Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 4
4th chapter - women duties

Chapter Description: On mark's day off, his new family decides to train him to be a wife. Then, drake comes for a visit so he'll be the training husband. Can mark do anything to pleasure drake? Warning: contains sex :D

Warning: this part has sex, so children, close your eyes when your reach the part :D

It’s Saturday so I got no school today! My little body woke up at 8am and I was ready for breakfast.

Mom: good morning my angel! Here’s your box of winx club cereal. There’s a prize inside for you too! It’s a flora’s tiara! Let me put that on you!

She put that ridiculous tiara on my head and couldn’t stop saying “you are so cute” or “here it’s my little winx”. Then, my father came to the kitchen.

Dad: good morning princess Mimi!(he kisses my forehead, I don’t like it) Today is a special day for you! You’ll be trained as a woman all day. You’ll cook and clean the house like a good obedient woman.

So I was forced to do yanomimi’s woman duties...the worst part was to wash my own girlish cartoon panties, because they remind me that I’ll be a girl and have a pussy for a looong time. Will I ever change back? I think I’m already getting used to wear panties, it’s comfortable and make me feel a little hot down there. But I don’t want to wear panties anymore...

Then, Drake (the bad boy from yesterday) came to my house. I don’t know how he got my address but I hope he leaves now!

Dad: hello Drake! Aren’t you the strongest boy in the tribe?

Drake: yeah that’s me. And someday I’ll marry your daughter, that’s the rule of yanomimi. Don’t worry; I will pleasure her everyday when that happens.

Mark: grrr, I don’t want to be pleasured by you!

Mom: oh, that’s great! Now that Drake’s here, we can start mark’s “how to be a wife” training. Drake, you’ll be the training husband for today.

Mark: what??? Wait, I don’t want...

Drake: I’ll do my best!

Mom: Now, I’ll explain the rules to mimi because she doesn’t know them at all. The yanomimi husband is always superior to the wife and can order her to do whatever he wants.

Drake: really? Ok mimi, I want you to let me tickle your naked body!

Mark: WHAT? I won’t ever let you do that!

When I said that, my father came and started to take off my clothes. I resisted him by pushing his hands away. But my father knew I was resisting his hands so he used more strength and started to tear down my clothes. I got naked.

Drake was a lot excited about my naked body and started to tickle my belly and my “under parts”.

Mark: noo-hahah-stop-hahahah-I’m ticklish down there-hahahahahhahahahah!

When I was starting to become a little overexcited, my mom said another yanomimi rule:

Mom: The yanomimi husband always has to have sex 3 times a day with the wife.

Mark: what?-hahahahha-n-nooo!

Drake grabbed me and carried me like a princess (so I couldn’t escape) into my bedroom. He tossed me on the bed and took off all his clothes.

He picked up my head and moved it to his penis

Drake: come on Mimi, suck it!

His hands were too strong, so I could do nothing except sucking that big thing. It was deep inside my mouth as he was getting more and more excited. I was feeling my whole body getting hotter and hotter and let escape some moans.

Drake: Now for the real thing...

First, he kissed me. His kiss was so hot that made me feel good for some reason. Then, he started getting his body closer to mine and...forced his penis inside my vagina faster than a bullet.

I started to moan loud as he was moving that big thing inside me. I think he was moving that thing for 10 minutes and then he made me cum.

After the whole sex thing, I took a shower and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Drake: your mom said when the husband is near the wife, she can’t use underwear!

He took off my w.i.t.c.h. green panties and I became really embarrassed. I was freezing down there but couldn’t stop cooking.

When I finished making the food, my mom came with another rule:

Mom: when is the wife that does the lunch, the husband’s lunch won’t be food. He will kiss the wife until he is satisfied!

Drake: you heard mom, Mimi. Let’s kiss each other!

He gave me like ten hot kisses. He used his tongue, his lips...and I became extremely humiliated! My face got all red and I ran away from home.

Then, I met Kolo walking on the jungle. He asked me what happened and started to talk with me. We had a nice conversation about yanomimi’s strange culture and he made me laugh a lot. He was so nice to me.

I asked if I could sleep at his house, he blushed and said ok. When I went to sleep, I had a dream that Kolo was a prince charming and I was the princess. We hugged, loved and kissed each other...then I woke up all with my face all red and sweating a lot! Could I be falling in love with Kolo? He’s so nice to me...



End Chapter 4

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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