Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2011

Chapter 12

Chapter Description: Evil Sister Returns.

12 year old Holly was fixing her hair while her sister Karen was downstairs helping mom with breakfast when it happened. Behind her in the mirror’s reflection was an adult Karen with a pregnant belly about 6 months along.

Holly jumped and spun around to find the room empty. Then she looked back at the mirror and saw the adult Karen still there. If standing just a few feet behind her in a room that still had a wall where there wasn’t one in her room.

“Hey sister. ” Karen voice said and it sounded distant if she was speaking from a distance.

“How are you doing that?” Holly asked scared her evil sister had returned somehow to act out some revenge on her.

“Just my little experiment using my own powers with mirrors. I can now see different time lines across different worlds. Besides I felt your mind leave your body just before your newborn form came into my womb. I watched as you played the hero. Now I have an innocent little baby girl inside of me while your memories or I guess your mind traveled back in time to correct a little mistake. ” Karen said looking over Holly’s shoulder to see the altered room.

“Parallel worlds. ” Holly stated remembering the conversation she had with her twin weeks ago.

“Right in one. You have been studying up. Shame this is the only time we can talk to each other. The more time passes the further your world drifts away from mine. Turns out time traveling was your special power. Shame you could only do it once since you did leave your body behind. I can’t argue with the end result. You created a completely new world which in turn will make infinite more parallel worlds branching away from my world. ” Pregnant Karen said sounding impressed.

“Well, I have changed for the better you know. Me and you are pretty close in this world as twin sisters. That Brandon boy from the mall has become my best friend now. I have been thinking of making him my boyfriend when we are both old enough again to date. ” Holly said sensing her other sister could do her no harm now.

The mirrors were like TVs under Karen’s strange powers. She could use them to view and talk to people, but couldn’t cross over.

“The little streaker. The Brandon in my world is a crawling infant. I have been babysitting him lately. Mom is still in shock, but getting over it. I swear she talks to my belly more than me these days. She has no idea my daughter will be her own self with no memories of her former life. I do believe this is farewell. ” Adult Karen said as her image was fading away becoming ghost like in nature.

“Well goodbye I guess and send my love to mom. By the way you are still a dweeb no matter how old you are. ” Holly called back with a grin getting in the last word.

“May I never have another weird day in my life. ” Holly said to herself in a mutter and sigh with relief.

“At least I got a second chance. ” Holly said proudly and left her room to join her family at the breakfast table.

The End



End Chapter 12

Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2011


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