Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 12
12nd chapter - Renee

Chapter Description: Mark wonders who was the strange girl from last night. At the next day, they all go to a dance club!

Okay, Kala and I went back to our room after that strange situation with the purple haired girl. We tried to wake up the boys...after 1000 tries, they weren’t asleep anymore.

Mark: Kolo! Drake! We saw a strange girl at the hot springs! She had purple hair, white skin and I think she likes hugs...

Kala: she said she loved Mark!

Kolo: purple hair? White skin? Likes to hug little girls? Oh my god!

Mark: what is it?

Kolo: it’s Renee!

Kala: oh no! Who is Renee?

Kolo: she’s a famous French foreigner who loves cute little girls. She appeared on television a lot. She’s Renee, the loli lover!!!(little children obsession).

Kala: cool! We met a celebrity!

Mark: that’s no good! What if she decides to search for us? We’re doomed!

Kala: but she only gives hugs and love

Mark: I don’t like this situation...

Drake: don’t worry my dear Mimi! I’ll protect you with my strong arms! Today I’ll be sleeping with you!

Kolo: I-I will protect Mimi too...so I will sleep with you too

The two boys slept with me, side by side(and mark on the middle). I couldn’t sleep too well, my heart was beating faster than normal because they were hugging me while sleeping.

At the next day, our group of 4 decided to skip history class on Moamba. We went out to find cool places on Moamba.

Kala: Look! Over there! It’s a dance club!

Mark: what? Here?

We all decided to have a look inside...it was just like a night club for adults but the children could get in.

Kala: cool! While we are here, let’s play a game!

Drake: I agree! What will it be?

Kala: monkey says monkey do! It’s like, someone is the monkey and can order anyone to do anything!

Drake: wohoo! I’m starting to like your game! Who will start?

Kala: me of course! I choose...Drake! You’ll have to change clothes with Mimi!

Drake: what? There no way I’m wearing girls’ clothes

Mark: haha! It’s revenge time! Come on, drake! You’ll have to do it!

Drake had to wear my hello kitty t-shirt and white silk skirt. For me, I had to wear his red skull t-shirt and boys’ shorts. I felt a little nostalgic about wearing boys clothes...I couldn’t even remember how to wear it. It’s been a long time since I’m a girl called Mimi.

Mark: you’re cute my dear drake!*giggle*

Drake: shut up...

Drake: my turn! Now, I will choose...Kolo! Kolo will have to lift up Kala’s skirt and pull out Mimi’s shorts!

Kolo: no way...

Drake: you’ll have to do it!

Kolo lifted up Kala’s skirt, revealing her green “keropi” panties. I thought her panties were so cute...then Kolo took off my shorts, revealing my “my little pony” pink panties. Kala said my panties were cute too!

Kolo: my turn! Uh...Mimi. I want you to kiss the first person you see here, except from us 3.

Mark: Okay, I’ll do it!

I closed my eyes and went to the middle of the dance club to find. I opened my eyes and there was...Renee!?!

I had to kiss her just like Kolo dared me to do. I thought she was going to hug me again but after the kiss, she just blushed.

Mark: please, don’t hug or do anything else with my body...

Renee: what? Tehee, you got that all wrong! I like to hug little girls like you, but I’m not a “loli maniac”. Sorry for the last night, okay? So, you are playing monkey says monkey do, aren’t you? Can I play too?

Renee started to play with us. Believe or not, she’s kinda childly. She’s really calm and has pretty eyes...and likes hugs.

Thank you for reading my story! You see, infantgirl’s comment made me really down. I started to imagine that as a brazilian, i wouldn’t do any more sucess here and was thinking of giving up my story...never more! I won’t give up of my story! The battle isn’t over yet! I’m pretty sure my story is very good and it’s going to be even better! You can call me crazy but Mimi’s with me, all my characters...they don’t want me to stop this story, no matter what!^^

Please comment more about my story and this chapter was a little so so and fast,wasn’t it? Well, the next cha?ter we’ll have a sleepover on yanomimi village, don’t forget to read it :D



End Chapter 12

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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