Weird Ways Life Hits You

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Chapter 4

As he was knotting his tie in front of the mirror, he questioned himself when  was the last time he has ever had pizza. Middle School? That sounds probable. John has always known to be fragile, but seeing how small he was doomed to become in comparison of his friends during his preadolescent times struck him hard and made him convince himself that since he had no way to assert maturity through physical prowess, he had to build an image that would have. He went to high school in a different town than his original one, and got the occasion of being unknown to everyone to drastically change himself, so that the resonance of his youth would have eventually disappeared. Ever since the age of 14, he had never spent a day wearing nothing but monocoloured sweaters, button down shirts, fancy trousers and elegant shoes. His haircut changed into a more adult one, and he even restrained his eating habits, and that of course included pizza. Two things he never wanted to try were smoking and drinking, as he thought those didn't make people seem more intelligent and serious, quite the opposite. 

One he was finished combing his hair and adding all his accessories, he took a look at his Rolex, noticing it was 19:43, which meant Giorgia was soon to arrive. Truthfully, he was a little bit annoyed for both that she invited him out and that she offered to be driving. He wasn't neither a misogynist nor some conservative person, but the thought that his 20 years old assistant was so eager in wanting to be paying for his meal was just bothersome. He had just given that money to her, and she already was willing to spend them. No, that was not gonna happen, he would have sneaked to pay once she would have gone to the bathroom and then taught her a lesson about the value of money. After all, this wasn't some sort of date. It was just a... business dinner. For the latter part, he had to be a little less assertive and more conceding. She was simply too big to enter in his spider, and he was not large enough to be driving her customized Hummer. "Family money... a jeep that has been made larger than the standard version. A version that is already known in the world to be large" he sighed. 

Presuming she was about to be there, he gathered his belongings and started going out, not being disappointed in her car's lights to turn the corner just in same second he closed the door behind him. "Looking dapper boss!" she exclaimed getting out of her car, usual energy. She looked astonishing. A silk see-through white shirt adorned with classy frills, a simple golden bracelet on both her wrists and some skinny black pants that ended around the length of her ankles, to meet a pair of elegant sandals with high heels of the same colour. It was the first time they have met outside of the office and she looked just like he imagined her. Gorgeous. 

"I'm glad you had no problems finding my house?" he asked smiling. "Hey, I'm the organizer! There's no administrative task that I can't do with my eyes closed!" "Hopefully not the way you intend to drive. So, where shall my chaperon bring me? " she giggled. "You know the word actually refers to an older person bringing some kid around, right? Is that what you want me to be for you, Johnny?" Visibly embarrassed of his mistake, he decided to stay quite and say nothing, letting her talk to avoid the awkwardness. This was the first time she has referred to him as Johnny, and even if it was in the context of a joke, it was humiliating nontheless, since it reminded him of the times he was bullied for his small stature. "It's a local pizzeria. It's cozy and not too many tables, so we can relax and just have a talk outside of our usual environment."

The ride to the location was not that long, around 20 minutes before getting there, but all through the time John felt extremely uneasy. Her car was simply gigantic, and made him realize their size difference even more accurately. His head didn't reach the top of the seat, and his feet were not touching the ground and had plenty of room just to float there; not to mention, he probably didn't cover half the width. In the meantime, she was there, completely occupying the space of the car seat and then some, while also easily reaching the pedals with her feet. It was a manual gearbox car too, which gave him time to notice how long her nails were as well, since she had to operate it quite oftenly. John had to force himself not picturing his dick being receiving the same treatment of the gearbox, since her movements around it where also rather sensual.

Once they arrived at the place, John noticed that her description was on point. It looked like an old rural trattoria remodernized, it wasn't one of the extravagantly coloured pizzerias that he remembered from his childhood. Everyone in there, children included, were dressing rather neatly, and that made him feel at ease, since he felt in a place that reminded him of himself. Small but elegant. One thing immediately made him rethink everything though. He noticed the chairs and the tables, and there was no mistake in his judgement. Once he would have seated, he would have struggled reaching the table, since the distance was just too high for his torso. He tried to ignore it, and moved the chair for Giorgia. As she sat, her wide thighs didn't fully manage to enter inside seat. "What a gentleman!" she commented, then went to his own chair and his hopes faded away. It was that time uncomfortable time once again. Getting his cheeks red, he went to a waiter without saying anything and then came back with him. "What happened?" "Just a logistic problem that can be easily solved" the waiter said the waiter, who briefly came back with a pillow. "Oh... I... I see." was the last comment on that regard from her part, but John started looking around. Nobody past the age of 10 required a pillow to raise his position to reach the table. Nobody except for him.

The rest of the night went rather smoothly, except for the fact that the pizza was so large that he only managed to eat one third of it, but Giorgia intervened in that front, and not before having already eaten 2 of her own. "Don't be judgemental! I'm a big girl you know!". She also drank over 2 lt of beer without even getting tipsy, how  she managed to stay so lean with that sort of diet was beyond  him. She eventually went to pee, and, as programmed, he went to the cashier upfront to pay. "Uhm... well there seems to be no problem in that front. Miss Falcone already has paid for the whole meal as you arrived." She must have done it when he went to the bathroom to wash his hands, no other explanations. "Oh, also! She asked me to give you this..." and she gave him a small packaged wrapped in bimbo blue gift paper with a letter. "Don't open it before Christmas... you're invited at my house with my family."

As he came back, she was standing furiously, staring at him. "I KNEW IT! John. This deeply offends me. I am the one who invited you. I am the one who is going to pay. I am an adult. Respect that. I don't care if you're my boss. You still owe me the respect I deserve." John felt a little ashamed. "I honestly didn't do it with malicious..." her expression calmed down and she knelt down to his eyes height, putting her ginormous hand onto his tiny shoulder, completely covering it reaching the bicep with her thumb and the tricep back with her middle finger. "I know John. But this doesn't make it less bad. I want you to feel relieved in my presence outside of the office; we're just Giorgia and John here. Please understand this." She was scolding him and cooing. There, right at the centre of everyone's attention. And yet, maybe it was her soothing voice, or the fact that her sparkly eyes were looking at his own so deeply, or the fact that her hand started going up and down his arm softly, caressing it... or maybe it was a combination of all of it, but he was not anxious nor he felt humiliated for once. Quite the opposite, he was just swimming through the flow of her words, she continued talking for a while, but he couldn't focus himself into hearing what she was saying. He was hypnotized by the situation. Relaxed to a point he never felt before. Then she stood up, smiling. " just please don't do it again, okay?" he simply nodded, then she went to grab her purse and they left.

The drive home was silent, and once she left him on his doorsteps, they just a rapid chat that finished in a friendly hug. Once on bed, he couldn't help himself from imagining the blanket being her warm body spooning him, and with that he felt asleep immediately. 



End Chapter 4

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022


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