Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Chapter 10

He put own the ridiculously patterned outfit and went out of the cabinet, Giorgia was the one grabbing the attention at first, since it was impossible not to notice her, but it was John that everyone was starting at right afterwards. He had never felt more at discomfort in his whole life, checking himself in the mirror while walking, he couldn't help but picturing himself as a giant candy wrap. "At the very least I'm gonna be visible on the courses." he thought, trying to break a lance in his own favour. He wanted to quit and die there, but deep down he knew that if he looked immature with that outfit, he would have BEEN immature with that behaviour and he wouldn't have allowed what had been his assistant and now partner seeing him as a crybaby.

They went in the easy course "This is what people at their first experience should try. Don't worry about me, I'm gonna be having fun even just teaching you. Please try not to fall, you know with your condi-" "I know. You're too overprotective, I've watched over myself for my entire life, you know?" he answered her, which caused her to get a tiny grumpy. "I just don't want you to hurt yourself..." they kept on approaching and she placed herself right behind him, watching his every move. He couldn't help looking around and noticing that most people there were either children or their parents teaching them how to ski. "Hopefully this outfit will come at hand and I will be mistaken for one of them." What surely didn't help making him feel any less bad about the whole situation was that any time he had the most minuscule amount of balance break, Giorgia woudl take his hand and immediately raise him. Up to that point, he never figured out how strong she actually was, but remembering stuff all around what happened it made it clear that she would probably outclass many sportsmen in arm wrestle. 

"You're doing so great, I'm so proud of you" she said cheerfully. It wasn't true though. Contrary to the toddlers... toddling around, he knew that he was doing the absolute opposite of great, and false congratulations wouldn't have changed his mind. Giorgia's movement were gracious, his were down right clumsy, not to mention, pathetic. After a hour or so, he was finally exhausted. 

"No more energy, uh? It's fine, just wait a second here." she went off fast, towards the car, from what he could remember. But her "second" lasted too long. He tried moving on his own, and started speeding too fast, people tried to stop him, but couldn't. He couldn't remember what happened, except he was directed towards a rock. "JOHNNY!"

He didn't know how much time passed, but when he tried to open his eyes all he could see were blurry images. He felt trap, he felt heat coming from everywhere, his body couldn't move he started panicking, he wanted to scream but the fear prevented him from doing so, then finally the realization. Once he could finally see everything better, he noticed that he was wrapped around an extremely tightly closed sheet, and the view in front of his face was nothing but Giorgia's breasts. They were so big from where he was standing that they completely covered her face. He was on her lap, she was writing on the computer. 


She didn't seem to notice. His voice was to flebile. 

"G-Giorgia.. please... some water." He felt thirsty as fuck. 

"Mh?" she looked down. "OH MY GOD YOU'RE AWAKE! FINALLY!" she grabbed him from beneath his armpits and raised him above her head. "It's been five weeks Johnny! FIVE WEEKS! I felt so guilty! It was my fault." everything in his body was aching, he screamed. "I'm sorry, you're still agonizing from the recovery... you know, I barely managed to block you back then... hadn't I be so fast you could have..." she started sobbing. "Hey...Giorgia. I'm not... what happened?" 
She coughed, and explained herself. "You were about to crash against a gigantic rock. I saw you,e veryone was screaming. I launched myself at you and blocked you from going right against it. Still you're so frail... just falling on the snow caused you a lot microtraumas. I brought you to the hospital, they induced you into farmaceutical coma and healed you, told me to bring you home and take care of you, and that the medicines would have slowly diminished their effects. You woke up several more times, but always just for a fraction of a second, never being able to speak. But now you're back with me Johnny, you're with me finally."

He felt like a meteor just fell on his head out of nowhere. He could have died. He has been so careful his whole life, and he could have died now if she didn't catch him. All because he wanted to try to prove that he was capable enough to do a thing without her watching him. 

"It... it was not your fault. It was mine. I shouldn't have tried to go on my own. I knew I needed your hand to accompany me... I'm sorry I got you worried... I have been- Wait. you told me it has been five weeks!? Jesus Christ, what about our job!? What about everything!?"

"About that... I took care of it. From remote. Speaking of which. you missed the news. There's a global pandemic ongoing. You're gonna be stuck with me for the next two months at least, since the goverment decided to lock us down for that long. People are dying Johnny... I'm scared. Not for me, for you. Your system isn't robust enough. Please don't try to leave, or I will have to lock you in by force."

If a meteor was before, now this was as if the whole solar system crashed. He immediately check his phone. It was all true. Thousands of people have died from this unknown virus for the last three weeks all over the world. He couldn't live the house. He couldn't live her. "Giorgia... this has been three weeks already, and I was in coma. How did you manage to keep me fed, I don't see any infirmary drip in here." "I just had to be creative, don't worry, I won't let you starve, my food comes twice per week and we'll make it suffice." 



End Chapter 10

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022


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