Stories by Jeffr_2bya

Age Back by Jeffr_2bya and Libra

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Dec 2, 2010

role reversal

Babes and The Beach by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Apr 29, 2011

Short Story about a boy getting a magic watch. Warning it has lots of nudity in it. The story takes place on a nudist beach.

Cheater by Libra & Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Jun 18, 2015

Short Story

Drop Out by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Dec 1, 2010

revenge male ar.

Finding Youth by Libra and Jeffr_2bya

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated May 19, 2012

A Short Story

Gone South by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Mar 5, 2011

Gone South By Libra Like all good plans something doesn’t go exactly right. In my case it was after the main part of the crime was over. My name is Harry and I was a lover to an already married woman. Jackie my discreet lover worked at some big shot research company whose name I always had trouble saying. <P> Jackie wasn’t a research scientist or anything, but a lab tech who was made to do grunt work like cleaning and washing out stuff or taking blood samples from animals. When she first told me about the exciting new discovery I didn’t believe her at first, but then she started making plans for us to leave the country together. <P> Jackie was in contact with another company and promised them a sample of a youth elixir f

Lab Work by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Oct 12, 2012

A woman answers an ad to a new interesting job.

Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Sep 28, 2011

“No way, I’m not going to do it. ” 16 year old Holly yelled her voice going up in pitch. “Honey, if you don’t go the court will have you arrested then thrown into jail. As your mother I think the Second Chance program is far better than having a daughter with a criminal record. They will issue a new birth certificate and changed all the computer records to match your younger age. Not to mention they will wipe the slate clean on your entire past rule breaking. ” Holly’s mother said her voice firm and sitting at the kitchen table with the letter from the judge. “How could you? I don’t want to be 12 years old again. What about Karen? Is it fair that my 8 year old sister will be four years older? ” Holly sa

Sharp Sword by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya Last updated Feb 13, 2011

Justin Kin and Jack Sneed were nervously waiting for their boss Amanda Oak in their research lab. Both men were well over 80 years old, but currently they both looked about 36 years old. Due to a happy accident in the lab just twenty years ago both men had been regressed back into two teenagers.

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