Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 9
9th chapter - Pregant?

Chapter Description: Mark thinks he had sex with Drake and now is pregnant. Kolo is angry with Mark. A bit of sentimental chapter.

It’s a village festival tonight so as the “almost princess” of Yanomimi, I have to be at the celebration. I invited my friends so they’re all here tonight: Drake, Kala and Kolo.

Kala: yay! All people are dancing! Let’s dance too, everybody!

Mark: dance? Huh...I don’t know how to dance.

Drake: Mimi doesn’t know how to dance? How pathetic! You’re a girl right? All yanomimi girls are famous sexy dancers! They dance like they’re stripping!

Kolo: No! It isn’t like that! Yanomi girls know how to dance not erotic dances too!

Drake: like what?

Mark: can Kolo teach me how to dance?

Kolo: what?(he blushes) s-sure...I’ll teach you the waltz!

Kolo started dancing the waltz with me. He guided me through the dance and our bodies were so near...one of his hands was touching my back and the other was holding my left hand. I couldn’t stop blushing, he was treating me so gently...it was like he was a prince and I was a princess.

After that, I got sleepy. So, I went to bed right away in the middle of the party...

On the next morning, I woke up. I was feeling someone near me sleeping on my bed and it was...Drake?

Drake: hi cupcake! How are you doing?

Mark: I’m not your cupcake and what are you...huh??? Why are you naked in my bed?

I looked down at my body for a second.

Mark: I’m naked too!!! What’s going on?

Drake: hehe, can’t you remember? You went to sleep yesterday, I asked if I could sleep with you too and you were so sleepy that you just nodded. So we had sex on this bed and you didn’t do anything against it!

Mark: what? No way...

Drake: it’s true! Oh! Am I hearing something from your belly? I think we’ll have a baby! Congratulations, you’re a mommy!

This is impossible...am I pregnant? Do all girls get pregnant right after the sex? I had sex with Drake???

After getting dressed I went to school normally. When I arrived at the classroom, Drake was there.

He put his head on my belly and said loudly to all class:


All girls came near me. They wanted to hear the baby. They said babies are so cute and congratulated me about being a new mommy.

Kala: Mimi! Congratulations! Can I be the baby’s aunt?

Mark: I’m so confused...

Then, I saw Kolo passing by the classroom. When I said “good morning”, he ran away from me with a crying face...what’s going on? Wait, could he be jealous of Drake? He knows I had sex with Drake yesterday and now is angry with me?

I was forced to watch a “how to take care of the baby lesson” from the teacher. She lessoned about preparing baby formula and changing diapers. But I was too worried about Kolo, I couldn’t pay attention to class.

At lunchtime, I started to search for Kolo. When I finally found him, he ran away again! I started to follow him as fast as I could but my little girlish legs were not so fast. I ended up tripping on the corridor. Kolo came to help me lift.

Mark: thank you, Kolo! You’re a gentleman.

Kolo: but I think Drake is better, isn’t he?

Mark: Kolo, I didn’t choose to have a baby! I never agreed to have sex with Drake! It’s all a bad mistake! I hate Drake! He immature and likes to play with me all the time...

Kolo: but you like it...

Mark: NO I DON’T! Kolo, I...I...I like you more than Drake(why am I saying this? I’m a boy! Is this because of my new girl hormones?)

Kolo: Do you really like me more? I don’t believe you...

Mark: then I’ll prove it!

I gave Kolo a nice, warm and long kiss right on his lips! I could feel my tongue reaching his tongue. The kiss was hot and Kolo was feeling like in heaven. I was feeling like it (a little) too...

After the kiss, I became embarrassed and went running to home.

Mom: hello my dear princess! Yesterday was wonderful, wasn’t it?

Mark: No it wasn’t! Drake came to my bedroom and had sex with me. I didn’t do anything to stop it and I became pregnant!

Mom: hahahhahahah! Drake didn’t do anything to you, my little girl. He just wanted to trick you! He slept on the same bed as you so you would think you had sex with him today!

Mark: what? And what about our bodies? I was naked and he was too!

Mom: It was hot, so I took off your clothes and his clothes too!

Mark: then I’m not pregnant? Grrrrrr! I’ll kill Drake! I’ll...wait a minute. Then, Kolo’s kiss was...I kissed Kolo!!!

I remembered the kiss at that moment, I think it was Kolo’s first kiss...

This chapter was a little too sentimental. No ecchi, no hentai, nothing too strong. If you didn’t like the chapter, please don’t kill me or stop to read my story! This chapter was a weak one i know, but the next ones are better! Oh, and i already have 18 chapters planned so far!^^

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End Chapter 9

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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