Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 10
Dwindling Hope

Chapter Description: Holly and Karen re-entered the Age Machine.

The smacking sounds were coming from a back room with a woman’s voice following it.

“Such a naughty little boy you been. ” A woman’s voice, but it wasn’t out of anger judging from the tone.

Karen smirked and walked forward. She came to a side room just next door to The Age Exchanger room to find a naked woman in her forties with a nude boy about 10 years old over her lap. There were discarded clothes by her feet. Karen knew both those uniforms.

Karen put Holly in a plastic chair next to the door then cleared her throat. Holly could only watch and listen.

“Charles wasn’t it? You are looking a lot younger then before and is that your young secretary? ” Karen said amused as they freaked out. The woman attempted to cover herself while Charles fell hard to the floor onto his tender butt with his hairless erection now in full sight of everyone.

“Who the hell are you?” Charles said and then he knew her face. They had to carry her out of here weeks ago since her sister damaged the machine through her careless action.

“I have heard of kinky before, but this one takes the cake. What a cute little boner you have there Charlie boy. ” Karen said and Charles covered his bare member still fully erect. The action made him look even more like the boy he appeared to be.

“Naughty babysitter or the mommy game?” Karen asked looking very interested.

“Look little girl. You better get out of here before we call your parents. You may look grown up, but we both know your body is just pretend. ” The secretary said stepping forward a little with her arms still trying to cover herself.

“Sorry to ruin your fun. I will do you a favor. ” Karen said.

Karen stepped forward and touched Charles by the leg then Thelma by the foot as she knelt down. Before either one could move away both of them changed instantly. Thelma aged ten more years while Charles turned into a wailing baby. His fantasy now turned into a nightmare because Holly doubted Thelma could operate the machine now.

Charles was stuck as a baby until someone could restore him back to normal.

Holly was amazed by the transformation. Holly had only experienced the change first hand and never seen it done to another person. She wondered if Karen had ever paused before changing her. Did Karen linger over her sleeping body thinking how cute her sister would be as a tiny infant? Holly asked herself in her thoughts. Then Holly tried to puzzle out why her sister was doing this.

She had been too scared to reason it out before. Karen was on some crazy mission to return her older sister into a baby still in the womb. Holly could only guess maybe the accident had driven her sister a bit insane. She could only imagine the pain her sister suffered while going from a child into an adult in just under a minute because of the power surge.

“It will take you a few minutes to fully recover. I will come back after that time and restore you both back to your role playing ages then wipe your memories clean of this. ” Karen said and left the room carrying Holly again.

Together they entered the final room.

Karen went over to the computer and found it was still logged in. Even if it had been locked out to Karen it would have been child’s play for her to hack in to it.

Karen put her helpless sister on the desk so she could undress herself quickly. Then she picked up Holly again and placed her in the chair in the right booth.

“Everything is ready to go and the time delay setting only gives us about 30 seconds. ” Karen said and went to her own booth.

“The two shall become one. ” Karen said happily.

Holly’s mind was racing and thought about her impending doom. Karen was going to erase all her memories and send her back to the womb. Somehow this machine would shift her prenatal body into her sister’s waiting womb when she got too young. Holly could guess this would happen during the part she called the floating stage. She would have to grow up all over again thinking Karen was her mother.

The machine hummed to life and there were shouts coming from the next room. The kinky couple had heard the noises from the machine, but it was too late. If they were calling out for help or trying to stop Karen, Holly couldn’t tell.

‘I want to go back! ’ Holly mentally shouted thinking about time travel like in the movies the Butterfly Effect, Back to the Future, and the remake of The Time Machine. Holly’s body glowed on its own power. Holly could feel the power flowing through her.

Just as the machine kicked on Holly’s mind freed itself from her tiny newborn body. For one horrible second she felt the warmth of her sister’s body all around her and the thumping sound of a heart that wasn’t her own.

Holly was floating there in the room as people came and went always moving backwards. From Holly’s point of view it appeared the repair crew was taking the good parts away and putting the bad parts back on. Then finally came the day when she and her sister had first come into this room then Holly felt herself rushed forward when she saw herself still 16 years old.

Later on when Holly had time to think about it she would consider herself as a ghost from the future. After her experience she had no problems in believing in dream walkers or people who claimed they had an astral projection experience in their life.

16 year old Holly stumbled a little when her future self merged with her body from the past. For a few seconds Holly felt if there were two people in her head, but the memories came flooding in and they merged to become one person in mind then body.

End Of Chapter 10



End Chapter 10

Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2011


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