Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022

Chapter 11

As he was speaking, especially while pronouncing opened vowels, John noticed his mouth aching, but he didn't gave it too much a thought, 'cause if there was something that really made him worried was his complete lack of any strength left. He tried lifting himself up, but even his arms were failing him from raising just one bit. "There it goes my Herculean physique." he joked, to which Giorgia giggled. "You've been out for 5 weeks Johnny" at this point, he wasn't even aware anymore that she kept using that nickname. In fact, the few times she called him just John made him unease at this point of their relationship. "It will take some times for you to recover. With your regular body being... well, you know... the doctor predicted that it's gonna be taking at least 3 weeks for you to even being able to sit still, and that is IF you exercise regularly. So, if I wear you, I would start immediately after dinner." 3 WEEKS TO SIT!? And how long would have it taken him to walk!? In this position, he was way more dependent on her than he would have liked to, it's like a nightmare came true. "Ah...ahm... and how am I expected to exercise, if I can't move anything in my bo-" his mouth started aching again, much more painfully this time. "Take it easy, don't overforce yourself. The doctor explained me that as well... You'll just need a bit of help coming from me." He didn't like where this was going. The worst part is he knew how much she liked to be in control of things. "Take a nappy now, Johnny. I'm gonna wake yohaviu up once dinner is ready, okay?" he just complied and drifted away. 

He started having dreams, hallucinating ones at it. He was immersed in some baby blue light, flying high, but could feel a pair of hands grabbed onto his waist, garganguan, enormous and yet soft hands tighed up around him, growing larger and larger until completely surrounding his own body. He didn't feel treatened by them, if something they were comforting, caressing his hair, his cheeks, his back, rocking him back and forth and finally taking his small, naked body into a pool filled with white, creamy liquid to bath him in it. He felt like a blissfull drowning, and that is were he woke up. He wasn't on the sofa anymore, he was in an armchair, belt up not to fall. "I'm... I'm not gonna be able to escape even if I wanted to, you know?" he said, finding Giorgia's gigantic hand caressing his face to waking him up. "I know, I know. But I told you, your muscles aren't able to stay still on their own. It's for your own sake Johnny, I don't want my little friend to fall and hurt again. NEVER again." the perentory tone with which she ended the phrase was quite terrifying, but nothing new to him as of now, so he didn't get bother by it. But wait. "Little friend"? Why didn't THAT make him angry? It used to be so annoying and now it was so normal to him? it wasn't okay. 

She gave him a plate and he started eating, but the pain in his mouth was too unbearable to chew. "AAAAAARGH!" she jumped out of her own chair, for once it was him to scare her. "WHAT THE HELL JOHNNY!? DON'T DO THAT!" he ignored her and started massaging his jaw. "Oh... I... I see... Ehm... I hoped it wouldn't have come to this..." she got up and took a spoon, started mushing his food that became a very dense fluid. "I'm sorry Johnny but you got jaw surgery. That was the part of you that was wrecked the most, you fell right onto it... you won't be able to eat any solid food for a while.... if ever..." she whispered. "E-ever!?" he asked in terror. "Maybe... but let's try to stay positive okay!? The doctor said there is a chance for you to recover it after some times!" "What's the chance?" "...." "Giorgia, just tell me." "I rather..."Giorgia."

She stayed silent for a whole minute, that felt like an eternity to John. But eventually she spoke. "0,2%."



End Chapter 11

Weird Ways Life Hits You

by: Gafafa | Complete Story | Last updated Aug 16, 2022


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