Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Chapter 5

After that event, John's days at work started becoming more awkward, almost to the point of making him anxious even just to go to work, as he started noticing things about his assistant that he hadn't in the past, mostly they were genuinely nice acts, but he couldn't help to perceive as patronizing and condescending; every time he closed a contract with a better resolution that the minimum he had supposed, she would cheer him and clap, and in the opposite case, she would start cooing in an unnecessary and unrequested reassurance, caressing his back which he found unprofessional to say the least. On the last one, he found out that with anyone else he would have been angry, but he understood that she couldn't help herself from being touchy  with people, not just him, so he gave her a pass.

Or that's the excuse he gave himself. Part of him couldn't help going back to that one night. Did he actually enjoy all those new sentiments? Was he being prideful? No. Impossible. All his life has been spent showing the world that he's an independent person regardless of his physical structure. He saw what happens to persons more disabled than he his, how society cocoons them into losing the ability of being self-reliant. Not his destiny. This was a temporary solution. Just a couple of weeks more and the six months would be over.

Two weeks? How was that possible!? He didn't realize it, but he had spent almost four months reasoning on all of these... emotions! Was it really that long ago that they went to the pizzeria!? 

Yes. It was. Everyday something new kept on happening, which made everything faster. They went on those business dates a lot of times, since he decided to be giving her more space, she was becoming quite the saleswoman herself; he knew he wasn't 1/10 as good as she was when he had her age. How was this just a college kid? And then, there was something else happening in two weeks, which scared him to death. yes, the six months would be over, but that meant that she would also be hired. <<The results are even more impressive than I had imagined, and I was already aiming at the stars with this one!>> was the comment of Mrs. Prickles, which inevitably meant they were going share the office as coworkers; and it was pretty self-evident that she knew that. Flowers, plants and paintings he never had started appearing all around. The top shelves used to be empty, while she now was starting organizing any archive there, forcing John to be asking her to grab them. <<See Johnny? Instead of having everything just sorted around, this extra space will give us access to a much better organized workplace. Whenever you need one of them, I'm here for you, don't forget to say please though! Ahahah!>> she commented. Johnny was also her way to go name now. Was he being too easy on her... he didn't know.

"JOHNNY!" he jumped on his chair. "Johnny you were even listening to me!? You're always zoning out lately!" he looked around, he was in his office. Did he fall asleep on his chair? Was he assorted in meditation? For a second he didn't even remember having been at work. "Yeah... no. No, sorry, I was deep in my thoughts. What were you saying?" She frowned at him. "It's quite rude to ignore people who are talking to you." she scolded. "My... apologies." "Good. Now reformulate your question in a more well mannered way." Whenever she felt he wasn't giving her respect, she would become quite authoritative; he understood this part of her, he never liked being treated as less either. "May I ask you to repeat what you were saying please, Ms. Falcone?" and she went back at giving him a reassuring smile. "Of course, Johnny." she went behind his seat and leaned, having her head next to his own, way too close for him not to notice how warmth the sensation felt. reaching her arm from the opposite side of his head in comparison to the one where hers was, she started pointing out things on the monitor, explaining some spreadsheet and using some big words people tend to forget once out of university. It was a long conversation, she made a long list of extremely valid points, but he was way too focused on the flowery smell of her hair and the bulging boner he felt raising between his legs. He limited himself to agree.

"Great, I knew you wouldn't have questioned! But..." she turned the rotating chair on which he was sitting, so that he was facing her direction, with her still leaning. Her cleavage was now hanging in front of him, so gigantic he started imagining himself swimming in that valley. "you know the gift I gave you... you told me you didn't open it yet, right..." he didn't. He found extremely juvenile to not maintain promises, especially over something so petty, so he shook his head. "I didn't. It's not very important to me per se, but I understand is something you care for. I respect that." her eyes squinted with obvious joy and she hugged him, letting his head lay on her massive shoulder. He felt her forearms behind him, which alone were long more than his torso was wide, but she detached with a worrisome face. "Why is not important to you though?" He shrugged. "Oh it's nothing really. My dad was gone before I was born and I've only met my biological mother as an adult, when she was found dead on the streets, as I was informed by the carer of the orphanage where I stayed until I escaped at the age of 12 to go to work." she started tearing in empathy, which is really not what he wanted. "Oh my God Johnny, that's horrible... you went to work at such a young age... never had a family... what a traumatic childhood..." she started gasping, her face red. "It's alright, I just..." she silenced him. "Well. I want you to know what was in that gift. I know it's earlier than I asked you to, but please, opened it now." he took the gift from the drawer where he had it locked in and scratched the baby blue paper. It contained a small wooden box, manually carved, inside of which there was a note. 

"Johnny, you're officially invited to the Falcone's Christmas's Eve Dinner." he moved his eyes from the note to her and felt his heart sinking. He couldn't help from letting himself go into hugging her and crying "THANK YOU."



End Chapter 5

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022


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