Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 8
Getting Younger

Chapter Description: Holly's parents learn their daughter is still getting younger.

It was at that moment when their parents returned with Daniel’s parents after a night at the movies.

Karen did her best to hide her sister from view from Daniel’s parents. Thankfully they left with their son almost right away. Once they were gone Karen got her parent’s attention.

“Mom, Dad. I need you to look at Holly. She has changed a little bit. ” Karen said and held Holly on her lap then unwraped the towel a little so they could see her upper body.

Their father’s face showed utter confusion while their mother’s own face went deathly pale when they realized what had happen to Holly.

“She got younger. ” Their mother said quietly and went over to hold her baby.

“I oka. Want ma shine. ” Holly told her mother carefully trying to sound out her words and Karen translated for them.

“Holly says she is okay and wants the age exchanger to fix her current problem. We think this has happen before. The morning we went shopping. If I don’t miss my guess I think this happens every week or so.

” Karen said revealing the pattern to everyone.

“I don’t care how late it is I’m calling our lawyer and as soon as possible I will take my daughters to the justice department myself. ” Their father said and went to the kitchen to make his call on the cell phone. Their father was going to try to restore both of them.

“Don’t you worry baby, you can sleep with mommy and daddy tonight. ” Holly’s mother said to her baby daughter in her arms and Holly felt somehow safer she be in-between her parents tonight when she went to sleep.

“Karen, honey. Tell me everything again. ” Her mother asked her and Karen went on to tell the story again and answer all her mother’s questions including Karen’s theories.

“So about every week she gets a year younger?” Her mother asked alarmed. If that was so then her daughter would be a newborn next weekend.

“I think she is losing 8 or 10 months with each change. ” Karen said in order to calm her mother down.

“He wasn’t happy with me calling so late, but after I have explained everything he is now making a few calls himself. Apparently The Age Exchanger is working, but they are still running trial tests on it. He has assured me we can have an appointment by the end of next week. ” Their father said coming back into the room while closing his cell phone.

“Next week! Your daughter might disappear by then. ” Holly’s mother said and held up Holly for her father to see.

“Calm down, Honey. Holly’s birthday was a few months ago. Even if she loses another year she will be a few months old. I have heard of cases of people remembering being even younger after using the machine. Later on when they were made older they remembered the whole experience. ” Holly’s father said then hugged his wife and daughter.

For the rest of the night Holly’s mother wouldn’t hardly let go of her daughter. Holly thought it was useless for her mother to carry and hold her all the time, but Holly didn’t want to admit this was one danger her mother couldn’t protect her from.

That night Holly went to sleep in a diaper a bit too big for her and taped with masking tape to hold it in place. The tape was courtesy of her father’s work which embarrassed her to no end. He had convinced her mother to take a shower while he got Holly back into a diaper.

Borrowing some of Karen’s babysitting supplies he powdered and applied baby lotion to Holly’s most private parts as Holly turned her face away and blushed red.

“My little bear is embarrassed? Your old dad use to change your diapers all the time and your sister’s when you all were babies the first time. ” Her father said seeing his daughter was uncomfortable by his actions. Holly did smile when he tickled her feet a little afterwards.

The next morning her mother was reluctant to leave Holly in Karen’s care.

“Don’t worry mom. The slightest shimmer I will call you right away and we will storm into the Justice Building with guns blazing. ” Karen said in a joking manner and their mother kissed them both before leaving.

Holly spent the few days in almost constant contact with each member of the family. Holly had worked out simple hand signals for food and when her altered diapers needed changing. Thankfully her sister or mother took on that duty 90 percent of the time.

Holly noticed since she was spending more time with Karen. That Karen was texting away with someone on her phone. Holly assumed it was a friend, but later suspected that Karen had a boyfriend.

Then came the day someone from the Justice Department showed up at their house after calling. He turned out to be some paper pusher who needed to take pictures of Holly and take down Karen’s statement. Thanks to their lawyer they were going to get another session with the Age Exchanger.

Holly was getting nervous. The appointment was scheduled for the day before her next change.

End of Chapter 08



End Chapter 8

Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2011


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