Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Chapter 3

The first couple of months passed rather quickly, and John had to admit allowing his new assistant to manage his stuff had been a good idea coming from corporate. Thanks to a better organized working space and a lesser thrown around schedule, he actually managed to make more profit than he ever had, closing 2-3 contracts more per day than he used to before she arrived; more recently, she also actually had started giving him help with his job as well, not just by reporting data and typing contracts in his place (which already helped a lot), but by actually correcting those minor mistakes he made every once on a while by the end of the day, when tiredness kicked in.

Her presence in the office was also a general breath of fresh air. Her positiveness towards everything, her continuous smiling, and the extroverted personality were having a good impact at work, and almost made John forget about Janna's grittiness.

"I baked muffins this morning!" "Again? You're gonna make me fat!" On Fridays, she didn't come at work until late, and she used to spend that time working on her culinary passion. In the last 8 weeks, not once she had forgot to bring some treat in the office to share with John. "I wish that was the case, you're so skinny! I know you have a condition, but still you're way too bony! I bet I could lift you with one hand." she said cheerfully. John breathed out in a one second laughter and then answered. "I bet you could do that while using the same hand to type on your phone for what it matters, but I rather you didn't. So, lunch break is over and your day has to start. What comes next, Miss Falcone?" She went to her PC, spent a couple of minutes to boot it and finally answered. "Nothing." "Nothing? What do you mean nothing?" he asked surprised. He knew he had at least other two more clients to talk to before the end of the day. "There must be an error in the schedule, there are..." "Green Inc., Myers-Flynch. Already done." His expression said aghast all over the place. That he could remember, he had never drank a sip of alcohol in his whole life, neither had he done any drugs. He would have remembered having closed those. "What the hell are you talking about?" "They are on your desk already, you just have to sign them." He checked the papers, it was all done for real. Even the amount of money taken from it was a good 10-15% more than he hoped for, as the amount of supplies sold was beyond his expectation. But something didn't check. "This is your handwriting." The young woman just smiled at him. "Yes, I know, I've done it this morning. I went to the gym and met the two of them there, Kayleen Smith from Green Inc. and Jordan Flynch. I thought it might have been of help to do things quickly, so I presented myself in vest the company saying I was a new seller and I invited them out for a coffee after that and we made it all. You just have to sign it, as I told them you still are my supervisor. Oh, they told me to say hi, speaking of which!"

John was discombobulated. One thing was  her trying her best to be of help, one thing was stepping on his toes. He never asked her to do such a thing, and the fact that she just went with the flow of her own thoughts without being permitted directly was indeed quite annoying, not to mention a lack of respect from an underling. However, he did have to admit the work was done immaculately and after all, he was not the type of guy to hate competition. More than that, she was being formed by him, so he reasoned on it for a while, until deciding he was proud of her, since her success was his own, so he came close to her and tuned into a more serious tone.

"Okay. You did a very neat job, there is no denying that. But still, you have to inform me of these things. I appreciate both the courage and the ambition, but I'm still your mentor, am I not?" She looked away, visibly annoyed by his rant. "Yeah, you are. But I would have not done it if I didn't know you would have been okay with it. I'm not a kid. I just wanted to help and show off a little." "I know. And trust me, you're doing great." He sighed, wanting to win her approval once again. "Look, what's fair is fair." He took his wallet and took a little over 100 dollars out of it, giving it to her. "This is your part. I expected to make less money from those, so this is all yours." She gasped happily and hugged him, burying his face in her gigantic tits, he tried to move himself away, but his strength compared to hers was like an ant expecting to move away a truck.

"OHMYGODTHANKYOUSOMUCHTHISISTHE..." she pushed him away, realizing what she was doing. "I'm... sorry. That was extremely inappropriate." "It's fine. I mean, I'm not complaining" he said laughing. She smiled, as usual, and then exclaimed. "You know what? Let's hang out tonight. Pizza is on me!"



End Chapter 3

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022


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