Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022

Chapter 7

As he stopped playing, John went sitting on the couch, and that's when he noticed how tired he was. Maybe it was the fact that it was almost 03:00 in the night, or maybe it was that keeping up with a pair of children was much more exhausting of what he anticipated, or maybe it was the fact that he was forced to eat probably twice as much food as he weighted by the copious amount of women keeping on putting something else in his plate, including Giorgia herself; whatever he was, he was wasted out of any energy left, and in addiction with the softness and the dimension of the sofa (which the Falcone had probably customized for their daughter, like many other furniture John noticed in the house), and even the murmurring sound of people surround him talking softy to each other, without even realizing it, he blanked out on the spot.

He dreamt of some source of power lifting him, he couldn't described what it was, but it was acting with strenght and yet being very gentle and delicated. He felt wrapped by the brute, tender force, and his stomach warmed up, as well as his back, that was covered by a soft and positive sensation.

The next morning, he regained consciousness slowly, feeling himself immersed in a soft and warm white blanket. The shining, piercing rays through the windows had just started enlighting the room, and it didn't took him long before understanding he was in an unfamiliar room. "Where... what has happened?" he got himsef in a sitting position and stared looking around; all around him there were fluffy bunnies peluches, and he was sitting on a bed that looked impossibly big for his tiny body. He was still wearing the same outfit he wore yesterday night, and a look at the clock made him notice it was still fairly early for a Chrismas Day, so he could have probably just gone down sl... NO! What the hell was he thinking!? He had fallen asleep in a house he wasn't invited to stay in, for Christ sake! Time to get up, man up, and apologize for the inconvenient. 

He opened the large wooden door, which was probably 9 feet tall; the roof of the house itself was exremely tall he noticed. Where they so reach they built a whole house for their daughter? As he put his foot outside, his nose was invaded by a vibrant and fragrant slouth of croissant, which made him feel good. It reminded him of all the good things Giorgia bakes for him on Friday. And that is exactly what was going on. She was alone in the kitchen, wearing a comfortable shirt, leggings and an apron, with mittens on she was curved in front of the oven and he couldn't help himself from staring at her vast ass. He also noticed that while she had to fully bend to watch if whatever she was cooking was ready, he could barely reach the sight while standing. Umming, she opened the door of the oven and took out some fuming croissants, that by the smell of it contained honey and various jams. 

"Good morning sleepy head!" she said her usual large smile, squinting her eyes. "I still want to thank you for having come yesterday, I know my family can be... a lot." she giggled. 
"Uhm.. you're welcome... actually. I wanted to apologize for having spent the night here. It wasn't... polite." "Oh are you kidding me!? That was so cute! You were sleeping so profoundly I would have hated for you to wake up and I brought you to my room instead! I hope you didn't mind sleeping next to me. I swear I didn't do anything naughty ahahah!" They slept together!? Was this woman out of her mind!? He was her boss! He felt too much at a fault still to comply however and ignored the fact. "Yeah.. .I actually didn't even notice. I just woke in an unfamiliar space. I must have really badly aspleep, 'cause I don't remeber you waking me up to bring me here. Anyway, sorry again." "Oh shush silly! Of course you don't remember! I brought you myself! I'm quite strong and you're super light!" she said with a condescending voice. Totally out of the line. "Well... I guess I will have to go now and..." "DON'T EVEN TRY! You're gonna sit down, I already made you breakfast. Beside... in case you didn't notice, the house is empty. My parents and my little baby brother have left early this morning and won't come back before the 7th of January. We won't go back to work before the 2nd and..." as John was sitting down, she gave him some croissant, some cereal, and big ass bowl full of warm milk. "I... I shouldn't probably be telling you this but... I get very easily depressed when I'm alone. Even the slightest, shortest second I spend without social interaction I become very anxious. What I'm trying to ask is... can you please spend time with me?"

John was flabbergasted. One thing was to be extroverted. One thing was bringing your boss to your room without his consent and to ask him to spend time with him. Was she being flirtatious? That was... what had he to say? She would have.. "Wouldn't people find that... inappropriate?" She got extremely angry. He was extremely aware by now how easily she could go from overly cheerful and obnoxiously nurturing to Incredible Hulk mode. "WHY DO YOU CARE!? Why are you always putting others priority before your own!? What about what I would think? I've just opened my heart to you and..." "OKAY FINE, I'M STAYIN!" as if she had been briefly possessed, she returned to her normal self again. "AAAWWW! Thank you Johnny! I promise I will take extra care of you and you will super duper fine, partner!"



End Chapter 7

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022


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vended ยท Jun 21, 2022

Just my two cents, but you should really get into the habit of properly formatting your chapters so that each line of dialog by a character has a line break before and after it. ;)

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