Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022

Chapter 17

Instictively, Johnny strengthened his grip around Giorgia, who turned her head towards him for a split second, worried about his state of mind. "You're scaring my baby! yWhy are you here!?" The other woman couldn't help herself from smiling, looking at him, even with her face red and covered in tears, she was visibly happy. "C-can I hold him?" "THE HELL WITH THAT!" Giorgia shouted, holding Johnny even tighter, so close to herself that his earing became muffled, but not as much he couldn't breath. "P-please... I mean no harm... I swear... I just... you know what it has been like for all of us...Falcone you... you should know better than anyone..." Giorgia had a striking shock taking over herself. Suddenly fear and anger muteded into pity and compassion. "How... how do I know you're not lying. How do I know this is not one of their schemes?"

At this point, Johnny talked. "Mummy... I want to see..." his voice was very muffled and feeble. The other woman almost fainted in joy. "Oooh... he calls you mummy too?" Giorgia was very proud and gave Johnny a peck on his cheek. "He has been for a while. It took sometime for him to do so though... but you haven't answered my question, Franziska. How do I know you're here for yourself and not for them?" "Mummy...?" "Not now baby, the adults are having an important conversation." "But I want to know too!" he protested. He was about to have a tantrum, Giorgia could now predict when it was about to happen. She smiled again. "Remember what mummy always said to you? She only does stuff for her baby's safety. Even hiding things is good for baby Johnny, you know?" she started tickling his stomach, and eventually Johnny burst out in laughter. "He hasn't been breastfed ever since this morning, let's talk in the living room while I give him lunch." 

Giorgia and the woman that apparently was called Franziska sat on the large sofa, which, while immense, was barely vast enough to contain the both of them; as per usual, she laid him on her lap and he started suckling. This time though, he managed to overcome his own urgency to fall asleep. He had to know more. Why was everything so secretive? This is were this whole thing was about to come down. Who are those mysterious "They" Giorgia and Franziska had been talking about?

"So?" "I quit." "I don't buy it." "Your choice. I was sent originally to do exactly what you suggested. But then I saw you... even watching the two of you on TV, I felt like my life was lacking of something... but watching over you from close distance... That's when I realized I couldn't do it anymore...""I... I undestand... it's Johnny who had awakened my supersenses... I just wanted normality at first... but then I saw him... look how cute he is..." "Yeah..." she said, cupidity was written all over her expression. "You cannot have him, I expect you to understand that." "I... I know. I was taken over by my supersenses too. But I'm not going to steal your baby." "Good. I know it's something hard to control. You're a good woman, Franziska. What are you here for then?" once again, Franziska started to cry. Giorgia gave her a soft caress on her back. It wasn't just Johnny, she didn't like seeing anyone in a sad state. "All I said... it's true... I want you to teach me how to be like you... It's in my DNA, Giorgia, in OUR DNA! It's the damn HEU-HGH!" "I'm...not sure how can I help..." "Just let me watch you... babysit him when you're not here. I won't let anything happen to him." 

Johnny was at this point full. His stomach couldn't possibly take any single more drop of milk. He let go of her nipple, and some milk kept on flowing down on its own, washing his face. "Baby... you were awake?" "I... I was mummy, sorry..." "Sssh... it's okay... Franziska, would you like to put him to sleep?" "I... I REALLY CAN?" "But mummy I don't know this woman!" "It's okay baby... she is your auntie! She's gonna treat you very well!" she said smilingly. "But first..." She rotated him and started giving soft spank on his tush. "Good babies don't eavesdrop!" it didn't hurt him, but it definitely humilated him. To be spanked in front of a stranger... it was extremely embaressing. "Mummy no! Sorry! Sorry!" she rolled him back and gave him to her friend. "Here. Just rock him back and forth for a while. He will fall asleep." Then she got close to him and kissed him on his nose. "Mummy will tell you everything one day, I promise. But not before I'm sure you're completely safe, baby."



End Chapter 17

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 20, 2022


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