Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Chapter 16

Weeks kept on passing, and Johnny was now getting accostumed being breastfed. It had a weird effect on him, he realized that. Anytime Giorgia noticed he was on the verge of breaking free from her mental ensnare, she would remove her shirt, having him smell her milk and he was back in square one. The only times when he had enough time to think logically was when she was out of the house for work, but that never lasted long enough; the secretion not only had the power to contrast his own will, but it also made him extremely sleepy, forcing him to sleep for several hours. In the few times Johnny was actually aware of himself for enough time to think as an adult he had deduce she must produce some sort of powerful hormones. That and the fact that she had basically trained him into being dependent ever since the day she entered the office for the first time; but it was not just that.

The more it happened, the more this whole mess kept on growing on him. He knew he should have hated Giorgia for what she had done to him, but instead he felt love for her. A strong bond between them. Matter of fact, when he was awake and she wasn't home he actually missed her. A LOT. Weeks became months, until eventually a full year had passed since the first time she breastfed him with him acknowledging it. She had kept on growing even more, and was now about 10 foot tall. Her breast also kept growing larger and larger. Each one of them weighted now about 17 kg, making their combined weight alone heavier than Johnny himself.

On the other hand, he had completely forgotten his dream to go back on walking on his own, if he ever wanted to go out in public, he had to ask for her consent, and she would have been the one having him carried around; he also was only allowed to wear childish clothes now. At first, he felt horrified and humiliated when she initially suggested all of this, and people staring embaressed him quite a bunch, but it now felt extremely natural for him to be nothing but an appendix of her. That's what he was really, and it was perfect. She even had started breastfeeding him in public, and even that felt perfect. People were screaming at indecency, but she just smiled at them suggesting there was no degeneracy for a mum to give her baby the nutrition he required. Her tone manage to calm THEM down as well. It was as if revealing her true self to the world had made her more powerful, as if she was now some goddess unleashed to the world. Even the world "mummy" didn't have a negative effect on him any longer. It felt perfectly fitting for him to address her with that connotation. 

But inevitably, they started to attract attentions. She didn't seem to care. She just wanted to be herself. They went viral on all the major Social Media because of a video some kid had taken of them, and were invited to a TV interview. The host felt obviously extremely nervous about the gigantic presence of Giorgia, but she was very friendly with him and made him at ease. They were asked for how long they have been doing it, if it is some sort of kink, what did they do for a living, how had it started... during the whole interview, Johnny didn't say one word at all, because during the whole time he was occupied suckling her breast. 

As they came back from the interview, they found a surprise sitting on their sofa. Giorgia immediately got angry upon recognizing who was. Holding Johnny tighter, she shouted "GET. OUT." "N-no... Falcone... you don't understand... I'm not here for them...I... I don't want to have anything to do with them anymore... just like you... I... I want to have what you have to... please... teach me..." she said in a very sad tone and a thick Scandinavian accent. It was a blond woman with short hair and piercing blue eyes, dressed in a professional dark grey tallieur; she was literally crying for help. And she was almost as large as Giorgia.



End Chapter 16

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022


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