Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Chapter 9

(Originally when I wrote Chapter 09 and 10  I wasn't in a good state of mind and consequentially they were both short, so I decided to combine them together, I hope it doesn't confuse people who had read those already elsewhere.)

The driving lasted barely a couple of hours, but it felt endless, since Giorgia didn't say a single word for the whole time, and purposely didn't put music on either; she was obviously still rather angry, and the thought of saying anything that might have had her upsetting more frightened John, who instead decided spending his time marveling at the surrounding nature. It was quite the experience watching the landscape turning from brown and green to grey and finally white. He was a city guy, this was all sorta new to him, and relaxing. Once they reached their destination, Giorgia went down, elongating her body to relax her muscles, but John couldn't do the same. As he tried to open the door of the car, he noticed it was locked. "Ehm... Giorgia?" he said, being the first words he emitted ever since that <No Ma'am>. Still felt weirded out how naturally that came out of his mouth.

"Yes, Johnny?" she said, softly. "The door... doesn't open." he said with a little bit of anxiety not being hidden by his voice. "Oh I see. I have a car lock installed for when I babysit my storm of little cousins, they are very... energetic." nonchalantly, she went and opened the door, allowing John to get out of the car. Considering how large the car was and how small he was, it was quite the jump, but thankfully the snow was soft, and once he landed, it almost arrived to his knees. "Yeah... that's not gonna be working. Don't worry though, there you go." she went to the back of the car and took some weird contraptions, handling to him, who started looking at them, doubtful of what they are. "Well? Are you gonna look at them while drowning in snow or are you gonna make us of it?" he kept looking perplexed for a good minute. "I... I have a confession. I have never skied before and I don't know what those are." she looked at him astonished briefly, then smiled, finally she went back to her cheerful self. "Oh my God Johnny you're so cute... why didn't you say that before! Here! Let me show you!" inviting him to sit down, she took his foot and put one of them on, then the other one. "Here you go, those are snowshoes! They will help you walk! Change of plans then! I will spend the day teaching you how to ski! It will be super fun, trust me! We will then have some hot chocolate and [...]" speaking of snow, she started avalanching him with an endless flow of words, as if she had to put out all she retained while driving. They went to some wooden lodge to rent stuff for him, since she already was sporting her own, an obnoxiously 80s fluo pink sweater with some green pants. Her stuff must have been customized, John assumed, since it was way larger than anything they were having there. 

"Oh dear... " she said, after having talked with the cashier, while John was looking around at all those things he never saw before. "It seems like we'll have to take children gear for your size, Johnny." The news, although not surprising at all, made John feel like he had just been struck by a lightining. For a second he saw the world spinning around him; she hadn't been particularly quiet in handling the information and some people turned their heads, a particularly rude woman even giggled. "Johnny?" Giorgia said kneeling down to him, who didn't response. "Johnny?" she asked once more, worried, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him gently. "Sorry I was just... computing. You know I'm sensitive regarding my... stature" he finished the phrase whispering. Then plumped his chest and mounting the fakest confidence anyone has ever put on he marched towards the clothing section. "It is of no matter." Giorgia looked visibily confused and John kind of like on having the tables turned for once in that front. 

Then again the painful view. Probably to avoid having children causing a tornado inside the shop, all their clothes were hanged way out of their reaching point, and consequentially his own. Comically, he facepalmed himself and shook his head. "Giorgia." "Mh?" "Be a dear please, the black and orange one." "Oh." While she passed the suit, she didn't make it noticeable, but she was refraining from giggling, he pretended it didn't happen. "Mmmh..." she mumbled. "What is it?" "Nothing. Just go cheking how it suits you please." Well, that exactly what his next action would have been, so that interaction was pointless. "Oh Christ." he gasped, looking at his own reflection on the mirror. This suit was a good two size two big, and he knew exactly why Giorgia was mumbling now. This was probably made for some larger kid, and with this colour pattern, which was the only mature one in there, there was only one left, the one which he was wearing. "Everything okay?" she asked from outside. "It's too large." he whispered. "Yeah.. I figured. I think I know your size, there is only two left, people have been ravaging this store... and you're not going to like them." He put back his clothes and neated the suit, giving it to Giorgia to hang it back. "Of course it has to be the baby blue one, hasn't it." he asked. "Nope." he sighed in reliefed. "It's the baby blue AND rose one". "Oh Good Lord this is going to be fun!" he said in exasperation, very obviously upset. Of course, as per character, Giorgia tried to make him feel better, just to make him feel even more embaressed, by started cooing him with reassuring phrases. "I'm sorry Johnny, I'll understand if you don't-" "Non-sense." he cut her off. "I said we're going to do it, and we're going to do it." she raised herself up and clapped her hands. "Yay! Okay, let's pay and get out of here. I don't like SOME people in here." she said, facing the lady who giggled before.



End Chapter 9

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022


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