with us.

Mark: okay! I won’t lose!

We started playing soccer but my little girl’s legs are too weak! I couldn’t kick the ball so strong. At the end of the game, I lost and had to play “cheerleader” while they were playing soccer...

Mark: Come on, let’s play another thing! Huh...Videogames! Kolo has one vbideogame at his house, don’t you, kolo?

Kolo: huh? Well...sure. It’ll be the first time you’ll come to my house...(kolo started to blush)

So we went to Kolo’s house to play videogame. I don’t know why but the boys didn’t stop looking at me. I think it was a little “under” me...at my panties. Maybe it was because I forgot to cross my legs so my panties were exposed to them.

They didn’t pay attention to the game so we stopped playing videogames.

Mark: come on boys, let’s play another thing! Huh...action figurines! Do you two have action figurines?

Drake: sure we have.

Mark: okay, Kolo, lend me one of your action figurines so the three of us can play together!

Kolo: huh...okay...I didn’t know you liked to play that kind of thing.

So we started playing with the action figurines...but I forgot how to play with them so I did it just like playing with a Barbie doll

Mark: hi max steel! Let’s go shopping for new clothes! Maybe we’ll find a nice outfit that’ll look fabulous on you!

Kolo: uh...max steel wouldn’t say that...

Drake: haha, you’re funny, Mimi!

Mark: am I? Gosh, I’m embarrassed...

Drake: of course you don’t know how to play with action figurines. You’re a girl so you just know how to play with Barbie dolls!

Drake’s words made me cry but I stopped crying at night when they said:

Kolo: it was a fun day today, Mimi

Drake: yeah, I hate to admit it, but even if you can only play as a little girl, you’re good in doing boys things. Hehe

Mark: *giggles* am I? Thanks!

So the three of us slept together on the same bed, they were wearing just briefs and I was wearing just panties...they blushed all night.

Another fast chapter, wasn’t it? The next chapter is a special one for AR lovers because mark is doing baby things!Don’t forget to read^^



End Chapter 18

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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