Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022

Chapter 13

Johnny couldn't help starting noticing more and more things about himself. There you go, he just did it again. Even he started to think of himself as Johnny and not John. It's like the more he got accostumed to her way to treat him, the more it became HIS reality as well. There was a time when anything she said that could even remotely sound as infantilizing would have gotten him furious to say the least, but that hasn't been the case anymore for a long time. Quite the opposite, he was slowly being brainwashed into thinking that was the right way things should be. He hated it, but couldn't help it.

His diet had also changed a lot. As soon as they started seeing some results by adding milk, Giorgia decided to slowly adjust his intake of it, by increasing the amount everyday, and reducing everything else; three months has passed since their last phone to the doctor, he is currently put on a milk exclusive diet, every other substance of necessity is taken in powdered form. 

Finally, ever since the injury their relationship continued to develop into an ever so one-sided one, with Giorgia taking basically every decisions for herself and him, who had basically stopped questioning everything. Sometimes he'd like to say something back, but the sole thought of doing it makes him feel anxious to the point of feeling nausea in his stomach. She took pride in the advancement he had with his muscular and bone structure reforming, and he finally could start walking again, although in all four and just for a limited amount of time. She started setting a challenge, any time he could break his previous record time walking, she would treat him with something different than regular milk by adding a crushed biscuit into the mixture; originally it felt odd to be congratulated by doing the bare minimum, but the more it happened the more he felt a great sense of self emerging from within. 

Whenever he was too tired of walking, she took her in her arms. "You've been spent far too much time on the sofa, you need to be in a vertical position as much as possible." It was incredible. She would be vacuuming or preparing dinner with one hand while holding him with the other, all while taking work phone calls. He wasn't exactly an heavyweight boxeur, however she made him feel weightless. And he probably was, for her. Sometimes he catched her working out in the home gym and noticed how she benchpressed easily 800 kg. She was simply not human. Suspiciously so, too. Anytime he said something in regard of her strenght and stature, she would boop his nose, kiss his forehead and just ignore the question. She also seemed to have grown A LOT ever since their first met. Comparing the furniture to her, she must be at least 9 foot tall by this point. This isn't normal. 

Had him been the person he used to be, this would have made him paranoid and curious, but not anymore. He knew he could trust Giorgia. There was no reason for him not to. She was always making sure everything was perfect for him. Until, one day she came home with a somewhat depressed face.

"Johnny... I have to tell you something sweetie... I've been promoted." "That's fantastic!... but why is your expression in contrast with that...?" she lowered herself, took her in her arms and started caressing his hair. His face was buried in her breast, he could feel her nipples were hard and she wasn't wearing any bra today. Her breast also definitely grew a lot. "You see... Johnny... You remember Mrs. Prickles..." "Oh yeah I do." he said spitefully. "Well... she wasn't exactly the honest force of brightness we all thought she was. She has been caught stealing money from the company. A LOT." Good. He hated that woman. "And now I cover her position." Oh god... now he was her.  underling at home AND at work!? He wanted to cry. He was happy for her, but- "BUT there is more. You see. Aside for me, they decided to fire everyone in her previous team... as they might have been connected. That includes you, Johnny..." What... How.... Wait... "Wait that's... I WAS ABSENT FOR AN YEAR! How could have I done any of!?"
"I know Johnny, I told them the same thing! I swear I tried. I SWEAR! But they would have had none of that. They were on verge of firing me as well, had I defended you more...I... I have been an egoist...I'm sorry...I should have quitt-" "No. This is none of your fault." She was genuine, he knew. "It was that fucking Janna again. ANYTHING BAD HAPPENED TO ME IS HER FAULT!" he was furious, fuming. He started hyperventilating. "Please Johnny calm down... shhhh... we will fix everything... please..." he let her coo himself. He needed her to do so. He was about to vomit, but she managed to calm him down. She was pleased, he knew she was. When she managed to take care of him, she would find pleasure in that. And he was happy to make her happy.

He started feeling a warm sensation around his cheek, a warm and wet one. Some liquid was pouring, was he salivating? No, that wasn't it. It was a familiar sensation. A taste he knew far too well. It was milk. THAT milk. Then he looked to the side, at her breast. Her shirt was drenched around her nipples. 

"Oh no... not now..." she said, interrupting her smile.



End Chapter 13

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022


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