Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022

Chapter 18

With her career skyrocketing, Giorgia's life became more and more busy. If on one side she was glad that Franziska was now taking care of her baby when she wasn't home, her more emotional side made her feel physically sick any time she wasn't next to him for too long. And it wasn't just a psychological effect either; the more Johnny was breastfed, the more milk she produced. Basically every other hour she now had to pump some, and it was painful, other than uncomfortable, for a series of different reasons. Most of all, she didn't like pumping in front of her clients, her breasts weren't there for them to enjoy. Only Johnny's tiny mouth had the privilege to satisfy its thirst through them. Stocking it had also started becoming a problem, so, as much as she didn't like wasting it, there was no possible way for her baby's small stomach to ingest all that milk, most of it went thrown in the drain. 

In the meantime, Johnny's regression was at this point definitive. Getting carried around 24/7 now; even though his bones were completely recovered he was now so used being brought around in someone's arms that he completely forgot how to walk. Even his jaw had reformed back perfectly, probably thanks to the miracolous powers of Giorgia's milk, but just like his legs, he wasn't doing much use of it. His diet changed drastically forever, he was now exclusively consumming breastmilk. Doctors were skeptic in regards of his wellstate in that condition, but somehow his whole digerent apparatus has modified itself in order to have all the nutrients being DEPENDENT on Giorgia's breastmilk. Anything else would at this point be poison for his body. His mind was also highly infected. He barely remembers having had any adulthood in the past, it only is refreshed when he is off the milk for too long, but both Giorgia and Franziska learnt how to time his feeding schedule so that he never completely reverts. 

At first, Giorgia felt a little guilty having purposely brainwashed him into becoming this adult infant, but deep down she knew that he was destined to be her baby. When he was an adult, he was sad and grumpy. When he was her little angel, he was blissfully ignorant. He didn't question things anymore, he trusted her, he depended on her. He was perfect. He was hers.

Franziska however was having a little more of a rough time. She loved taking care of little Johnny, being a babysitter was in her blood. But she still missed something in her life. As much as she loved the little guy, she didn't have a baby of her own. This was Giorgia's babyboy, not hers. She could cuddle him all day, bottlefeed him, play with him, tell him stories... but it wasn't her to be snuggle him to bed when the time came. And she knew she wasn't the only one feeling like this. Giorgia had probably felt the same for years before finding Johnny... thousands of others were in the same situation. She had to do something. And she did.

[Days Later]

"Franziska... do you mind explain me this!?" Giorgia said angrily. Usually, this was enough for her to take control and push Franziska down. Not this time though. "THIS is me doing what you did. Just on a larger scale." "Look I understand your frustration, that's why I had you babysit my baby in the first place, but this is too much!" "I thought you might say that. But being in contact with Johnny so often just made me feel the need of having one of them for my own!" "THIS IS HUMAN TRAFFICKING FRANZISKA!" "What the hell!? No it's not! You're making it sound so low!" they were both extremely pissed off at each other and started shouting. Johnny started crying. "Ssssh! Sssh, ush baby... ush...!" Giorgia whispered. "Not in front of him. We're going to continue this conversation later." She popped off her boob and started feeding Johnny to calm him down. "No, he's basically absent now. We can talk." "Fine."

And talk they did. For hours. Inconclusively. "You still miss the point. You can't just take people! I MET Johnny, I didn't just take a stranger in my home!" "How is this different from any other dating websites!?" "Because it's extremely elitist! You specifically kept it a secret for only the EUHAs to use it!" "They are the ones who need it. And we're not gonna TAKE people. We're just gonna spot those we think are appropriate and inform others." "So it's a stalking website, not a human trafficking one!?" "Oh you're so clever with the sarcam, uh!?" "Fine. Do it. I get it. You just want that. But what will happen when he is going to be inevitably informed?" "Who's he!?" "Don't play dumb with me. Ri-" "Montoya is too busy being the agency's lapdog to do shit." "LANGUAGE." "Jesus Christ, you know what!? I'm going out for today. I'll come tomorrow to take Johnny to the park. He needs air, and so do you, Giorgia. Your paranoia is worsening by the day."



End Chapter 18

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022


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