Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 10
10th chapter - Kala's birthday

Chapter Description: It's Kala's birthday and she's having a party on her house with the theme "disney princess"!

It’s Kala’s birthday, and she was making a party with the theme “Disney princess”.

Kala: Mimi! Please go to my party tonight! I’ll invite all girls of this classroom! Oh, and please wear a costume!

Mark: costume?

Kala: yeah! All girls will have to wear costumes of Disney princess! Mine will be a Jasmine one*giggles*

Mark: I won’t wear anything embarrassing...

Kala: don’t worry! I’ll have your costume ready tonight! You just have to come and wear!

At that night, I went to Kala’s house for the party. She made me wear a Belle’s costume (a yellow luxurious dress, yellow high heels, diamond earrings and pink lipstick).

Mark: this is embarrassing...

Kala: it is not! Look how pretty you are! Do you like my costume too?

Kala’s tanned body was covered by a silk light blue top and that Arabian pants jasmine would wear, she had blue earrings too and a tiara. But her costume was almost transparent, I could see all her body.

Mark: aren’t you a little “revealing”?

Kala: huh? I think this is the best costume of the party!!!

Mark: if you say so. But walking with my dress is difficult, why did Belle had to wear a dress that long?

Kala: *giggles* you are beautiful princess Belle!

After the introduction, we had to watch a dumb puppet show with Disney princesses. All the little girls were excited about the show, except from me. At the end of the show, the puppeteer asked me to defeat the villain in front of all the girls...on a “magical girl” way.

I had to say dumb magic words with a “princess wand” on my hand. It was so embarrassing!

Then, we had to watch a “clown show”. At the moment the show had begun, my eyes were starting to fill with tears! I couldn’t stop crying. Was I afraid of the clown? Oh no! I’m becoming more and more like a little girl!

Kala: what wrong, Mimi? Are you scared of clowns?

Mark: n-no...*sob* I’m a b-big girl...I’m not scared...*cries*

Kala tried to calm me but I continued to cry. She picked up my hand and the two of us went to another room. It was a play room with lot’s of paper, paint and crayons.

Kala: Mimi, let’s paint a picture and show to our class after that!

Mark: *sob* ok...

Kala and I started to paint a picture using our little fingers. I stopped crying and started to enjoy it.

Mark: I’m sorry, Kala. I made you miss the clown show just for me...

Kala: that’s okay, Mimi! You know, I would give up everything just to be with you! I love when we stay together! Don’t you like it too?

Mark: yeah...

Kala: *giggle* I love you, Mimi!

I blushed a little and we went back to the party room. The clown show had ended. All class was starting to sing happy birthday to Kala.

All: Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday

Dear Kala

Happy Birthday to you!!!

They all clapped and started singing another part of the song...(here in Brazil we have this part! I’m passing it to English so you can learn too)

All: Who will it be?

Who will it be?

Who will Kala marry to eternity?

It’s gonna depend...

It’s gonna depend...

It’s gonna depend if...

Kala: If “Mimi” would confess!

All: huh? Mimi? But she’s a girl...she can’t marry you for eternity.

Kala: I don’t care. I want to marry Mimi! Because I want to stay with her for eternity!

Kala kissed me in front of all class. I blushed a lot and it was the end of the party.

Yay!Another chapter! It’s the 3rd today! Are you enjoying it? I had to translate brazilian’s birthday song this time! You see, in brazil, we say at the end of the birthday song who’ll marry the one who’s having the birthday!It’s a normal thing and the children do this for just fun.

Don’t forget to comment. I really enjoyed doing this chapter, it made me remember my childhood...just because i was scared of clowns when i was young :D



End Chapter 10

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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