Yanomimi Mimi

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Chapter 8
8th chapter - Naked day

Chapter Description: It's a hot day on yanomimi village so all girls have to be naked!

Warning: The girls are naked so there’s a lot of erotic scenes.

Mom: Good morning my dear Mimi! How is my princess today?

Mark: It’s so hot...

Mom: yes, it’s a very hot day and you know yanomimi’s rules about this situation: All yanomimi girls can’t wear clothes for the whole day!

Mark: what? Like...be naked?

Mom: yes, my dear! Oh, and the girls have to let the boys do whatever they want with our female bodies. The boys can look, touch and even have sex today with no problem. Won’t it be nice? It’ll be a day with a lot of pleasure!

So, I went to school bare naked. The boys couldn’t stop looking at my naked body. Some of them hugged me while I was entering the school. I could feel them touching my little breasts, tickling and touching more.

Then, I could get in the classroom. I noticed Kala was naked too.

Kala: yayyy! Today we have to be naked! Isn’t it nice? It’s so refreshing! I feel so free!

Mark: What? What about the boys trying to hug you all the time? And touch...

Kala: yeah! Isn’t it wonderful? I feel like a marshmallow!

Ignoring Kala, class started so I had to sit on my chair. I sit on it and...brrr! It’s freaking cold! My butt felt the cold on the chair and I couldn’t stop shaking. Then it was time for the teacher to teach(duh!).

The air conditioner was turning the class into an ice age. I could feel all that freeze air going directly to my naked body. Kala was next to me and she was freezing too.

Kala(whispering): Mimiiii, let’s hug each other so no one will be freezing!

Mark: what? But kala...you’re naked...

Kala: what’s the problem with that? We are both girls! You have a girlish body just like mine, so let’s hug!

Kala hugged me, I couldn’t notice any difference about the temperature...until she started to touch my naked body: she touched my little nipples and started licking them with her hot tongue. I started feeling hot! My cheeks were turning red and I started to sweat. Was she trying to make me feel pleasured? It’s so hot...please don’t stop...

At lunch time, the boys decided to play with the mud puddle outside.

Mark: how immature...

Kala: I don’t know, looks like fun!

Then, Drake and a group of boys arrived at our class and tied my hands and feet.

Mark: hey! I can’t move!!! What are you all doing?

They carried me outside of the school and put me near the big mud puddle

Drake: come on boys! Let’s start throwing mud balls on Mimi’s naked body! Start the fun!

The boys were throwing mud on all my body, I could feel a bunch of mud going down all over my smooth legs and on my belly too. The mud was hot, somehow it was so good...is this because I am in a smooth girl body?

Mark: noooo, please stop! My body is feeling so hot...

They threw a lot of mud balls and then they let me go. I had to take a bath inside school for the next period.

After the bath, I arrived at the classroom and sat down on my school desk. Drake was there, right next to me.

Mark: isn’t it girl’s classroom? Shouldn’t you be with the boys outside?

Drake: yeah I should, but I couldn’t resist looking at your naked body a little more.

Mark: grrrr. Get out!

Teacher: Mimi, stay quiet or you’ll go to detention!

Mark: yes, teacher...

Drake made good use of the situation and started to touch me. I couldn’t say anything to stop him because the teacher would get mad. I tried pushing him away but my body is too weak against him.

He started rubbing my legs...my face was getting all red and I was feeling ticklish. Then, he kissed one of my legs and I couldn’t resist it, the pleasure was so good that I blacked out, in the middle of the class.

When I opened my eyes, I was being carried like a princess by...Drake? We were outside school.

Mark: huh? Hey! Let me down!

Drake: oh, you are awake? The teacher made me carry you to your home. Hehe, you are funny! Blacking out in the middle of the class...how embarrassing!

Mark: and whose fault it is?

My cheeks were turning red to see him carrying me like a princess. My feet couldn’t touch the ground and I my heart was beating faster than the normal. Wait, could I be really in love with Drake? I don’t want it...I’m a boy...

Then, I slept on the way back home...

Thank you all for your comments! I love reading them! Today’s end was like, Drake’s special? If you don’t like Drake, don’t worry, there’ll be scenes with all the other characters(and new ones) too! Oh, and please vote for your favorite character on comments, it’s important for the story^^

Did you like the image i put for the story? It was from sayounara zetsubou sensei, an anime i’m watching(i recommend a lot).



End Chapter 8

Yanomimi Mimi

by: shinmegamitenseiharuhi | Complete Story | Last updated May 24, 2009


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