Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 16
16th chapter - Valentines day

Chapter Description: It's valentines day and Mark receives gifts from all characters!

It’s valentines day today! Yanomimi boys should give yanomimi girls a gift or something to say “I love you”.

I woke up and my mom did the same ritual as ever: she painted my body. But this time, she painted only hearts

Mom: today’s painting is special: it’ll make your body as soft as a cotton candy and smell like flowers in a garden!

Mark: what? Why did you do this?

Mom: Because I want my dear Mimi to be loved by all boys of the school! They’ll fall in love with you on the first sight.

She left me at school and the special panting worked: my new body aroma attracted all boys from school. They gave me “princess gifts”...but I couldn’t find my friends among the attracted students.

Today’s lesson for the girls is to bake cookies for our lovers.

Mark: what will I do? I don’t know how to bake cookies!

Kala: Mimi doesn’t know to bake? Don’t worry! I’ll help you!

So, the two of us started baking cookies. Kala was pretty determined to bake her cookies...does she have a lover?

Mark: Kala, do you have a lover? Your cookies are pretty...

Kala: tehee, thanks! It’s...it’s...

She became really embarrassed

Kala: It’s for you!!!

Mark: uh??? Oh, thank you!

Kala: do you like them? I did especially for you!

Mark: Yeah, they’re pretty

Kala: let’s eat them together!

We ate Kala’s cookies together, she pushed it inside my mouth like she was my girlfriend...no one has ever did this to me before, even when I was a boy. Kala is a lovely girl...I wouldn’t mind being her...huh...boyfriend?

Then, I exited the classroom with a cookie on my mouth. I was heading to the bathroom but I found Drake on the hall. He said my smell was so good and ate the cookie on my mouth, giving me a kiss. I started blushing like a “falling in love” girl. Drake started caressing my body so I returned to normal and smacked him

Mark: you pervert!

Drake: hehe, I love when you do this face. I never really said this, but I love you, even if you hate me.

Mark: *blush* d-don’t say stupid things like that!

Drake: hey! You blushed! So you love me too!

Mark: m-me? No! Of course not! I’m returning to class, bye!

When I came back to class, there was a box of French chocolate on my desk. I wondered who gave me this chocolate...

Then, Renee came near me and said it was her! She said it’s a French’s ritual to give chocolates to the person you love on this day.

Mark: it’s yanomimi’s culture too...but why me? Aren’t you a woman? Don’t you have a boyfriend?

Renee: Don’t have one...love Mimi.

Mark: r-really? But you’re so gorgeous and...well, thanks, Renee!

Renee made me eat all the chocolates in front of the whole class; she really IS a loli lover...but she sure knows how to make me happy with just a few words.

At the end of the class, I was heading home when I heard Kala and Kolo talking in front of my classroom.

Kolo: I can’t sis...

Kala: come on, Kolo! You have to do this! Be brave!

Mark: what are you two talking about?

Kolo: Mi-Mimi? W-well...it’s...for you!

Kolo gave me a “I love you” valentines card. I found it so sweet that I couldn’t resist giving him a little girl’s kiss on his cheeks.

Kolo blushed and ran away so I headed home.

After arriving home, I found out my sister Megumi made me onigiris (rice balls) for me! And they were heart shaped!

She said when I was young, I always wanted to go to Japan someday. So, in the valentines day, she made me onigiris, Japanese food!

Megumi: It’s a special valentines gift for my beloved little sister!

I ate all the onigiri and it was the end of the day. Wow, Mimi sure does have a lot of lovers...I think. Should I stay as Mimi? What about Mark? I’m so confused...

Hello everybody! Did you like the chapter? It sure was long :D

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End Chapter 16

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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