Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022

Chapter 19

I want to apologize in advance for the month it took me to write this, but the more I wrote, the more it felt morally wrong to do so.

I originally started writing this story a long time ago, and back then the story didn't have a moral impact because of real life events going on globally, something I couldn't have anticipated. This story would have normally be a good 7-8 chapters longer still, if not more, but I am intended to discontinue it, and there's a very good reason for it, in my opinion. I won't leaving you without answers though, so instead of keeping on writing stuff, I will add a synopsis of things that would have happened later on. 

But before that, why discontinueing it? The reason is the current situation in Ukraine... yes. That situation. How is that related? I'll have the synopsis explain that.


Days after the dispute between Franziska and Giorgia, a gigantic French man, much larger than both of them, would have burst into Giorgia's house knocking down the two women and kidnapping Johnny, bringing him via plane into a facility were all the milk would have been drained by his brain, causing the regression to be reverted. The man, Louis, would have explained that him, Giorgia, Franziska and many more are actually agents working for an European secrety agency called Twelve Stars. Following the fall of the USSR and Yugoslavia, the EU parliament became wary of the possibility of a second Cold War happening, and not wanting to be once again having their governments being a playground for the two forces to be taken, they developped the HEU-HGH, "Hyper European Union - Human Growth Hormone". Throughout the 1990s, in secret, they paid large amount of money to families to have their children enanched and work for them, explaining how Giorgia's family was both normal people in appearance and extremely wealthy. Those children and their families would be spreaded out in the US, Russia and China, where they currently reside.

However, this powerful enancher seemingly only worked on girls, leaving the boys normal or in worse cases dead, all of which was covered by the media. In every single case, exept for one, Louis himself, who ended up being extremely more powerful than any other agents; when Giorgia became a public figure, the Twelve Stars became interested in her again, especially because nobody had ever anticipated the effects of the Agents' milk onto someone. In that very moment, Johnny, who had been crying for help, realized that while he was now in captivity of the Government, the same could be said for his life this past year. He was trapped in his own body without any acknoledgment of what was going on.

After some narration, it is found out that Louis killed all the previous heads of the TS, becoming the de facto leader of the organization, and that the idea was given by Giorgia herself. Why would he be the one following orders in secret, while instead he could have been the one giving them publicacly? After a public demonstration on a Russian Network, Louis declares war on the Cremlin, with lots of his Agents loyalists following him, and plenty of militaries joining his faction. [I hope you can now understand why I decided to stop.] 

In the chaos, Franziska and Giorgia manage to triangulate the position of the facility where Johnny is kept prisoner and break in, however, Johnny has an existential crisis. He doesn't know wheter Giorgia is an ally or an enemy, because while she did take care of him and gave him happiness, she also completely cancelled his previous life, forcing him to be a baby for everyone to see without him even being able to realize it while it was happening. While on the verge of tears, Louis enters the room, and after some struggle, once again he manages to best the two women without any help necessary. 

When they wake up, Giorgia is attached to a milking machine that is pumpin her milk non-stop; Louis explains that some tests have been done, and none of the other agents milk was capable of doing the same type of brainwashing that hers did, and that for some reason, even hers only managed to do it to men, not women. Now that she was his prisoner as well, her milk would have been used to brainwash all of those who were opposing his war, so that they wouldn't have been treats any longer. 

Louis was a troubled man. When he was 7 he accidentally broke the spine of a friend of his while he was trying to play tag with her, making her permanently paralyzed; to avoid investigations, TS covered up and corrupted the judge to decide for Louis mental instability and natural aggression. He was taken by the TS to fight the upcoming war and never had a real childhood anymore, growing up amongst guns and guerrilla tactics. But what if the war never happened? What if all of his suffering was for naught? He couldn't accept it. He had to cause it himself.

After some minor events and several months of Giorgia being treated as a cow, Johnny finally sees her for the first time in that condition, and yelling "MOMMY" he gets to save her. Enraged and eager to save her refound baby boy, she manages to fight one by one the guards and best them in battle. That's when she founds out that Franziska, who they thought had betrayed them, was actually working on a powerful drug, one powerful enough to make Louis dormient once and for all. An extract from Giorgia's milk. While the regular milk would have not have had effect on him, this would have, being a strong concentrated formula. 

They manage to have him ingest it, and Giorgia, now the new head of the TS, calls for a ceasing the fire. Her first step as the new TS Leader was to make it public, not as a treat as Louis did before, but to claim that all the TS Agents were now free to roam scott free and live their lives. The second, was to accept carceration by the Russian government, even though she technically didn't do anything, it would have been enough to have everyone else live in peace. And she did under one condition. She could have kept Johnny for herself, who had now once again reverted to a baby. A happy baby. One that would have stayed so forever. 

The End.



End Chapter 19

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022


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