Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 7
7th chapter - Beach day

Chapter Description: Mark's classroom is having a field trip to a tropical beach! But Mark doesn't have a swimsuit! Now what?

It’s a hot Summer Day so my whole classroom class will go to a tropical beach...

Kala: Yay! No class today! We’re going to the beach!

Mark: wait Kala, huh...can I talk with you in particular?

Kala: what? Oh, okay then, Mimi.

Kala went outside class with me and I said...

Mark: Kala, I...I...don’t have a swimsuit.

Kala: really? Don’t worry, I’m sure your old swimsuit will look fine...

Mark: I...don’t have an old one too (of course not, I’m a guy! I didn’t wear any girl swimsuit when I was young)

Kala: really??? Wow! I guess you’ll just have to buy it before the school trip

Mark: can you go buy one with me? I can’t do this alone.

Kala: No problem, my dear friend Mimi! I’ll help you choose the most girlish and cute bikini ever! Let’s take Drake and Kolo too! I think they’ll be drooling all over you when we finish choosing the bikini!

And here I am, on a swimsuit and bikini shop with Kala, Kolo and Drake...

There are just so many types of girl’s swimsuits...I let Kala choose a swimsuit for me.

Kala: this one, no, this one! No! This one here!

Mark: ok, let me borrow a cabin.

But all cabins were occupied!

Mark: now what?

Kala: we don’t have much time! You’ll have to change right here!

Mark: what? But the boys...

Kolo: I-I promise I w-won’t look...

After agreeing to do that, I had just to change into a swimsuit. I tried wearing it like boxers but, what do I have to do with the rest of the clothing?

Kala: are you having problems, Mimi?

Mark: N-no I’m not!

Kala: *giggle* you don’t know how to wear a swimsuit! That’s okay, let me help you! First, you put your butt here, and then put your arms here. It’s just like you are wearing a dress.

Mark: that’s it? Thanks, Kala! But is it a Tinkerbell swimsuit for little girls!?

Kala: Yes! Isn’t it sooooo cute? I love Tinkerbell! The swimsuit is small on me but it fits you perfectly!

Drake: Mimi, your swimsuit is wrong

Mark: what? Why? Where?

Drake: right...HERE!

Drake gave me a wedgie. The swimsuit’s fabric was rubbing against my vagina, somehow it made me feel pleasured. My face became red and I let some tears out of my eyes.

Mark: stop thaaat!

Drake: oh! I think I’m turning someone into a horny girl. What an erotic voice, my little girlfriend.

Mark: I said stop! And I’m not your girlfriend!

He pulled my swimsuit higher. I sensed my swimsuit getting tighter on the “under parts” area. I started to pee a little. My friends laughed a lot as I became embarrassed about the situation.

Then I bought a swimsuit and went to the tropical beach with the whole class.

Kala: let’s all play on the water!wheeee!

When I jumped to the water, my little feet couldn’t reach the floor! Suddenly, I couldn’t remember how to swim too, so I started to sink on the water.

Kolo saved me and put me on a pink pool tube.

Kala: Mimi can’t swim?

Kolo: don’t worry, this tube will make you float so you can play too!

Drake: not for too long!

Drake made a hole on my tube so I was sinking again! I grabbed on Kala’s back, scared.

Kala: tehee, are you afraid of water too? Don’t worry little baby girl, You can stay in my back!

Mark: that’s not funny...(I blushed a little)

Why couldn’t I reach the floor? Was my body changing even more? What if I get smaller? At least I was safe on Kala’s back...

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End Chapter 7

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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