Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

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Chapter 11
Holly's Second Chance

Chapter Description: Holly's Power.

“Sorry. You know there is no food or drink allowed in here. Didn’t you see the sign by the door before we came in? ” Karen said and pointed to the water bottle.

Holly looked over and saw Karen. It was the past 8 year old Karen she used to know. The sister she knew before she got her terrible powers.

“You are right. ” Holly said sealing the water bottle tight and putting it back into her short’s pocket.

Karen looked slightly shocked her sister actually listened to her.

“Look, I’m sorry for all the rotten and mean things I ever said or done to you. I have always been jealous of my baby sister who was smarter than me. ” Holly said deciding she had been given a second chance to make things right.

“Really you’re jealous of me? I have always been envy of you because you were always so much more mature then me. ” Karen asked looking generally enlightened.

“Well, we are about to become twins. I think we should make a pact right here and now that each of us will do their best to become true sisters at heart. ” Holly offered and Karen nodded as they could hear voices.

Because Holly was feeling really good about herself she decided to have a little fun.

There was a knock on the door and a man called from the other side.

“I hope you girls are decent. If not yell before I come in. ” The man said and slowly opened the door then came in shutting the door behind him. Like Before Thelma was just outside the door to prevent anyone from leaving.

“Hi Charles. ” Holly said brightly and watched as the man stopped in his tracks.

“Do I know you young lady?” Charles asked looking puzzled.

“Oh, I’m sorry I thought I knew you for a second, but I can see you’re much older. I babysat a little boy name Charles once. He was a very naughty little boy and I had to spank him a lot. ” Holly said and watched as Charles got a shocked look on his face if somehow she knew his dirty little secret.

“Well it is a common name. ” Charles said and went straight to his desk. Charles decided he be more careful with his real life role-playing in the future with Thelma.

Karen looked confused by this conversation and Holly only shrugged.

Afterwards when the Age Exchanger powered down, two 12 year old girls stepped out in their robes.

“Can I be the older twin?” Karen asked Holly.

“No way. I’m not going to be the baby of the family. ” Holly answered and giggled at herself.

“I will go tell your mother that we are done here. ” Charles said and not only locked his computer down, but shut it off completely.

A minute later their mother came into the room and admired both her girls.

“I have Holly’s old clothes here. No fighting over who gets what. ” Their mother said and to her surprise Holly offered the nicest stuff to her sister first.

The one thing everyone forgot was shoes. They were still waiting there when Charles and Thelma returned.

“We do have a private elevator that goes down to the parking garage. I will have Thelma take you down and wait with your girls while you pull the car around. ” Charles offered and for a few seconds he appeared to be glancing at Holly if trying to please her the most.

“Thank you, sir. ” Holly answered back after her mother nodded her approval.

Holly and Karen took the back seats in the car then talked all the way home.

Later on in her room Holly sent a text message to her boyfriend they were officially no longer a couple and just to be sure he got the message. She sent him a picture of herself just to show him how young looking she appeared to be now. Legally he was okay, but it didn’t change people’s opinions about guys who liked girls that looked so young in body.

He never texted her back and Holly was hopeful he get his turn at the Age Exchanger. Then Holly sent a message to her other friends telling them the secret of the drugs was no longer important enough to hide anymore. Maybe they could avoid her fate or something like it now they could tell the full truth.

Her mom knocked on the open door and behind her was Holly’s father.

“Honey, we wanted to talk to you. I know you must be royally pissed at us. ” Her mother started to say.

“It’s okay mom. I think I understand now. I made some errors in judgment and I had to pay for it. ” Holly said getting off her bed and went to hug each parent in turn. Holly had wanted to do this all day since she returned home.

Her father looked slightly uncomfortable by the action. She wasn’t a teenager just yet, nor was she a child still. He had played and wrestled with his daughters until they were growing breasts. Now he was forced to distance himself from both his daughters so people wouldn’t talk.

“Well this is a change. Your not buttering us for anything, are you? ” Her mother said suspecting she was playing for a favor.

“There is one thing I do want. ” Holly said getting an idea.

“Oh yeah?” Her mother said expecting her daughter to ask for a new computer or something along those lines even if she was still grounded.

“A bigger room, dad can knock down part of that wall over there and put in an open archway I guess. ” Holly said and pointed to the wall that also belong to her sister’s room.

“We will talk about it. ” Her mother said surprised her daughter wanted to share space with her sister.

“And I want to go shopping in exactly four days from now for clothes. I heard there was going to be a sale at the mall. ” Holly said giving her mother a winning smile.

“Well, you do need clothes and then there is school to think about. You and your sister will be in the same classes from now on. ” Her mother said seeing how her oldest would take this.

“That’s cool. We are twins now, but I’m still the big sister. ” Holly said and sat back down on her bed to finish her texting.

“Well Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. ” Her mother said smiled at her husband deciding that Holly had indeed changed in more ways than one.

A few days later while their father planned and even had part of the wall torn down. The young women of the house went shopping with their mother for new clothes.

Holly saw the Burger King guy and when no one was looking she tossed a business card so it landed in his lap. He looked up at the very young teenage girl then read the card for himself.

He smiled when he got to the printed part saying Appeal today for The Second Chance Program. Then he flipped it over seeing the name and business address of a very good lawyer. Holly didn’t see the Burger King guy ever again, but a few weeks later they had been a little boy who kinda looked like him wearing a paper crown while his mother sat beside him.

Karen and Holly had convinced their mother would be alright on their own. Karen was given the money and told to buy only decent clothes.

“Hey, let’s go in here for a second. ” Holly said to Karen seeing a children clothing store she knew.

“Those clothes are a bit too small for us. ” Karen said seeing the children’s store Holly was walking toward.

“Yeah, but didn’t you want to start a babysitting service and we can get an outfit or two for your dolls as well. ” Holly said and watched as Karen got a surprise look on her face.

“How did you know I been thinking about that? I haven’t said a word to anyone, yet. ” Karen asked and Holly only smiled as they entered the store.

The girls split up and Holly went to the boy’s section. Holly found her target almost right away.

They were early, but Holly saw little Brandon. He appeared to be a 6 year old boy wearing hand me down clothes while trying on shoes while his mother was frowning at the price tags.

“Maybe we will just get a few outfits and try another store for shoes. Go wait for me in the changing room baby. ” Brandon’s mother said then turned toward the racks after frowning at how much the shoes cost.

“Hi Brandon. My name is Holly. ” Holly said to him when he was just out of normal ear shot of his mother.

He startled like an animal then stared hard at Holly.

“I overheard your mother call your name. If I don’t miss my guess you’re like me. Fewer birthday candles on your cake. ” Holly hinted and Brandon nodded.

“Yeah, my parents can be a pain sometimes, but I know they do it out of love. I just have to tell myself to be good and do my best. You should see the silly outfits my mom wanted me to wear. ” Holly said adding in a minor lie.

“Yeah, can I ask how old are you really?” Brandon asked interested someone had spotted him for who he really was.

“I was old enough to drive a car just a week ago. Now me and my younger sister were thinking of doing some baby sitting on the side. She was eight, but she is now my paternal twin if anyone asks. ” Holly said feeling like she could trust Brandon. Then went quiet when they both noticed his mother was coming toward them.

“I see my little boy has a friend. ” Brandon’s mother said as she was coming over and seeing her son didn’t go straight to the changing room.

“Hi, my name is Holly and I was just saying how cute your little boy looks. ” Holly said introducing herself.

“Oh yes, but he can be a handful of trouble sometimes. ” Brandon’s mother said looking a bit concern.

“My twin sister Karen and I are starting up a babysitting service. I know I look young, but let’s just say I’m very mature for my age. I can give you my cell number if you need a babysitter. Give me a call in a few weeks. ” Holly said and pulled out a paper then pen to write out her cell number.

Maybe she got the hint or realized that Holly was more matured then she appeared to be, but Brandon’s mother did take the offered paper.

“Well Holly, could you help me pick out a few outfits for my son? I would like to get to know you better. Maybe even talk to your mother over the phone. ” She asked next and Holly nodded. Brandon was gestured by his mother to go along to the changing room.

Holly did help her and picked out a few outfits she considered cool while they chatted.

“No way on the sailor outfit. I think the pilot outfit with the bomber jacket is way better. Maybe your boy will grow up to fly planes. ” Holly suggested after turning down Brandon’s mother’s last choice. Then Holly excused herself and joined her sister in picking out an outfit for one of her dolls.

Holly peeked over to see Brandon’s mother considering her last comment about her son becoming a pilot and appeared pleased by the idea.

Holly watched as Brandon and his mother left without anything bad happening this time and they even bought a few bag fulls of clothes.

“Karen, tell me about changing the past like in time travel. ” Holly asked and Karen happily told her sister about the current theories and Holly found it was beyond her understanding on the details, but she grasped the basic stuff easily enough.

“So it’s not really time traveling. We are just creating different parallel worlds with each action. ” Holly said finally getting one theory she could understand fully.

“Yeah, if you believe that theory.” Karen said then turned the conversation over to something else much cooler.

“You think Justin Bieber is hot? It’s really cool that singers use the age exchangers too. ” Karen asked and Holly only rolled her eyes at her sister. A fluff of hair between her legs and snow cone size breasts was all it took for Karen to think she had a shot at a star singer.

The mall tripped turned out to be fun and even the visit to Aunt Tiffany’s house was okay. Holly felt she was caught in reruns with a different plot to it for the first few days.

A few weeks went by until Holly’s and Karen’s room was finished. An large archway with just a curtain between them now separated the girls from each other. Pretty soon clothes, old toys and other stuff were mixed together so it appeared to be all one room. The curtain would stay open most of the time.



End Chapter 11

Second Chance by Libra and Jeff

by: Jeffr_2bya | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 28, 2011


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