Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Chapter 15

The poor man was in a state of shock. Everything in his reality had just changed in a sudden moment, he felt thunderstruck, but yet, didn't know what to do nor what to say. He had the memory of having to be angry, but just could not. He wanted to cry, but could not. All he could do was keep on suckling her milk while she was talking. There was simply nothing else he was capable of in that moment. Eventually he fell asleep.

He didn't know, but Giorgia was looking at him, smiling. She had done, she had finally done it. All she had been keeping herself restrained from doing, she had finally released it, and as if a rock being releaved by her stomach, she finally felt free. For how long had she been covetous to ensare him in her grasp of love? Too long. She had been too careful not to get to this point too quickly, she needed time. Had she not started lactating accidentally, this would have probably taken longer. After all, he ALMOST has had a fight about it. But no. That was not the case. It was just her baby having a tantrum, that's all. 

So small... so frail... he needed her to take care of him. Yes, she genuinely felt sorry and really tried her best for having him keeping his job. But now she could see clearly that it was better this way. He didn't need a job. Babies don't work. He needed her. After a while, falling deeper into his slumber, he stopped suckling, Giorgia positioned him on her sofa, gave him a kiss on the forehead and went online for some shopping. He needed new stuff to enter his new life. First and foremost, new clothes. Those adults suits he always wore were not meant to him, something more comfy would do. Pajamas and toddlery tracksuit is all his going to be wearing from now on. Eventually he is going to like it. She went on a spending spree, but didn't care one bit. Anything goes overbudget, nothing a call to daddy can't solve.

"G-giorgia... I had.." he had awaken. "Yes baby?" "I had some sort of dream... You were saying stuff..." he thought had been dreaming about it. That wasn't good. She had been very stern in telling him what was going to happen, she won't let his vivid imagination ruin it. "No baby, that wasn't a dream." "Wha-" "It's all true, baby. Everything you remember is true. You've been breastfed just a little while ago. It made you dizzy and you have fallen asleep." He was still groaning and clearing his eyes. At first, he barely paid any attention, then reacted. "What... WHAT!? You breastfed me!? IT WAS ALL TRUE!? GIORGIA THI-" "Ssssh. No more of that. You were liking it, remember? There is no need of pretending anything baby." She was whispering and caressing his stomach, breathing at little distance from his face, as if she was washing him with warm air. This confused him. Why did he feel comfortable rather than angry!? It's like nothing he could do, she managed to brainwash him into being okay with her doing stuff. 

All of a sudden he remembered. He remembered having his mouth full of her milk and worst of all he remembered enjoying it. "But... but that's not okay..." "And why is it not?" She asked smiling. He couldn't answer. Why wasn't it okay? Was it okay? Was it truly fine for him to be breastfed by her? Why couldn't he remember why wasn't it okay? Why did it feel appropriate? "I... don't know?" "You don't know because it simply isn't true, baby boy..." she booped his nose. "Yes?" he felt a force taking him up from below. She place him in a sitting position on her arm and guided him in front of her desk. "Look, I was buying things for you, baby. Choose one and I will add it for you." Those were all baby clothes meant to be dressing a young child. Even the section said 4 to 10. "What this is not what I usual-" "It is. Or will be from now on. You see Johnny, seeing you suckle I realized something. You've tried all your life being more adult than you ever were. But that is very... very bad." her voice sounded condescending now, as if she was even talking to a baby. Again he wanted to be furious, but felt entranced instead. "Lying is no no! Lies bad! It's time baby Johnny release his true self, and only mummy Giorgia can help with that. She knows what's good for her baby." Gaving a kiss to him, she guided with only two of her ginormous fingers his whole hand to the screen. "Come on now baby. Tell me which one you want."

Had she just referred to herself as mummy?



End Chapter 15

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022


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