Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022

Chapter 2

So this was his new assistant? For fraction of a second, John found his mind to be both incredulous and completely unsurprised at the same exact time. Part of him felt like it was just way too natural for Mrs. Prickles to have assigned to him someone who would have made him as uncomfortable as humanly possible. On the other hand, he had never seen such an absolutely unnatural creature in his entire life.

She was standing right backwards in front of his archive closet, already reordering the various papers with John's clients contracts and general informations. But it was not her efficiency that impressed him. She was a fucking giant.
Her shoulders, which alone were at least twice as wide a his own,  were completely over the top of the closet, and while truthfully she was wearing a couple of trampolines for heels, she still would have probably been around 7'3'' and 7'6'' foot tall barefoot. She was wearing a very elegant red jacket, that would have looked on John like a corsair coat, but that barely reached half her ass in height. Speaking of her bottocks, each one of them was bigger than any watermelon he has ever seen, and the most incredulous thing is how relatively tiny her waist was in comparison. 

She didn't seem to have notice John entering the room, so he cleared his throat as loudly as he could, without being obnoxious. Gently, she turned around and started slowly walking towards him with a very large smile, allowing the short man to give a complete check of her gargantuan body. <Big on all fronts, it seems> He already had the time to notice her big hips and ass, and was not disappointed noticing that each of her breasts was probably bigger than his head, and they even seemed particularly restrained. 
On top of that, judging how stretched her shirt was around her arms, she was probably someone who enjoyed the gym a little too much. Not that she was a body builder, but definitely way fitter than average.

In contrast with the rest of her body, her face seemed very genuine and delicate however, the typical extremely hot girl that is not aware of being beautiful. She had large deer-like green eyes and two puffy cheeks which made her look friendly; infinitely long raven hair were framing her cheerful face.

She leaned and lent her hand to greet and introduce herself to her new boss, and charmfully said "Greetings, I'm sorry I didn't hear you entering the room, I was focus on rear... My apologies, I should present myself first. I'm Giorgia Falcone, I'm 21, about to graduate in Commerce and I well... to be honest, it was my dad to point out that you would have been a... uh, but look at me, always talking without giving my new boss the possibility to present himself! Please, I know I've excused me a lot today already, but once again I will ask you your pardon." She didn't seem nervous at all. Quite the contrary.
John on the other hand looked like he had seen a ghost. "Eh..." was all that came from his mouth. He was so discombobulated by both her stature and her river of words, that he felt like he had fallen in trance. They were still holding each other hands, and he felt like he was a kid who had to cross the street and needed an adult to help him. He also felt an incredible amount of empathy for the co-protagonists of that one show on TLC, My Giant Life.

She kept on smiling, "Well...?" he finally snapped out and managed to mumble something. "Eh... yeah. You are the one who has to pardon me, if something. I'm John Jefferson, and as you pointed out, I'm gonna be your mentor for the next six months. Our director said that you're a quick learner, so follow my guidance and you'll become one hell of a seller. Just... don't steal my light, alright?"

"Oh, don't worry about it, I'm used to it. I understand that it is not that frequent to see a girl like me; but hey, at least it helps my ambitions! So... wanna start to work?"



End Chapter 2

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022


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